Message from the High Council of the Pleiades

The time has finally come to present some revelations that many have been waiting for. This has been a difficult, but absolutely necessary decision, as these revelations will shock most of the population and cause those who are still asleep to wake up from their illusion and see the true reality.

For those who are awake and conscious, important changes are coming. Here is a glimpse of the future to know that we are on the right path in our lives. Rest assured, everything will turn out as originally planned by our higher extraterrestrial helpers, the Galactic Federation.

This time all the parameters are in place to ensure the success that is about to begin. It brings us the light for higher levels of action and to remove all negative forces, to completely cleanse planet Earth. To enter the new positively polarised world. This is a huge undertaking, but ultimately the triumph will be ours.

Most of you have no idea what is happening to planet Earth right now and have not understood, or have chosen not to understand, what this shift means for the entire Universe.

These people will not and cannot follow Ascension because they will remain in the lower vibrations until they have developed at least a 4D consciousness to be ready for their Ascension to 5D..

There are also those who do not want to believe in this shift for planet Earth and still want to live in their comfort zone. It is their choice and no one can question it, as it is their soul that has decided that they need more time to develop their spirituality to ascend to a higher vibration.

Some clarification; the difference in dimensions can best be explained as follows; in the 3rd dimension people are only tuned to one single golf length on their radio, the 4th dimension offers two or three different golf lengths simultaneously at the same time, while the 5th dimension offers a variety of very different lengths that are available simultaneously and can be tuned in as a whole.

Many awakened are impatient and wondering when the breakthrough will finally come? There is no shortage of internet riders announcing that the breakthrough is already a reality. However, they do not know that Father/Mother GOD is making this decision. The awakened must wake up the mob from below; at two-thirds, our liberation is assured. Roll up your sleeves and get to work!



The Destruction of Mu

As the Giants multiplied all over the world, more and more of them settled in Mu, and many more of the violent and non-spiritual ones arrived as they found the Lemurian people easier to deal with because they didn’t have an army or any real defence system. This was of course because they had never had to deal with war and violence on a large scale.


History began to repeat itself, and groups of Nephilim giants invaded cities and tribes, taking humans as slaves. Some of them were eaten. There came a point in certain regions of Mu, particularly in the eastern regions, which is now the western shores of North and South America, when whole tribes had to hide in underground caves to avoid the predatory Nephilim.


Suddenly, severe earthquakes and tsunamis began to plague the land, the weather changed drastically across the planet, and parts of the continent broke off and sank beneath the ocean.


It seems to have been a gradual process rather than a single event, but many humans and giants died as the volcanoes erupted and the land and water changed position. Of course, all this was due to orchestrated events, as Ša.AM.e entered the solar system and deliberately set course for Earth.


ENLIL was behind this, as many of us know, but the full story will be told in a next paper, and it differs from both Sitchin ‘s and every other version known, simply because certain factors regarding the Flood had been overlooked.


For the first time in Lemurian history, diseases, plagues and other serious conditions spread across the land, and many shamans who still had some psychic powers could sense that the end was near. The weather became more and more unpredictable and new diseases spread between the tribes.


Although the Lemurians were not a technological society like Atlantis, there was much wisdom that would be lost if Mu were destroyed, and the leading shamans and their council of priests and priestesses were well aware of this fact. This wisdom had to be preserved for the benefit of future generations.


According to Lyssa Royal, who channels Germaine, 300 years before the final cataclysm, around 11,200 BC, the shamanic elders and their inner circle began to store information in all sorts of ways. One of the more profound ways was to store data in seed crystals.

Allegedly, these crystals were programmed with the knowledge of the ancient Mu.


Reliable and trustworthy couriers were then sent to different parts of the world rich in crystal growth. In this way, the seed crystals could programme other crystals with the same information, those would be stored in this way for potential future civilisations, for people with the right consciousness to decipher it. It is a known fact that crystals are transmitters and receivers of information.


Other ways in which the Lemurian Priesthood stored knowledge was by writing on stone and clay tablets, similar to the later Sumerians, and in hieroglyphics on cave walls in their hidden retreats. When all this was done, the Priesthood, and sometimes their entire tribes, would go underground and remain there through the cataclysm, to emerge safely afterwards and begin to reseed the planet.


Their hiding places were deep inside the Earth, away from the continent, on the west coast of America. As we know, many Native Americans say that they come from beneath the earth. They and the Mayans – the people, not the Mayan ‘gods’ – are definitely descendants of the Lemurian civilisation. We can still see ruins of the Lemurian cultures all over Arizona and New Mexico.


There are places called ‘cenotes’. They are extremely deep holes filled with water. There is one on the Yucatan Peninsula at Chicken Itza. There is also one outside Sedona called Montezuma’s Well. The latter is one of the main emergence points for those who stayed underground and came out after the last Lemurian cataclysm.


The Pleiadians say in several different lectures that in some mountains on the west coast of the American continent there are sleeping giants, a nicer kind, who will not wake up until a certain level of consciousness is raised on the planet, and sometimes they leave signs or indications as to where they are sleeping. According to them, the awakening of the sleeping giants will be imminent. Attached figure shows the face of a bearded giant ‘carved’ out of the side of a mountain. Could there be a sleeping giant inside this mountain in Peru?


Many giants, like humans, died when the continent finally sank, while others made it to safer places, both in mountainous areas, now atolls and islands in the Pacific, further west China, Mongolia, Japan, east of the American continents and south, New Zealand and Australia.


In the aftermath of the Lemurian Cataclysm

When it was all over, millions upon millions of humans and many of the Nephilim giants that roamed Mu had died. Exactly, it is unknown what happened to the Titans, as no information about them can be traced back. Some of them may have survived, however, for elongated skulls of both humans and giant Titans, have been found in the western part of South America, particularly around Peru. Many of these have been dated to around 1,500 AD. For more proof and evidence, visit archaeologist Brien Foerster’s Facebook site and his YouTube channel.


What remained were the islands and the elongated landmasses that we more or less a seen today. The oceans calmed down and the extreme weather phenomena subsided. What is now more or less at sea level was high ground in the Lemurian era.


That’s why you can still see the ruins of statues and volcanic footprints of giants, etc. The  giants, as the legends say, preferred in general the mountains and the heights, and that’s where many of the remnants of ancient civilisations are found.


There are many places in the Pacific Ocean and on the American continent that still show us the glaring truth that the Lemurian civilisation existed, and they are too many   to mention here. The most famous are probably the statues on Easter Island, the ruins and wall carvings in Arizona and New Mexico, and the history and evidence of the Mayan culture.


From the Bible, and many other more ancient texts from which the Bible developed, is learnt that the Flood wiped out almost the entire world population.


The conflicts that went on behind the scenes between the Sirians and the Pleiadians, eventually led to the Flood. However, this article is focused on the Lemurian civilisation. In a next article will be told  what happened in the rest of the world during this period.


Also, in particular about another huge landmass in the Atlantic Ocean, that was wiped out by the Flood. Namely, Atlantis.


Eventually, the misuse of energy and technology by the elite led to the downfall of Atlantis, which was the main reason for the Flood.


The split between the human groups occurred when EA spread his creation across the globe to develop their abilities as part of an experiment. Lord EA himself did not go to Mu. Those who chose to follow him did, and ended up in Atlantis, a civilisation that began much later than Mu.


However, while the Mu civilisations focused on spiritual matters, EA and his followers eventually chose technology. This was not the case at the beginning, however, but rather the result of choices made by EA and others along the way.


The Mu civilisations were at the height of their spiritual power before the Guardians arrived. This was around the time that Atlantis, as we know it, was populated by EA’s people.


Stay tuned, more to come…


Pass this information on to everyone you know!


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Many will ask: when will the change come? Know that it is happening now, slowly but surely! There is no going back, the speed of change depends on the awakening of the masses. Spread the word!


To be continued, as time will tell us more …