The Illusion of money


Central Bankers are the Manipulators

financialsystemmanipulationThe biggest manipulators on Earth are central bankers. Central Bankers have a monopoly over the money supply. They can increase or decrease their balance sheet at any time by buying or selling assets, which primarily is government debt.


They have approximately quintupled the adjusted monetary base since 2008, while keeping overnight bank lending rate at near zero. It has also been paying banks 0.25% interest on reserves held with the Fed. They are constantly manipulating the money supply and the interest rates, while bailing out banks and funding the federal government’s massive deficit spending.


In order to make money under the Fed’s zero interest rate policy, banks are engaging in derivatives, the hidden off-balance sheet transactions, including asset swaps, substantially increase systemic risk. – Total world derivatives were estimated at $1.5 quadrillion (1.515), an increase of 194% over the avalanche that triggered near financial collapse in the Panic of 2008.


The entire financial system resting on a few mega-banks turns the global economy into a house of cards. One push and it all falls down. – When the next crisis hits the financial markets, a similar 2008 cascading event is all but predictable, and at least ten times worse. – The big Central Banks with each approx. $3.55 trillion in toxic assets on their books will not be able to neutralize this cascading catastrophe.


The value of the reserve currency the US dollar, in effect, its “price,” is determined by interest rates. When the Fed manipulates interest rates, it is manipulating, and therefore distorting, every market in the world.


This isn’t anything comparable to manipulating the price of a consumer good -even something as big as oil. Money is at least half of almost every transaction. Manipulating money is manipulating the entire economic system.


The basic element for the system is a kind of money the world has never had before: the post-1971 fiat dollar. It’s paper money – worth as much as people think it is worth, which is managed by people who think it should be worth less as time goes by. Who are these people, and whom do they work for?


The public might think they are “public servants.” But that implies they are working on the public’s behalf. No, that isn’t the case; they are employees of a private banking cartel that is indirectly owned by the RKM – Rothschild Khazarian Mafia – generally called Central Bank or Federal Reserve Bank in the USA, and directly owned by private banks. These banks have a legal license – ‘fractional reserve’ – to lend money out of nothing into existence, earning interest on their loans.


It is no surprise that their share of US corporate profits has risen fourfold since President Nixon ended the quasi-gold standard – Bretton Woods’s system. A business without any competition! Their cost of goods sold is next to nothing. A few strokes on a keyboard and millions, billions, even trillions of dollars, euro’s, Yen, etc. are created, really an amazing business concept! At least as long the public doesn’t understand the money scam on which their business concept is originated.


The Illusion of money:

Illusion moneyBy legally equalising the money created by ordinary people who trust each other (trust-money) with money created by the central bank (debt-money) the latter acquires the trust placed into the first. That results in inflation: The increase of the money supply goes far beyond social trust. The conflict between the two kinds of money is clear: because a penny can be spent only once – in principle for private transactions between citizens, but that same penny again is promised to pay off the public debt, into which government is engaged without the consent of its citizens.


To keep it analytically simple: the creditor of the money is to be paid back – the Central Bank – with the same money created out of nothing. Between the Central Bank and the abused citizens is a smoke screen placed: By the government’s REQUIREMENT that its citizens PAY their taxes in the currency of the central bank. It is this commitment that defines the essence of debt money.


Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 17.50.45Which therefore must cause Inflation, due nothing more or less than to the injection of fiat money – debt money – into the existing amount of trust money. Which actually is ‘abuse of trust’ towards the people, or plainly said FRAUD. While everyone knows, debt should always be paid off, so the people collectively pay off a debt for which they never made any commitment. Which is a deliberate and blatant SCAM.


This has the following consequence: if all debt is repaid, then there is no money left for circulation. Because the first – trust money – serves as collateral for the second – debt money – and the second is for the purchase of the first, while both support the illusion of money. In other words Public debt is required to create money while the people are told that their money is needed to pay off public debt. Which of course are nonsense and a huge lie!


As Henry Ford I, one hundred years ago said: “If people understand the scam that is called money, then tomorrow we’ll have a revolution.” – Hopefully everyone will understand it by now?


No debt obligation to repay central bank loans:

debt moneySovereign nations are put into terrible economic straits by manipulating them into un-repayable debt and then offering them a deal to hand over rights to land and resources as payment for the debt of non-existing ‘credit’. This is all about the creation of today’s economic worldwide crisis.


Understanding the money scam, why should Greece – and for the same reason all the other countries – have to repay those loans? Where did the money come from? It didn’t come from taxpayers. It came from nowhere, like all the rest of the world’s money. And so what if it isn’t repaid? What difference will it make? NONE.


Accordingly, Central banks should – and will – buy 100% of government bond issuance – and simply set these on fire. Too much government debt problem is solved. Government debt will be written off and forgotten. The central bankers will not be eating breakfast, lunch and dinner on money that never existed, and never will be paid back.


Naked truth:

Trust Money is money that came into existence, because it meets four conditions.


  • truthShelf life
  • Divisible
  • Recognisable
  • Rare


‘Debt money’ is money that came into existence because people lend ‘trust money’ to each other against debentures, when it in small amounts, those can be used by itself as money, which is exchanged by a creditor against goods supplied by another and the new owner the creditor becomes of the current not yet repaid debt, in which debt obligation the purpose seizes of money. The latter principle is (mis)used by the central banks to create their debt money out of nothing, which the ‘trust’ of trust money so that over time only debt money is left in existence.


This debt money is imposed on the public by government law being declared “legal tender” which is issued by a private – not public – institution. Still more shameful ‘collected taxes’ do not serve to finance roads, transport, dykes, etc. but serve a perpetual – “eternal-debt” financing!


In summary:

The pledge of trust money is a promise. The collateral of debt money that arose from “debt” requires a collateral for which taxes are created, collected by the government to pay off the ‘never-ending’ debt to the Central Bank in the currency that the central bank itself has issued out of nowhere that then is mixed with trust money already in circulation, making the SCAM invisible.


The central bank prints debt money, and let taxpayers repay in trust money: that is money acquired from input of ENERGY, production against blood, sweat, and tears, in this way citizens are exploited by the debt money, which has cost nothing. Now it must be clear that gold and silver is real money, why central bankers label it rogue money.


Gold is a protection against abuse of trust, daily committed. – A confidence crisis begins when the government is unable to pay back the debt, which everyone can see in the event of hyperinflation, as the mass of none thinkers will feel the hard way that their money only entails air, and evaporates like snow in the sun, reducing savings to zero. And after that is happening they will loose faith in the fiat money regime. – Then the hunt for gold and silver really will start by then it’s too late, as nobody is willing to sell its gold and silver.


This scam is rooted in the concept of perpetual loans, imposed by central bankers on governments that borrow money that did not exist prior to the loan, against the collateral of tax money. – Money that governments themselves could have created interest-free. But governments are made an enterprise owned by the RKM and consequently are obliged to borrow from the central banks. The TRUTH is manipulated in a way that NOTHING consists out of NOTHING. One to think about intensely!


The perpetual government debt, is reflected on the balance sheet as collateral used to borrow from the central bank, but at the central bank is booked as ASSET. How can a “perpetual debt” – which in itself is impossibility– be booked as asset instead being recorded as LIABILITY? – This leads to a potential conflict between assets “existing money “ and liability “promise to repay”. – If all debt is repaid, then there is no money left for circulation!


The scam step–by-step:

Create money out of nothing, make it legal tender, and inject it into the money circuit, founded on the basic illusion of perpetual loan, considered as an asset and not as debt – liability. For which treasury bonds are issued that are acquired by the central banks, or through financial institutions in the case of the ECB, adding another illusion.


scamSo central banks buy government bonds with money created out of nothing – money that does not come in existence from labour or production, which is trust money. The debt money mixes with trust money already in existence. – In resemblance with the musical chair game, when the music stops an insufficient number of seats is left, at that moment the whole system will collapse. The music is inflation and the chairs the trust money. And to keep the music spinning inflation is required while deflation is the killer. For now, the world first will disappear in the hole of deflation.


Reasoning of zero interest rates:

The evaporation of trust money results in the increase of interest rates. Because money disappears, less is available. – Also repayment of a loan diminishes the quantity: nothing more is deflationary if people repay their existing loans. Subsequently interest rates MUST remain low because otherwise people start to save for a rainy day, as saving also is deflationary. Therefore, printing more money creates inflation. This will go on until the breakpoint is reached, which is when in real terms; inflation is higher than the nominal interest rate. This is the point at which too much debt money is printed that shrinks trust money, acquired from production. In other words public confidence has eroded accordingly no one believes the economy will improve. And that is the point where only physical gold and silver can save you from a personal disaster.


Overthrowing the Archon bloodline Tyrants:

Unless we intervene, the stealing of people’s wealth will continue, as the Archon bloodline (RKM) is completing the Agenda 21 job, and in doing so they need to control access to food, water, and shelter to put people in such dire economic straits without a way out. In order to get a minimal quota of food, water and shelter people are going to do whatever is told to do. – Submitting to human micro-chipping; mandatory sterilisation; compulsory vaccination of whatever chemical cocktail of deadly or mentally, emotionally, physically manipulation shit that bloodline members choose to put in the syringe; only living where you are told to work; handing over complete control of your children to the state – even don’t seeing them again. How different is that to Greek parents selling or giving away their children because they can no longer feed them? The middle class is being targeted with economic hardship because they are the bedrock of the economy. If the middle class disappears, they know, then everything will go with it, except for those at the top, the 1%. Watch below video.



When the Greek Syriza government abandons the EU, and instead joins the BRICS bank to accept money from Russia – pipeline project – that might be the right strategy that ends de RKM controlled EU. The Greeks have a historical chance to restore and return Democracy to the West.


Undeniably, if we the people don’t take the initiative ourselves to halt this craziness put upon us, our children will either die or being enslaved. Please WAKEUP and realize the régime over the whole world is a FRAUD, with the only objective to end our existence on Earth.


What can be done? First start to understand the missive of this essay. Then stop trusting government by ceasing faith in the money system, it is debt money made out of nothing. – Anyhow we need to stop this suicidal credit-based monetary system. – When this system collapse; the most wake_up_413928important tool of the Archon bloodline, the 1 percent, the RKM, the Elite, or whatever they are called, is lost, by losing their most powerful weapon they loose their power on us. Let it be known debt money is an illusion a blatant scam to enrich the rich 1%; it is no money and deserves no trust. Collaborate together in the change for a better world, liberated from suppression, injustice, and manipulation. The award will be living in total freedom, without poverty, in great wealth for everyone on Earth.


Forward the link of this article to at least ten or more of your friends introduced with your personal motivation, and request to read and forward the same way to their contacts. Soon the world will have millions more of well-informed citizens requiring and acting for the change. There are many trustful, capable and powerful forces behind us who will complete the job on behalf of we the people. Your children will be grateful.



The Scam:

Clarification: In the event of being unfamiliar with money matters that may lead to the loss of the ‘real meaning’ of the serious criminal fraud committed by the government and the banks, for better understanding; all facts are put at a glance:


Two types of money are in circulation.

  1. a) Money obtained from energy = ‘trust-money’
  2. b) Money derived from NOTHING, created by Central Banks = ‘debt-money’


  1. Money a) and b) are declared legally ‘EQUAL’. – Causing inflation in the existing money quantity. This inflation is THEFT as the purchasing power of every dollar already in circulation is lowered.
  2. By equalising a) and b) gains debt-money b) the confidence of trust-money a). That signifies abuse of TRUST by the government versus its citizens.
  3. Axiom: A dollar – only can be spent once. But that same dollar is spent again by the government in providing the same one as collateral to the Central Bank for the creation of 1 dollar of debt-money.
  4. Debt servicing is paid with debt-money b) created from NOTHING by the same Central Bank. – Now called ‘public debt’, which primarily served for the creation of debt-money b). That is outright FRAUD, because the aggrieved citizens unbeknownst are required, to pay off with tax-money this ‘FAKE-DEBT’ to the Central Bank!
  5. It is this commitment that defines the essence of debt-money b).


Inconsistency of scam:

Sovereign debt is needed to create debt-money b) and the people are told that their tax money is needed to ‘pay off the debt’. That makes this statement, PURE NONSENSE!


Because this carries the consequence, “if all debt is paid off, there is no more money in circulation.”


Therefore, Central Bankers coined the “perpetual debt” that cannot be paid-off, and shows that the Government is a BIG LIAR.


Conclusion: Governments are committing widespread ABUSE OF TRUST versus their citizens; that is an act of criminal FRAUD and SWINDLE. Even worse, government could have created the money themselves “free of interest” for the benefit of its citizens.

Remember; Central banks are private entities owned by the RK Mafia, they manufactured this debt-money scam to enrich themselves and their 1%-buddies, STOLEN from the earnings of citizens, to fleece them naked. Governments know this and are thus COMPLICES in this fraud. They facilitate these Mafia, as they have been bribed.


The Fraud summarised:

Committing citizens’ trust-money a) without their consent as ‘collateral’ to the central bank for the creation of debt money b), this is a reprehensible CRIMINAL ACT by the government. – Collateral for worthless debt-money b) made out of NOTHING only possible as it is based on trust-money a) therefor taxes were created by the government to oblige citizens to pay-off “perpetual” debt with tax money created  by the Central Bank, which is an impossibility in itself!  Debt- money emitted by the same central bank out of nothing, which is mixed with the trust-money a) in circulation, making the SCAM invisible.


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