Wakeup call from the family of light

The dark forces that have enjoyed unlimited freedom on planet Earth for hundreds of thousands of years are now facing our helpful extraterrestrial brothers and sisters of Light who have made great strides in removing these negative forces from planet Earth for good.

It was the negative forces that sabotaged positive initiatives and made it impossible to break the negative isolation. But now we have succeeded once and for all.


The Tartarians, the Atlanteans, the Mu and even the Lemurian have all been sabotaged. Just five hundred years ago we were wiser and more capable than we are today. Think about it, wake up and do your own research.

On Earth we have received help from our extraterrestrial Palladian brothers and sisters with their crucial ability to activate spiritual and mental forces in the world. They are closely connected to our Lightworker world.

The Palladians encourage valuable efforts, joy, light and love on our world to promote ascension and enter the 5D world. Extraterrestrials are able to bring great progress in the mental and spiritual consciousness of people on Earth. Know that Palladians and Earth people are similar in many ways.

Palladians live in and come from the constellation known as the Pleiades. There are seven stars in the Pleiades.

The Sleepers must convince themselves to believe and see who their real enemies and tyrants are. In short, all government actions are propaganda lies to wipe out humanity on Earth.

The sooner humanity wakes up to the lies and deceit, the better it will be for all of us. Don’t be modest; let this be a challenge for everyone to participate and reach our maximum potential. Remember that our liberation must be fought from the bottom up to ensure long term peace on planet earth!


Giants from the Pleiades

The Fallen Angels, known from old scriptures, were connected with Lucifer, the ‘Light Bearer’, and they were ‘rebel angels’. The title ‘Lucifer’ fits well into the character of EA/ENKI, who rebelled against his own people, and the Orion Queen in particular, and therefore also against Mother Goddess.


The Light Bearer, brought information (light) to the early humans and enlightened them. as light is information. Furthermore, the Sirians, who followed down here, would be the Watchers/Igigi, thus the Fallen Angels.


This is one way of looking at it, but the Sirians were not the ones who particularly came down here because they found women irresistible. There were no women here when the Sirians came, only androgynous humans. Therefore, the real Watchers are the Pleiadian group who rebelled together with EA, Lucifer. They were the ones who found Earth women irresistible and mated with them, and later created the Giants, as we shall see.


EA, the geneticist, wanted to expand his creation (mankind) by perhaps adding an extra set of genes to our DNA. So he went to the Pleiades, a planet orbiting the blue sun Maïa, and brought 200 Pleiades back to Earth to help him with his genetic experiments and to teach humanity, as he did not trust the Sirians with this task.


These were the 200 ‘Angels of God’ that Lucifer (EA) brought from ‘Heaven, the Kingdom of Orion’ to the 3rd dimension of matter, the Earth. And became known as the ‘Fallen Angels’. This was not strange at all, as the Pleiades were (and still are) part of the Orion Empire, and EA was the Prince of Orion. He must have had followers on many planets..


Most people think that the Fallen came here in huge spaceships, or were just giants with big wings who landed on Earth, all male and beautiful to look at. Then they seduced the Earth women, had sex with them, and their offspring became enormous giants. But this was not the case.


The whole biblical story of the fallen angels and the Nephilim is about genetic engineering. The Pleiadians came here from the KHAA, arriving in spaceships through inter-dimensional Stargates, and brought back human beings for Earth.


On their home planet they were giants, but as usual they could not use their true biological form to travel through the KHAA. Without the fire, they were limited to using Stargates and ordinary space travel, using genetically engineered bodies to withstand the harsh conditions of space. Once they arrived, they found human females irresistible and copulated in genetically engineered human bodies.


In human bodies they had sex with human females; something that was considered taboo. However, this did not produce giant offspring; it was just like any two humans having sex; the offspring were human.


Behind the scenes, however, the Pleiadians, possibly along with some Sirian groups and EA himself, spent a lot of time on genetic manipulation and engineering. Marciniak’s group has confirmed their connection with Lord EA (or ENKI as they call him) many times. So it’s possible that EA and the Pleiadians were working together in the labs, at least to some extent.


What the Pleiadians were essentially doing was taking human DNA (it is unclear whether they were using the Neanderthal or Erectus line, or both) and mixing it with their own Pleiadian DNA. The result was another experiment, but the new human probably looked a lot like us.


Dark Angels’ Children

Who says that civilisations ‘evolve’ on all planets that have life? Why can’t races from other star systems colonise these planets at any point in their development, or seed them, or transport them there from elsewhere if they have the technology?


And what time frame are these scientists talking about? All time is simultaneous, so any planet can be inhabited in its past, present and future at the same time, once the concept of time is applied. And what dimension are they talking about?


One can go on and on, and none of the above questions and comments are being considered by today’s elite scientists. They are looking for life similar to Earth, not understanding that Earth is a rare planet in the Universe.


Life exists in so many other forms and in so many other dimensions and densities than 3D, which is the dimension of ‘matter’. Although this may not be entirely true. There are those who are beginning to realise that there is more to things than they had previously thought. But to be realistic, they have a lot of catching up to do and it will take time for traditional scientists to fully realise and admit that they were ‘wrong’, as this is hard for them to admit, and even more difficult that the universe is consciousness.


On the other hand, those who fund them don’t want us to know this either, so if mainstream scientists want to keep their funding, they had better conform to what the funders want.


It is plausible that the Pleiadians have, in time, found another way around by using their laboratories to host Nephilim foetuses. One solution would be to manipulate the DNA of the foetus so that it grew much more slowly, so that the baby could be born the size of a normal human baby.


Once born, the baby began to grow at a much faster rate than human babies and children, and once fully grown they could reach 7-35 feet (2,15m – 10m) tall, the Pleiadians mention that some of them were up to 300 feet tall, which is about 91 metres. It is uncertain whether or not these enormous giants were extinct, but they must have had a hard time surviving in Earth’s gravity.


When the Pleiadian genetic experiments began, giants of all sizes began to roam the Earth from north to south, west to east. It is said that at first these huge creatures coexisted quite well with the existing humans and didn’t bother them too much, but the more they realised their advantage due to their size and strength, some of them took advantage of the situation and began to dominate the smaller and, from their perspective, weaker humanity. These descendants of the Pleiadian ‘fallen angels’ were the infamous Nephilim, who also found their way to the continent of Mu.


Some of these giants were very wise and gentle, and fitted right in with Lemurian society, where they could be of great help, both in giving a slightly different slant on spiritual matters, knowledge that some of them seemed to have embedded in their DNA, and in being able to lift heavy rocks and stones, and build houses and temples, although none as perfect as those built by the gods.


The Nephilim did not have access to that kind of technology. They worked with their hands. Imagine a 300-foot giant lifting something. A few of them together could certainly lift and move very heavy stones, though perhaps not whole mountains, as the legends go.


It’s uncertain whether the Nephilim coexisted with the Titans or not. It may well be that the few Titans who survived the previous cataclysm came in one or a few groups and stayed in one area, while the Nephilim migrated to the great continent from another direction, and so they didn’t really interact. Another possibility would be that the Titans did interact with the early giants, and those who remained friendly and gentle to the end.


Either way, there were others of the Nephilim who were not so friendly, and who set themselves up to rule over the humans. In other parts of the world this was not as difficult to achieve as it would have been in the ‘born free’ societies of the Mu.


After a while, conflict must have become quite common, probably even open warfare between humans and giants. It may have been during such conflicts that the giants developed a taste for human flesh and became cannibals, a trait they may have had dormant in their DNA from some Sirian genes. Like the Sirians on the battlefield, the Nephilim liked to eat human flesh raw and while the victim was still alive, according to legends such as those of Tarawa and other South Pacific islands.


The interaction between the Lemurians and the Nephilim continued over a long period of time, probably tens of thousands of years, and this must have been the time when the cultures of Mu advanced, or declined, depending on point of view, into more urban societies.


With the help of the giants, cities could easily be built, and the Nephilim would certainly have erected gigantic structures in which to live. The Lemurian priesthood became more and more distant from the rest of the people, as whole tribes became largely disconnected from nature as they moved into cities or villages.


The shamans also lost much of their natural psychic abilities and could not connect with the 96% as easily as before. Many communities and towns were also taken over by men who wanted the female divine powers and changed shamanism in their community forever.


Things began to become more violent and disconnected from the Goddess energy and the ecstatic fire of the early Lemurians faded over time.


To be continued


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To be continued, as time will tell us more …