Faked Money:

If you want to know who are the topmost criminal money swindlers on this planet, and learn how this has been made possible, then you should read on till the end. There is not any greater swindle than from the central bankers. The Federal Reserve and ECB have ‘illegally’ obtained a monopoly for the issuing of money. and supply control. They can increase or decrease their balance sheet at no cost any time they like, by buying assets with fake money, which mostly is perpetual government debt.

evilmoneyThe Central Banks have about quintupled the adjusted monetary base since 2008, while keeping interest rates near zero. In other words, they constantly are manipulating the money supply and interest rates, while bailing out banks and funding the government’s massive deficit spending. Money is at least half of almost every transaction. To manipulate money is to manipulate the entire economic system. The basic unit for the system is a kind of money the world has never had before: the post-1971 fiat dollar and later on the euro. It’s paper money – worth as much as people think it is worth, managed by people who think it should be worth less as time goes by.

Economist Richard Duncan points out in his book The New Depression, the amount of liquid reserves banks have to hold against their loans is now so small they provide “next to no constraint” on the amount of credit the system can and has created. Banks just have to maintain a certain “capital adequacy ratio.” This restricts their lending to a multiple of their equity capital, which is the money provided by their shareholders.

Of course, money is valuable only as long as there is not too much of it. The market can absorb a little counterfeited money. But there’s a limit. And that limit has been greatly increased, thanks to:

  • A worldwide overcapacity of output, financed by previous lending
  • A huge glut of cheap labor, also largely brought forth by the credit expansion of the last 30 years

Without these two unique circumstances, central banks’ irresponsible policies – QE and ZIRP – would probably have caused inflation to rise to the double-digit range or even higher.

There’s no further need to worry about how much governments borrow. Central banks buy governments’ bonds – hold them on their balance sheets – return the interest payments – and the whole thing will be forgotten. And when those bonds expire, central banks can use the repaid principal to buy more government debt!

In effect, today’s raft of central bankers is doing something previous central bankers could only dream of doing: printing money without causing inflation.

Politicians, too, are enjoying this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for recklessness. They will be able to do what none could do before: borrow money without paying it back. The public has not read it in the press yet, but it should be coming soon. However readers that understood the previous explained money scam know already there is no need that governments repay their loans to central bankers, as the money they lent to governments, didn’t come from taxpayers, it came from nowhere, like the rest of the world’s money. Here an enhanced explanation to better capture the fraud committed by our leaders to striping-bare taxpayers and to enslave the public at large in the process.

The money Fraud

Following this flow chart:

Two types of money are in circulation.

  1. Money obtained from energy = ‘trust-money’
  2. Money derived from NOTHING, created by Central Banks = ‘debt-money’
  1. Money creationTrust Money created out of energy and Debt Money created out of air are declared legally ‘EQUAL’. – Causing inflation in the existing money quantity. This inflation is THEFT as the purchasing power of every euro/dollar already in circulation is lowered.
  2. By equalising Trust and Debt Money, debt-money acquires the confidence of trust-money. That implies abuse of TRUST by the government versus the public.
  3. The Axiom is: A euro/dollar – only can be spent once. But that same euro/dollar is used up again by the government in providing it as a collateral to the Central Bank for the creation of 1 dollar of debt-money.
  4. Debt servicing is paid with debt-money created from NOTHING by the same Central Bank. – Now called ‘public debt’, which originally served the creation of debt-money. That is outright FRAUD, because the aggrieved citizens unbeknownst are required, to pay off with their earned tax-money this ‘FAKE-DEBT’ to the Central Bank!


Perpetual Debt is the commitment that defines the essence of debt-money.



Perpetual Debt spiralThe core conflict of the scam:

Sovereign debt is needed to create debt-money b) while the people are told that their tax money is needed to ‘pay off the debt’. That is PURE NONSENSE, because debt is required to create money out of nothing!

“As all debt is paid off, there is no more money in circulation.”

For that reason Central Bankers invented the perpetual debt that cannot be paid-off, and proves Governments are corrupting the public either out of Stupidity or acting as BIG LIARS.


Wrapping up: Governments are committing widespread ABUSE OF TRUST versus the public; that is an act of criminal FRAUD and SWINDLE. Even worse, government could have created the money themselves “free of interest” for the benefit of its citizens.

ethics-vs-morals1Think of; Central banks are private entities owned by the RK Mafia, they manufactured this debt-money scam to enrich themselves and their 1%, buddies, STOLEN from the earnings of working people, to rip them off. Governments knowingly participate in this crime complot and consequently are mutually accountable for this inhuman fraud. They have been bribed to facilitate the RK Mafia.

The Fraud summarized:

Committing citizens’ trust-money without their consent as ‘collateral’ to the central bank for the creation of debt money, this is a reprehensible criminal act by the government. – Collateral for worthless debt-money made out of NOTHING that is constructed on the trust of trust-money. Therefor government created taxes to oblige citizens to pay-off in the currency emitted by the same central bank – created out of nothing – the invented “perpetual” public debt, which is impossibility in itself! – Which then is mixed with trust-money in circulation, making the SCAM invisible.

Once the money scam is understood, why should Greece – and for the same reason all the other nations – have to repay those public loans? Where did the money come from? It didn’t come from taxpayers. It came from nowhere, like all the rest of the world’s money. And so what if it isn’t repaid? What difference will it make? NONE.


Budget restraint:

So, budget restraint will be yesterday’s worry. Government debt will be written off and forgotten. Doubtful that either the public or Parliament has fully come to terms with this. – If not? – Read again above paragraphs, as it is the most essential knowledge for all citizens. It is proof governments are notorious criminals!

Greece's dilemmaAnyhow, what ever is going to happen next, Greece will have to default, no matter what, setting off a major crisis in the euro single currency and economic union experiment of Europe’s inept leaders. – The only solution to re-employing Greece’s citizens and making Greek products competitive internationally is for Greece to exit the EU. However, EU leaders will choose to kick the can further down the road, which is causing them more trouble in the future.

The draconian financial measures against their own citizens, the Western world leaders in Europe, Japan and the U.S. are implementing because of their country’s bankrupt policies and balance sheets, are a blatant deception. Those are widening the gap between the rich and poor, often driving the rich out of the country, along with their companies and created jobs.

It’s brazenly a transfer of wealth from citizens to government coffers, such as in the Cyprus haircut; forcing bank depositors to pay when banks fail.

Rothschild’s Goldman Sachs and other banks fraudulently inflated Greek government debt numbers by creating fake losses. The fraudulent Greek debt is now being used as a tool to loot real Greek assets like islands, ports, utilities etc. According to British MI5 intelligence, ECB President Mario Draghi was the mastermind behind this Greek looting plan. This is why former Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis publicly referred to Goldman Sachs as a life-sucking vampire.

The Greek default essentially bankrupted the IMF, the European Central Bank and the Federal Reserve Board, even though the officials of these agencies are still ignoring this and pretend it is not. However, the reason they are ignoring the Greek NO VOTE by threatening the Greek government with violence unless they can loot Greece to save themselves, because they simply the don’t have the money needed to keep Greece or themselves going. The Greek situation is rapidly morphing into full-scale revolution.

Even the entire Greek parliament and their families are threatened with death by the RK Mafia, the latest opinion polls show close to 80% of the Greek people will not accept any failure by the Greek parliament to disrespect their No vote to the EU gangsters. As the very same people who just rejected the less-onerous deal Europe offered a couple of weeks ago in parliament and a nation-wide referendum. Various lawmakers are already expressing outrage. Plus, media reports are characterizing the deal as a complete surrender by Greece. And treated Tsipras as a beaten dog with no choice but to abandon years of anti-austerity principles and arguments.

Now, even greater austerity will be imposed, affecting millions more of impoverished-unemployed Greeks hardest, including poor pensioners to receive less than their already meager payments. This is in agreement with Agenda 21 plan, eliminating pensioners altogether. – Further execution of privatizing state enterprises earlier considered off-limits. Tactics are to transform Greece into a nightmarish totally plundered inhospitable land. – Greece sovereignty is lost forever, and again is disgracefully occupied, becoming the Troika controlled colony. Tsipras is a modern-day betrayer selling out to moneyed-interests. He’ll be remembered for agreeing to a Greek Versailles. – Readers take note: This is only the beginning; soon the RK Mafia will similarly colonize many other EU nations.


Capital controls:

Expect soon in the EU, ‘capital controls’ and a cashless society. With all that spying going on that is crushing people’s basic rights to liberty, capital-controlsprivacy and other basic freedoms. It’s all part of the conspiracy. Eventually bankrupt empires fade away into the sunset, and this time it will be not different.

In contrast with today’s economic situation: The 19th century had fairly stable prices, as well as the fastest GDP and wage growth in human history. Serious consumer price inflation didn’t begin until the 1970s, when US reserve currency’s new flexible, adaptable, expandable, super-duper fiat money came into service. Since then, the cost of living is up roughly 600%. And the rate of economic growth has fallen.

Mr. Draghi did not mention these facts when he recently announced his euro-debasement program. But it hardly mattered. The real purpose of euro-zone QE is the same as the real purpose of the US version – to prevent the cronies from getting what they deserve.

They own hundreds of billions of euro worth of European sovereign bonds – now trading at the highest prices and lowest yields on recorded in history. Many were bought with negative yields.

And now, with aging populations, rising debt levels, gummed-up regulations, rising living costs, rising taxes and falling revenues, there is almost no way these sovereign bonds can be worth what speculators paid for them.

How are the insiders going to get their money back? The ECB comes to the rescue! It promises to transfer $1.3 trillion to the financial elite over the next 21 months – buying sovereign bonds and other slippery obligations at the rate of €60 billion ($67 billion) every month, with additional injections during the following three month to shelter the Greece default.

In the United States, the commander-in-chief claims credit for something he didn’t do. In the EU, the central-banker-in-chief claims to be doing something not worth doing. Neither is doing what each should do.

House of Cards:

This Entire House of Cards Is About to Come Crashing Back to Earth Once and for All – and the Fallout Will Be Both Catastrophic and Irreversible.

This so-called recovery is nothing more than an illusion, just likewise were the fly-by-night Internet companies or unsustainable real estate prices – a mirage driven solely by low interest rates.

House of CardsAnd here’s the most crucial thing you need to understand: The Federal Reserve and the ECB are now stuck between a rock and a hard place. – If they deny that all this progress is real, they admit that their entire 25-year experiment has been a failure. Which is why they have nothing left to do but embrace the mirage, pretending everything HAS been fixed, and start raising interest rates again.

What history has shown is going to happen again. Things come crashing back down, faster than they rose. And unlike all other recent examples, this time there will be no more easy money to re-ignite the bubbles again.

The central banks are completely out of money. They don’t have another ace up their sleeve. Every single rabbit is already out of its hat. So policymakers, central bankers, and the government itself will be forced to sit idly by, as the market driven interest rate explosion happens and the fallout spreads.

The entire monetary system will grinding to a halt; don’t count on getting back your money out of your bank account either. Take your cash out now, as it still is possible; buy gold, silver, and other tangible assets.

The Saudis and other Gulf monarchies have been buying and stashing away all the silver they can get their hands on so that they can keep some of their fortunes in the event of a monetary-system brake-down, a regime change, and subsequent freeze of their bank accounts. See the chart showing how oil is being converted into silver.

After all, it’s no secret that in any kind of crisis, CASH IS KING.

White Dragon Foundation:

The White Dragon Foundation also received new confirmation the Fed has been bankrupt for a lot longer than generally thought. Some senior Asian bankers who met with Alan Greenspan – when he was head of the Fed – and with then US vice-president Al Gore to ask about Manchurian gold the Fed was obligated to return to them. Greenspan told them the Fed could not pay back the gold they owed them “because they had none.” Greenspan also said the Fed could not pay them trillions of dollars of cash instead because “that would bankrupt the government.” Instead, the bankers said, they were offered a “master trader license.” After they left the Federal Reserve Building in New York, they went to a Starbucks for coffee. While they were having coffee their car exploded. They immediately took a subway to the airport and caught the next available flight to the Philippines.



Anecdote about debt money:

“It is raining, and the little town looks totally deserted. It is tough times. Everybody is in debt, and everybody lives on credit.

“Suddenly, a rich tourist comes to town. He enters the only hotel, lays a 100-euro note on the reception counter and goes to inspect the rooms upstairs in order to pick one.

“The hotel proprietor takes the 100 euro note and runs to pay his debt to the butcher.

“The butcher takes the 100 euro note and runs to pay his debt to the pig grower.

“The pig grower takes the 100 euro note and runs to pay his debt to the supplier of his feed and fuel.

“The supplier of feed and fuel takes the 100 euro note and runs to pay his debt to the town prostitute that in these hard times, gave her services on credit.

“The hooker runs to the hotel and pays off her debt with the 100 euro note to the hotel proprietor to pay for the rooms that she rented when she brought her clients there.

“The hotel proprietor then lays the 100 euro note back on the counter so that the rich tourist will not suspect anything.

“At that moment, the rich tourist comes down after inspecting the rooms and takes his 100 euro note, after saying that he did not like any of the rooms and leaves town.

“No one earned anything. However, the whole town is now without debt and looks to the future with a lot of optimism.

“And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how the governments are doing business today.”


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Mind boggling number of triggers that will start the final collapse. US say it has 8.500 tons of gold, while China may have 20.000 tons. Soon all kind of currencies will be backed by gold or silver. QE is causing a seizure up. WAKE UP urgently, as your savings are in the wrong place and going to disappear.

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