Moral, Spiritual, Racial, Economic and Cultural Bankruptcy

Tavistock Brainwashing and Social Engineering

Cuban Missile Crisis

Controlled Presidents

Trump Drains the Swamp



Tavistock mass psychosis is the backbone of the Deep State Cabal in the oppression of humanity on planet Earth. Remarkably, not a single contributing commentary has been posted so far!


Has humanity already progressed so far downwards to the NWO that by now all resistance to our oppression has been broken?


Remember, if we want a free planet Earth and our freedom back, we have to achieve it ourselves from the bottom up! There is no one outside our planet coming to help us. Guidance and support from our alien brothers and sisters is the only help we can expect.


Wake up, encourage others and get to work, we need at least the support of two-thirds of the population, because Tavistock’s agenda is already 98% implemented. After this, no path is open to regain our freedom, as Father/Mother God originally envisioned for us!


Moral, Spiritual, Racial, Economic and Cultural Bankruptcy

In the 1920s, known as the “Decade of Decadence”, the emergence of the Flapper was seen. Women were now cursing, smoking, drinking, wearing revealing clothing and the term, “loose” entered into the Zeitgeist.

This was a cause and effect, directly from advertising and music controlled by Tavistock, this idea was born from their think tanks. In the 1930s, homosexuality and lesbianism became rampant, not out of any inner or latent desires but as a means to shock the Old Establishment during the Great Depression.


During the Great Depression, nations were numb. GK Chesterton, a writer and philosopher said,


“The moral, spiritual, racial, economic, cultural bankruptcy we are in today is not some social phenomenon but rather, the outcome of a carefully-planned Tavistock program.


Tavistock Brainwashing and Social Engineering

The birth of MIT, the National Institute of Mental Health, the Stanford Research Centre and Wharton School of Economics were founded by Dr Kurt Lewin, John Rawlings-Reese and Margaret Mead, arguably, the best Tavistock social engineers of all time.


Believe it or not, through the minds of these leaders came the brainwashing and propaganda for World War II, Vietnam, the Korean War, the two Gulf Wars and every war that followed after.


According to Dr Coleman, the best-kept secret and research that came out of Tavistock is the Three System Response. The Three System Response is how the population reacts to stress, resulting from a contrived situation. A contrived situation is a crisis management exercise for world leaders.


During a crisis, the first response is Superficiality, which is the condition that manifests when a group reacts to a threat by adopting shallow advertising and slogans, which they attempt to pass off as ideals, because the cause of the crisis is not identified. It leaves the population confused and this phase can last as long as the controller wants it to.


The second phase is called Fragmentation, in which panic strikes and social cohesion falls apart. This results in society to break up into small groups, forming different attitudes and beliefs, supported by media manipulation. No one is on the same page. No one is getting the truth and people become divided and fragmented from each other.


This causes civil unrest, protests, verbal fights, physical fights, all caused by humans failing to identify the cause of the crisis


The third phase is called the Fantasy Trip. This is what Tavistock calls “dissociation”. In this last phase of the psyop, people have been so traumatised from false flag events that they block it out or lose interest and all hope for humanity. This dissociation causes people to allow their liberties to be taken away, which ushers in Communist legislation without a fight


Julius Caesar once said,


“Divide and conquer.”


The Powers that Be, have been using contrived situations and false flag events to shock and traumatise the world since the beginning of time. The JFK Assassination, Waco, the OJ Simpson car chase, Columbine, 9/11, Sandy Hook, the Las Vegas shooting – and don’t mention the numbers of crisis actors. Please research that one.


Do people really think all of these shootings at schools and post offices, churches, concerts and shopping malls were all just coincidence?


According to Dr Coleman, they were carried out by mind-controlled subjects, who were carefully profiled, sought after and put on dangerous mood-altering drugs, like Ritalin and controlled by DARPA computer programmers.


Remember, the national story about Molly Tibbetts, the jogger who disappeared for a month and was found dead in a cornfield from Iowa? At first, her alleged killer said he heard voices in his head and the media had a heyday with him, saying that. Now you cannot find that story anywhere on the Internet.


Did you know Molly Tibbett’s dad was an architect for the Clinton Foundation? He actually designed the orphanages in Haiti. Also, do a quick internet search of killers who hear voices and it is astonishing. The book, ‘Programmed to Kill’ by David McGowan, is recommended.


Think about what has happened to women in the western world, it is easy to see how it has been done, in hindsight. From the flappers to pornography, you can see that Tavistock is really good at what they do.


Remember ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’? This was another mind control experiment that one could do in their own bedroom. The pain and fear that comes with sadomasochistic sex, causes the brain to flow the blood away from its executive decision-making areas the frontal cortex, which results in an altered state of consciousness in both the giver and the receiver, like smoking cocaine. Do you ever wonder why certain books or movies get propped up? This should raise a red flag.


Herbert Hoover was the 31st President of the United States. He was a Republican and was reluctant to become involved with the Federal Reserve. He believed in strengthening American business and believed that individual reliance on banks would weaken the economy.


There is speculation from Coleman that his reluctance caused the stock market crash of 1929, which led America into the Great Depression, as a punishment to him and the American people. – Hmm, sounds like history definitely repeats itself.


Cuban Missile Crisis

Tavistock engineered the Cuban Missile Crisis, as an attempt to sell the FEMA program to JFK. It was another rejection by a president and Kennedy died that same year.


Tavistock immediately signed a contract with NASA to ramp up public opinion on space.


Ronald Reagan was another president who was reluctant to fall in line and had an assassination attempt on him. During Reagan’s presidency, the Committee of 300 had a secret meeting to make sure that after his presidency, they remained in control with the candidates of their choice.


Controlled Presidents

So, who was next for President? George Herbert Walker Bush. He was the former director of the CIA and Vice President to Reagan. A member of Skull and Bones and was married to Barbara Bush, who keeps foetuses in jars in her home and who is allegedly Alister Crowley’s daughter by a striking resemblance.


Bush gave the famous New World Order speech following the Gulf War of ’91.


The next, one for President was Rhodes Scholar, Bill Clinton and then George W Bush jr. followed by Obama. With these presidents, comes more social engineering, more false flags and more corruption at the highest levels.


John Coleman said we have been brainwashed into believing that Communism is the greatest danger the west is facing. This is simply not so. The greatest danger arises from the mass of traitors in our midst. The US-Constitution warns to be watchful of the enemy within our own gates.


These enemies are servants of the Committee of 300, who occupy the highest positions within every government structure.


Trump Drains the Swamp

The people are very weary, we must begin our fight to turn back the tide that threatens to engulf us; we urgently must meet and defeat these internal conspirators.


Trump campaigned hard, and one of his messages was, “Drain the swamp.” This is exactly what we must do. Trump wanted to remove the evil from within governments.


Out of all the presidents, Trump has been the most difficult for Tavistock. He was discussed in a couple of Tavistock journals written by James McKay, the Director for Tavistock Coaching. In 2016, he expressed concern that, based on Trump’s personality it would be very difficult to coach him and in 2018, he discussed how Trump is like a trickster. This could be seen as a confession that Trump hasn’t fallen in line, but has been steps ahead of the Committee!


Another modern goal of the Committee of 300 is the emergence of the


“Technetronic Era”.


In the book, ‘Between Two Ages’ by Brzezinski. He says the Technetronic Era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite unrestrained by traditional values.

Soon, it will be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and maintain up-to-date, complete files containing even the most personal information about each one. These files will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities.


That’s disturbing.


Mika Brzezinski his daughter, host the talk show on Morning Joe with Joe Scarborough.


This is the guy Trump accused of murdering one of his staffers.


The book by Brzezinski also discussed future human cloning and robotics, people who acted like people and who seemed to be people but are not people.


There are psyops within psyops. Disinformation is everywhere. Corrupt people run amok in governments. This is Tavistock. Today, people are still distracted with what the elite called the “bread and butter circuses”; baseball, football, endless Hollywood and social security.


Nothing has changed. The program is so good, if you were trying to explain this to somebody, they would think you are crazy. That is how good the programming is. Because after all, if you don’t program your mind, someone will program it for you.


It makes remember the Tavistock whistle-blower, Spiridovich, the man who took his own life at the age of 59 in New York (see part 1), or did he? Most likely he knew too much?


Looking back, he knew an awful lot. But it is up to do your own critical thinking. Until then, stay safe out there and don’t stop questioning the world around you.


If we don’t start liberating the world ourselves NOW, our future is bleak, foods are rationed, just enough to survive, but not to share. Rebelling against oppression leads to food exclusion and starvation.


The answer is; 

Wake up, and stand up to put an end to this!




When we give away our mind and responsibility, we also give away our freedom and in essence, our lives.




Tavistock city lies on the western edge of Dartmoor National Park, about 15 miles north of Plymouth. Its name is derived from the River Tavy, which flows through the town, and ‘stoc’ which is an Old English word for settlement.

For over 900 years Tavistock was dominated by two wealthy and powerful institutions: the medieval Benedictine abbey and the Dukes of Bedford.


The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations is a British not-for-profit organisation that applies social science to contemporary issues and problems. It was initiated in 1946, when it developed from the Tavistock Clinic, and was formally established as a separate entity in September 1947.