Awakening means understanding what is happening

There are extremely powerful energies being sent to planet Earth in the coming weeks that people need to be aware of so that they can wake up and understand what is happening. Absorbing these energies, even though they are very strong, can feel like being pushed to the ground. It is important to survive and not give up, to take advantage of the extra drive in these energies. Our Lord wants you to be convinced and focused on survival by joining the Ascension. It is a critical time in terms of where we are in our spirituality and vibration. Many of us Pleiadians are very tired after doing so much work for the Universe to discover what vibration spirituality brings to fellow human beings.


It will be a difficult time, but this time it could be much more serious. It could be a difficult crisis in the form of food shortages or lack of money as food stores and banks close.


Be prepared, there will soon be a wave of revelations that will not bring peace, but will demand your attention to know what you will be dealing with for some time to come.


But be assured that with all the messages and warnings being sent through the media and other channels, this time is predestined and not entirely new to most of you.


Earth is in a shift to a higher dimension and this means that many people will follow this ascension to the fifth dimension and the new era in our new human-run world. People who do not join this ascension, because they cannot or do not want to, will remain in the lower vibrations without noticing anything.


Our new world is set up to evolve in spirituality, love and compassion. Try to maintain a high vibration, which means being yourself, loving and thinking positively.


 Ancient civilisations of Atlantis, Lemuria and Mu

The origins of life on Earth go back much further in time than is generally known, and are even less well known than the episodes of human history. The first act of adventure began beyond the confines of this planet and extends through star empires, galactic federations, when alien beings visited the then existing civilisations of Atlantis, Lemuria, Mu and those more recently discovered.


In the middle of the 18th century, a few scientists, working from scant evidence, decided that there must have been a lost continent in the Indian Ocean, and they called it Lemuria. On this lost continent, some even thought, once lived a race of now-extinct humans called Lemurians, who had four arms and huge hermaphroditic bodies, but were nevertheless the ancestors of modern humans and perhaps lemurs. As absurd as all this sounds, the idea flourished for a time, both in popular culture and in some corners of the scientific community. Of course, modern science has long since debunked the idea of Lemuria altogether. But then, in 2013, geologists discovered evidence of a lost continent right where Lemuria was supposed to have been, and the old theories began to resurface.


In 1882, at a time of relative ignorance and disbelief about extraterrestrial matters, the scholar Ignatius Donnelly wrote in his book Atlantis:


The Antediluvian World, “that the gods and goddesses of the ancient mythologies were in fact the kings and queens of Atlantis. This was a highly advanced pre-Flood civilisation and the founder of successive human civilisations and communities”.


Dark forces have been dismantled

The Deep State dark forces have been broken on all levels, the cleansing is still ongoing.

Great changes are coming to lift people into the higher consciousness of the 5th dimension as the Light advances. The time has not been wasted. Previous actions were necessary to put everything in its place. To lift the planet to a higher frequency of resonance, to encourage people to move forward.


The battle of the dark forces against the light is definitely lost. They will have to answer for everything in the end. No one will escape until justice is done. Their backs are literally against the wall. This time, victory is ours.


We have a monumental task ahead of us to prevent the hidden forces of darkness from wreaking havoc when they all have to accept defeat. As we look back, much has been done in recent years. Life on Earth has been seriously threatened until 2012.


We can get help, but we must make the changes ourselves, for it is our planet. There will be no more fear psychosis. Planet Earth will become a peaceful, trouble-free world where everyone can thrive and relax. Rest assured, our new era has already begun.


Better things are coming; our new lifestyle will be very different from today’s style. Life will be more varied and relaxed, we will have more time for ourselves, it will be a whole new way of living with very exciting changes ahead. Innovations that already exist have been deliberately withheld from us by the dark forces who have used them themselves. So far our life has been a struggle for survival, but it is gradually improving. New discoveries and ways of living will make our lives very exciting. All the changes that are coming are fascinating and will follow a certain path.


When you were born, you agreed to live your lives along a certain path in order to gain the experience and knowledge that will be essential for the coming changes. Families will become closer. Remember that certain experiences were necessary to help you cope with these changes. In the end all will be well and as it was meant to be. This message comes from the Pleiadians.


Progress Report Summary

  • The Deep State Masters surrendered on 9/9/2021. They were flown to Gitmo. By 17th September all countries should have signed the Global Peace Treaty. Great revelations are expected.


  • All secret societies will be destroyed. In 1776 it was Mayer Amschel Rothschild, originally called Bauer, who corrupted the financial system to financially enslave humanity. The Rockefellers created the medical system using oil and other poisons to be swallowed as pills.


  • Doctors are not properly trained. In fact, the entire medical university curriculum has been confiscated, it is not about healing but about distributing and selling pharmaceutical products to maximise profits.


  • The patented (patent #567-6977) Covid injections contain AIDS, other diseases and irreversible toxins to slowly destroy organs from within for the sale of pharmaceutical drugs to permanently maximise their profits.


  • The world will switch from the Gregorian calendar back to the Julian calendar to correct a 5 day difference. The 33rd plane line on the earth refers to the 33rd degree of Freemasonry. Evil churches such as in Sedona Arizona will be removed. New mobile phones will no longer radiate.


  • This new age has already begun. Better things are coming; our new lifestyle will be very different from today’s style. Life will be more varied, we will have more time to ourselves, it will be a whole new way of living with very exciting changes ahead. Most of them are already here, but they have been deliberately withheld from us by the dark forces who are using them for their own benefit.


  • The global banking and monetary system will be abolished and replaced by the QFS system. All major banks will be shut down. Money will be gold and silver coins. Houses will fall in value by 70% and land by 90% to 1950 levels. It will be easier to buy property. Spouses will no longer have to work. The working week will be reduced to 20 hours or less. People who do not want to work can still live comfortably and pursue their hobbies.


  • In our new positive world that is dawning; only awake people will be allowed into the 5th dimension of consciousness. There will be no rulers; we will all run our own lives and businesses together. Period!


Pass this information on to everyone you know!

The New Age is finally here! Gold is up and the Cabal is down! It is clear to see that governments are obsolete. It is pointless to continue with the current cryptically bankrupt system that oppresses and contributes nothing. Stay tuned daily for new developments on our Telegram page.

Many will ask: when will the change come? Know that it is happening now, slowly but surely! There is no going back, the speed of change depends on the awakening of the masses. Spread the word!

Stay tuned…

To be continued, as time will tell us more …


Illuminati, Freemasonry and the New World Order!

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A very useful video showing chronologically how the Deep State cabal came into being and grew. Unfortunately the quality of the video is not optimal. Highly recommended that you take the time to listen to this video.