The five dimensional world

Virtues are the Heritage of the Soul

Unveiling the Secrets


The five dimensional world

Consciousness and Oneness is a state of mind, ideally suited as a weapon for liberation from our centuries of oppression and slavery. Every human being has the right to freedom, to go where they want. There are no laws or rules in the Universe; only respect and love for others and nature, is the basic rule for all.


In the emerging five-dimensional world, time is eternity, without hurry, time pressure, or limit.


Who we really are is hidden from us under veil. Our spiritual nature is our only true form. This is why the Deep State oppressors spend a lot of time and money to make people forget everything. They use subtle techniques to keep us captive. That’s where the real magic lies. If you cannot see through this, you are defeated. It is all an illusion. Soon people will discover their true identity, who and what we really are and what is really going on right now.


This is also why only one-third of the world’s population passes the 5D final exam. Two thirds have to retake the 3D school on another 3D planet, because planet Earth has already started its ascension to 5D which will be completed within a few years.


The final breakthrough to total liberation of planet Earth will come, once the mob wakes up and sees who and what the Deep State cabal and governments are and how they have been hiding. The mob must be able to look its enemy in the eye to convince themselves who their oppressors are!


When, people revolt en masse they have understood that they have been lied to for years by their authorities, as recently regarding life-threatening Covid injections, which are neither safe nor effective, as was told. Healthy people drop dead after their vaccinations. This genocide becomes the juncture of total destruction of Big Pharma and the medical cartel.


Your consciousness is the password to enter the world of the 5th Dimension. You possess this key the moment your consciousness tells you; do it! or, fail! At that moment, you will be alone!


No one will judge you or reward you. But you will feel it when you have really succeeded. It is the end of an era! And the beginning of a new era.


Remember; The Pléiadiens are the masters of light, consciousness and ascension they are our benevolent companions in the evolution of humanity on Earth!


They speak clearly higher truths to us, in a down-to-earth manner and in easily understandable language!


The information they bring, is pure light and coded in such a way that dormant DNA strands are activated and the level of consciousness is raised!


There is nothing more true than ‘what is’, for the higher light of which we speak consists of eternally universal akashic data and is the ultimate truth!


When this light enters the body, factual data begins to activate and change! This new light data activates the cellular DNA and causes much larger or more complex streams of information to flow differently through the body on a cosmic level through the DNA strands!


Then this newly higher data becomes available to consciousness, increasing consciousness and levels of knowledge tremendously!


Below, extraterrestrial correspondent Vital Frosi reports on the arsenal of virtues acquired in previous lives.






You are a gold-digger from the Stars, who has come to this Planet to search for what is most valuable, not only for you individually, but for your entire Monad and, according to the Creator’s Plan, to take this experience to the infinite Cosmos.


Earth as soul school is designed to be one of the most difficult, but also one of the most desirable schools of the many that make up the ladder of ascension and evolution. Here, everyone is tested by the most difficult trials a conscious being can experience.


In fact, the greatest obstacle that every soul has to overcome here is the spreading of the small flame of Light they carry with them until the Planet can be fully illuminated, as Earth has evolved within a level of almost complete energetic and frequency darkness.


As a World of trials and reconciliations, the souls who signed up for the apprenticeship also came with the task of spreading the Light. They all knew the real difficulties they would face here and also the long time to come, before the removal of darkness heralded the end of this great Cycle.


Since the formation of planet Earth, its geographical position has been within the edge of the Milky Way galaxy, in the Orion Arm, and this is also the reason for the low incidence of Photonic Light. Maintaining a minimum of light here for eons was part of the plans of those souls who landed here forever.


You are one of these souls. Your mission for that reason alone is grand, not to mention all the other goals that will bear fruit in the infinity of time.


You were given the mission to anchor the Light here, but you also had the freedom to choose within an infinity of other possibilities, which now provide you with the conditions of an ASCENDED MASTER STATUS.

Of course, this level is reached only by souls ready for ascension.

As an incarnated soul, everyone has the same capabilities, even in different lives, but the curriculum is the same for everyone. Free will is the master law that determines what each soul wants to experience individually and collectively in each incarnation.


But the great treasure to be mined is undoubtedly the set of virtues it will carry as soul baggage, since it is immortal. Even if you dis-incarnate hundreds of times, everything is imprinted in your etheric body and persists in your subconscious every time you reincarnate.


The soul is your own consciousness. So during successive reincarnations, even with the veil of oblivion, you carry with you the unconscious impressions of past experiences and also possess the corresponding tendencies. This means that if you could remember your past lives, you can see that everything is a continuation.


The intervals between one existence and the next allow the soul to recover this memory, to make a self-assessment of the journey and to draw up a plan for a new incarnation, setting itself the goal of learning the lessons that remain to be learned and correcting the mistakes made earlier.


Even when later reincarnates forget it again, a Natural Law of the Worlds exists that allows every part of this Plan to reach you at the exactly right time to the extent you asked for before you reincarnated.


To sum this all up a little, let us say that the great patrimony to be accumulated during successive incarnations is always the same, in other words, everyone’s ultimate goal is to accumulate the set of virtues necessary for the soul’s ascension.


It is these virtues that are acquired and imprinted on each soul that build the necessary frequency to provide a safe channel for crossing the dimensional bridge that will take the soul to the New Earth, to leave behind the World of Reconciliations and Trials once and for all, as the soul ascends to a World of Regeneration.



Nothing and no one can take away or subtract this treasure because it is not transferable. The soul is the tip of the scales when weighing your frequency as you enter the Ascension Portal. Therefore, we should also remember one of the sayings of Christ Jesus during His time among the incarnated:


“Build treasures in Heaven, for those built on Earth will not belong to you.”


To attain the inheritance of virtues, the soul, while incarnate, is subjected to an infinity of trials and atonements, and this is not easy for anyone. This is why the treasure, when earned, is so valuable. So valuable that it gives you the right to inhabit higher worlds, as well as acquire the title of Ascended Master.


In fact, the ascended soul who possesses such treasures will attach no importance to such distinctions, because the virtues they have earned already allow them to feel worthy, without the selfish vanity common on Old Earth.


Once you have conquered this inheritance, there is nothing left for the soul to do in a World of Trials and Reconciliations. Many of you have already reached this evolutionary stage and in this current incarnation you will be able to make the ascent.


All the virtues you achieved in previous lives will now manifest. It is part of the revelations, for even you could not know your true potential from before.


You are much more than you think. The arsenal of virtues you have acquired will gradually come into light, and even though this may serve as a final test at some point, you just have to remain steadfast in your ethical and moral intentions, because we are on the last leg of the great journey, and that means mining is over.


Don’t waste your treasure now. It has cost you a lot to obtain it. It is your soul baggage, so no one can take it away from you, but any distraction risks leaving it by the side of the road.


Take good care of your possessions!


I am Vital Frosi and my mission is enlightenment!



Unveiling the Secrets

The Book of Enoch, Fallen Angels and The Great Flood