SDR favours the Elite


IMF in charge of New world order currency:

Electronic currency leads directly to enslavement away from freedom. The only way left out, is diversification into hard assets such as precious metals, hold outside the banking system. In the late 1960s, the IMF took the electronic currency concept to the next level when they created their own digital currency for the exclusive use of governments and central banks, called Special Drawing Rights (SDR). And even though today IMF’s balance sheet totals nearly 300 billion SDR – around $211 billion, not a single SDR exists in physical form.


Electronic-Bank-AccountThe IMF belongs to the Rothschild club of bankers from all over the world who regulate the entire international monetary system. 100% of the SDR money supply is digital. Just like Bitcoin, it exists in computer databases, making it the digital equivalent of a 500-year old accounting system.


SDR in particular is an even greater scam; the entire reason it was created was because the IMF didn’t have enough real savings. So they ‘solved’ the problem by creating a new digital currency that allowed them to easily raise money out of thin air. But another scam is going on; the SDR is “supported” by the US Dollar, the Euro, the Pound, and the Yen, and from next month onwards by the Yuan too. However, all these currencies participate in the currency race to the bottom, finishing with ZERO, which will make the SDR an outright failure!



The RKM allies, Germany, France, and other nations have made the IMF the most powerful instrument of their New World Order by incorporating China at the SDR table, and thus replace the US dollar with something they control. The problem with this is that the IMF has a horrific track record of raping, looting and impoverishing countries in order to benefit large corporations. Nobody wants an IMF world government except the RKM that owns and controls the IMF.


To save the existing monetary system, is just replacing the US dollar as the reserve currency by the IMF-SDR currency, and from thereon the dangers increase. To ‘solve’ the massive world debt it would be very likely and possible to inflate the world debt away via a massive issuance of SDRs now China has joined the club.


Likewise, what happened with the change from national currencies into the European currency the Euro, this time again the issuance of SDRs as world currency will be a massive dilution of former currencies, which only serve the elite, the Khazarians that won’t allow the implementation of a new gold standard, which is diminishing their power.


Ordinary people are not allowed to own SDRs. Consequently, their purchasing power shrinks while they don’t know whom to blame. The ‘elected’ officials don’t run the IMF, and the majority doesn’t even know it plays a role in the creation of inflation. They even can pretend that they have to save the world, as happened with the bailouts for Greece.


Equally, the next SDR money system would be based on paper money again and managed by global bureaucrats. It will be clear that it is a hopeless proposal; a super bank run by super economists, that won’t last long the moment confidence disappears the SDR-currency will blow up the whole world’s financial system.

Non controlled currencies:

Non controlled currencyThe real solution is none controlled currency, backed by gold and silver both have incredible merit since others cannot make them up out of thin air. Or for the time being, even holding physical cash is a much better alternative than keeping everything
inside a highly centralised banking system. The central banksters, in particular the FED that issues the reserve currency, have the motive to keep the gold price from rising, as they see gold as their competitor.


That the gold market is manipulated is not a conspiracy theory anymore, it is well documented that markets are in fact manipulated and done so in the directions central banksters wish. This is now fact by admission of various central bankers, and various admissions of guilt from financial firms who were doing the dirty work!



The Truth about SDR and banking:

The Fed, created in 1913 by private bankers for the benefit themselves. Few of them could have imagined the enormous success of their venture as, the control of the financial system, led to vast fortunes for a very small elite. The back side of these fortunes is global debt of $230 trillion plus unfunded liabilities and derivatives. The true total, which is in the quadrillions, Truth about SDRis what the poor masses in the world are liable for – not that they will ever be able to repay it, but the implosion of these debts will lead to misery for the majority of people for generations to come.


Everything about the IMF is designed to deceive you – beginning with the name. The IMF is not really a “fund” in the sense of an endowment or mutual fund; it functions as the central bank of the world, taking deposits, called “borrowings,” from countries around the world and making loans to its members.


It prints money like most central banks, but this world money has the opaque name of special drawing right, or SDR. The global financial elites use strange names for what they’re doing so people don’t understand what it really is. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) can print these SDRs. These were created in 1969, and hundreds of billions of them have been issued over the years. But the IMF only issues them when there’s a financial panic. They don’t issue them every day or when times are good.


Ordinary people will not be able to use, touch, or feel them. Not even being able to spend them. SDRs is not money to use in cash. All people will still have a local currency, but no one of these will be a global reserve currency.


The SDR will be used for the settlement of the balance of payments between countries, the price of oil and perhaps the financial statements of the 100 largest global corporations. The impact on savers and investors will be inflationary. The difference is that today’s inflation comes from central bankers, in the future, inflation is coming from SDRs. That means when people try to blame the central bankers they will say it’s not us; it’s those guys at the IMF. Go blame them. No one even knows where the IMF is. So the SDR is just a way to get inflation through the back door. The insiders have the IMF designed to make it difficult for outsiders to have any idea what is going on.


Now the IMF is about to enter its most powerful stage yet. Central banks bailed out the world in 2008. The next financial panic will be bigger than the ability of central banks to put out the fire. At that point, the only source of global liquidity will be the IMF itself.


The issuance of 5 trillion of SDRs, equal to $7.5 trillion, to paper over the next financial panic will be highly inflationary. The difference between this coming inflation and those in the past is that few investors will know where the inflation is coming from. Politically, it will not be easy to hold the U.S. Treasury or the Federal Reserve accountable, because they will just point a finger at the IMF.


The true advantage of SDRs is that very few people understand them, and there’s no political accountability. This new form of money is strictly created for the financial elite. It’s called “world money” because it is to replace U.S. dollar reserves around the world. By the way; If the SDR ever will be more than meaningless, gold should be included as the 6th member in the SDR-basket.


This event is scheduled for Friday, September 30th. People have got no idea how radically this could end up impacting their financial safety. Not only could this event clear out the U.S. stock market, and cannibalise retirement savings, but it could ultimately end the way of life.


The financial elites say SDR is the “money” that replaces the dollar in central bank vaults the world over. If people only got a nickel in dollar-denominated wealth, pay attention. Because, make no mistake, the day “world money” fills that role, the value of the dollar and all other currencies in your bank account will plunge in value, virtually overnight.


Even though you’ll still have euro’s/dollars in your bank account, they’ll have a fraction of the purchasing power you enjoy today. In short, our world is about to radically, and quickly to change.


Brace Yourself for The Coming Global Storm:

Global StormMatters have now gone too far to stop the inevitable currency collapse and implosion of the financial system. But that doesn’t mean it is too late for individuals to protect themselves. Entering this final phase, there will be panic in financial markets with governments and central banks taking draconian measures.
Here are some of the potential risks that all people must protect themselves against today:


  • Currency collapse – leading to destruction of capital
  • Capital controls – making it impossible to take money out of bank or country
  • Bail-ins – the bank will steal your money in order to try to save itself
  • Forced investments – compulsory purchase of treasuries with your bank or pension assets
  • Custodial risk – stocks and bonds will be hypothecated by the bank, leaving you nothing
  • Bank failures – all your investments will disappear as the bank becomes insolvent


All prices go up. It’s natural to pay $500,000 for a house that once sold for just $10,000. It’s natural to fork over $40,000 in tuition for a college that once cost $400 a year. It’s normal to pay $5 for a Coke in a restaurant, or $60 for a ticket to a ball game.


Because that’s what paper money does. It dies, over time. In fact, there have been over 3,400 kinds of money that worked just like the dollar/euro. That is, money backed by nothing but the faith of the people who use it. And, every single one of them has failed. On average, most didn’t last longer than 27 years. After 72 years on top, the dollar has already lasted for triple that lifespan.


The IMF looks like an oasis by comparison. They’ve got no wars or no roads to pay for, no welfare moms, and no social security checks to write. And nothing close to the level of debt that western societies have.


It’s world’s last clean balance sheet. And it’s the IMF that’s backing the release of “world money” come this fall. Make no mistake, this isn’t just a minor financial blip. It’s the start of a new world order. With centralized money, a centralized market, even a centralized government. And the IMF – not the Federal Reserve – in charge of the purse.


Imagine getting cut off – not just from your retirement statements – but from your day-to-day cash accounts, the way they did in Greece, with no money to cover even a few days at a time. Imagine watching helplessly your pension fund goes to zero in a matter of hours, or imagine grocery stores with jammed checkout lines and empty shelves, as far as the eye can see, etc.


Get your own “World Money” while you still can, so load up on real gold and silver, before gold hits $10,000 an ounce. There is no official way for people to own “world money” before it gets released on September 30th. As it stands right now, this new cash is only for the financial elite.


Perhaps, just in time; the elite’s money game could change direction, from worse to better?


China is becoming king of oil. 

China’s push for control of energy bears on an important race going on today: one between Russia and Saudi Arabia over which country’s oil will emerge as most important in a new oil benchmark that China plans to establish.

China King of OilChina made it known that it wanted to start trading an oil benchmark. A benchmark is a big deal, for it determines what oil individual buyers and sellers are trading.


Once the benchmark is established, the race between Russia and Saudi Arabia will likely cease. They will ratchet down their levels of pumping and the mispricing of oil will end. Oil prices will start to climb and eventually reach all-time records.


There will be a lot of winners: Russia, Saudi Arabia, and above all, China. China is in the wealth game, not the money game. Yuan world dominatorAlready oil changing hands with Russia is in Yuan denominated. And given all the physical gold that China, as well as Russia, have accumulated, those exchanges are de facto – if not yet formally – backed by the one resource that is both money and wealth: gold. When Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf states join the party, the new currency in town will indeed be the Yuan.


There also will be one notable loser: The U.S. It will suffer as the oil produced domestically from diminishing shale output won’t be enough to meet its needs and as oil produced in the East is denominated in Yuan backed by gold, with the dollar’s former glory in eclipse.



Most important, oil no longer will be exchanged for just any piece of paper but for paper backed by wealth, namely gold. If you don’t own gold, you’ll be kicking yourself hard for a long time to come!


Gold and silver will not protect investors against all the problems that the world will experience. But if they are held in the right way and place, precious metals will be the best insurance against the massive wealth destruction that will take place in coming years.



Either way SDR or gold backed Yuan; the people won’t be liberated and have their freedom returned, if they don’t fight their own liberation battle! Be assured whoever is coming on top China or another group, eventually oppression will be the result again, as the hunger for power continues. The only solution is to take matters in your own hands and start with carrying out true Anarchy, meaning without ruler!


The day the RKM cabal is defeated, people will see the system for what it is, as many times before on this site has been Trinity of Globalist Controlexplained logically and understandably. – Don’t stop waking up folks until the elite have surrendered, as they are the criminals “behind the curtain” and correctly people realise that their only intend is to ruin planet Earth and all of humanity. The more people are awake the easier it will be to remove them for once and forever.


Come to your senses, you have got to liberate yourself, being a realist understanding and seeing that governments’ actions are downright baloney, with the only purpose to curb your freedom. Many think that it is exacerbated and not worthwhile to act against, because they cannot comprehend that we are dealing with a small group of satanic narcissistic psychopaths, who are organised according to the Freemason-sectarian ideology, and having unlimited influence and resources at their disposal. These people have no empathy, and rely on unsubstantiated logic, peppered with lies. They are put off by nothing and mean only one thing, through the language of force of total destruction and depopulation of the planet, to finally have the world for themselves.




Mainstream media, is run by the RKM-cabal for themselves, and has the only objective to keep people as ignorant as possible, in being easier manipulated. They proclaim themselves “the guardians of truth”, but actually are in the game to deceive you. And, while they are lying, they do everything they can, to destroy us and those like us who keep telling the truth.


The Dark Trinity of Control: The Three Main Components of the Control Paradigm

Highly interesting and important to know: Different aspects of the control paradigm used to manipulate the mass consciousness are broken down into three groups which is referred to as V-E-P, which stands for vibrational, emotional and psychological control. Discussed is physical (vibrational) control through, vaccines, food additives, and more. Further is explained the emotional control through fear and manufactured crises. Save your own life and that of others by listening and act upon about what is told in this condensed expose by Doug Michael.