Everyone should know who really is in charge

Tavistock is Greatest Mass Mind-Control Operation in World History

Tavistock Manipulates the Mind of Mankind

Tavistock story explained


Everyone should know who really is in charge

The way the Deep State cabal is able to pull off all has been achieved through hidden dictatorship runs as follow:


The Rothschild cabal control the issuing of ‘money’ through credit, by which they control the entire world economy. They can expand the economy or crash it at will. The depression that began in 2008 is yet another Rothschild creation to further centralise global finance and introduce the long-planned world central bank.


Invisible agencies have unlimited funding and work closely with other Jesuit agencies like the CIAFBIMI6, media corporations, Hollywood and advertising agencies to ensure the implementation of cultural programs that distract and ultimately blind the minds of mankind.


Tavistock is Greatest Mass Mind-Control Operation in World History

Here is the analysis of Brainwashing and Social Psychiatry that manipulates popular perception in order to shape society.


Tavistock is People’s enemy number one, clearly identifiable as the Committee of 300 and its front organisations, such as the Royal Institute for International Affairs -Chatham House, the Club of Rome, NATO, U.N., the Black Nobility, CFR, Bilderberg and all its affiliated organisations, the think tanks and research institutions controlled by Stanford and the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations and last, but certainly not least, the military establishment. It is without any doubt the Greatest Mass Mind-Control Operation in World History.


The Tavistock institute is a psychological warfare research centre, created in 1913. One of its remits was to develop ways to influence the ideologies of mass populations.


In particular, they gave us ‘The Beatles” pop group, and many other popular mass music performers, like the Rolling Stones, and cults like Rock and Roll, etc.


Controlled by the Committee of 300 which is the ultimate secret society made up of an untouchable ruling class, that includes the Queen of the United Kingdom (Elizabeth II) and now replaced by King Charles 3, the Queen of the Netherlands – Queen Beatrix, meanwhile replaced by King Willem Alexander whom, as we shall see later, attending meetings of another ultra-secret society The Bilderberg Group, the Queen of Denmark and all other royal families of Europe.



These aristocrats decided at the death of Queen Victoria, the matriarch of the Venetian Black Guelphs that, in order to gain world-wide control, it would be necessary for its aristocratic members to “go into business” with the non-aristocratic but extremely powerful leaders of corporate business on a global scale, and so, the doors to ultimate power were opened to what the Queen of England likes to refer to as “the commoners”.  Through their illicit banking cartel, they own the stock of the Federal Reserve, which is a private for-profit corporation that violates U.S. Constitution and is root of today’s problem.


The bloodline families are moving trillions of dollars a day around the world stock markets and they dictate if the markets go up or down, boom or crash. Market crashes don’t just happen – they are made to happen. If you know the crash is coming because you are going to cause it, you know to sell high and buy back low once the crash has happened. This way they increased their holdings massively by acquiring companies at a fraction of the cost from before the manipulated collapse.


Tavistock Institute, the London-based non-profit organisation was founded in 1922 by the British royal family on behalf of elite central bankers, aka the “Committee of 300” to mount propaganda and demoralisation campaigns against their targets.


They are Elite psychopaths who rule the world! A relatively small group of satanic narcissistic Luciferian psychopaths, organised according to sectarian ideologies of Freemasonry; with unlimited influence and resources at their disposal. These beings have no empathy, possess unfounded logic, are pumped up with lies. Their agenda takes us directly into the swamp of the Archon Bloodline – the Anunnaki and Draco Reptile Control Matrix!


Tavistock Manipulates the Mind of Mankind

This is the ultimate technique of brainwashing and social psychiatry that manipulates popular perception in order to shape society. Tavistock is one of the grandaddies of psychological warfare and it has worked tirelessly to instigate the mental decline of the population via pop culture since the end of World War II.


Behind all these groups is a group of even more secretive of former potentates, who are the true rulers of planet Earth and count prime ministers and presidents as their direct puppets. Some theorists say these Illuminati, who pull the strings, are human beings; others say they have extraterrestrial allies.


They are a secret society within secret societies, backed by a banking elite, led by the Rothschild dynasty, pursuing the ultimate plan to abolish all religions except their own satanic religion; overthrow all civilian governments to centralise and Globalise everything under their control. Essentially the New World Order.


The ongoing non-stop psychological warfare was meant to bring about the Great Reset of the central banksters, but it is now clear that these shenanigans are just the latest round in a protracted war of the elites against us, the people.


When heard the word, “intelligence”, most think Mossad, CIA, MI6 but never Tavistock. The majority of CIA and MI6 operatives get their training at Tavistock. Here a list of what they learn:


  • Metaphysics
    • Mind control
    • Behaviour modification Strategy
    • Extrasensory Perception, believed by two third of the populace
    • Hypnotism
    • Esoteric knowledge
    • Satanism
    • Manichaean theology, understanding the duality of good and evil.


Tavistock story explained

How is this possible? The Tavistock story begins in the late 1800s, with Arthur Cherep-Spiridovich, a White Russian loyalist, who was anti-Communist. He was a Russian general and claimed to be well-versed in international affairs and predicted huge world events.


In 1902, he warned kings and dukes about future assassination attempts and he was right. He also predicted the First World War due to his knowledge about the Hidden Hand in which he called, “A secret group of 300 Jewish families controlling the world events.”


Spiridovich emigrated to New York and wrote the book, ‘Secret World Government’. He was found dead in his hotel room in 1926 at the age of 59 from suicide. But, killed by a “secret group of Jews”. As Spiridovich was first to mention openly the Committee of 300.


Walther Rathenau, a German politician said,


“300 men, all of whom know one another guide the economic destinies of the Continent and seek their successors from within their own environment.”


Dr John Coleman is a British intelligence officer who gained access to a private British museum in London. It was here that Coleman discovered the highly-classified documents of Tavistock. He wrote the book, ‘The Tavistock Institution of Human Relations’”.


Tavistock was established in 1913 and funded by the British monarchy, the Milner Group, the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds. Tavistock’s first purpose was to create propaganda to start a war between Britain and Germany. The motivation behind the war was inspired by Germany’s rapid progress on surpassing Britain with economic power.


Tavistock infiltrated America by establishing a centralised bank in 1913, abolishing the gold standard and degrading women and religion. Its mission was to completely demolish human norms and values and enslave the common people.


To jump start the program, they hired Edward Bernays. Bernays was the nephew of Sigmund Freud and was the father of public relations. He believed, people were so irrational and ignorant he easily could apply crowd psychology, to convince masses of people about almost anything.


Bernays was a coach of Tavistock and advisor to President Woodrow Wilson. Wilson was a candidate and won the presidency promising to keep America out of war, but with Bernays’ infiltration he persuaded Congress to declare war on Germany and started World War I.


At the end of 1912, while all Americans were getting ready to celebrate Christmas, Woodrow Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act, a law that created the Federal Reserve System the central banking system of the United States, effectively abolishing the Gold Standard.


By 1933, Tavistock’s mission was half completed. America’s central bank was responsible for the Great Depression and the 2007/8 global financial crisis. The Federal Reserve violates the Constitution because their policymakers are elected by the hidden owners of the Federal Reserve, all meetings are secret and there is no transparency, about what they do.


In 1932, a critic of the Fed, Louis T. McFadden, said:


“We have in this country one of the most corrupt institutions the world has ever known. I speak of the Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Reserve Bank. This evil institution has impoverished and ruined the people of the United States through corrupt practices of the money vultures who control it.”


After the wars and the establishment of the central bank, the world started to see moral decline, through what historians call the “New Morality” or otherwise known as the birth of Liberalism. It was President Ronald Reagan who once said,


“If Fascism ever came to America, it will come in the name of Liberalism.”


To be continued in part Two.


This first part presents a lot of recent history; especially older among us will recognise it from childhood experiences. It clearly shows and experiences how people are manipulated to do what the Deep State Cabal wants from us!


If we don’t start liberating the world ourselves NOW, our future is bleak, foods are rationed, just enough to survive, but not to share. Rebelling against oppression leads to food exclusion and starvation.


The answer is; 

Wake up, and stand up to put an end to this!


When we give away our mind and responsibility, we also give away our freedom and in essence, our lives.




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