View into the future

Suspicious Activities:

Governments are trying to abolish cash. Leading economists want it banned, too. Limits on cash use are already in place in many countries. Having a large amount of cash is already considered “suspicious activity,” subject to forfeiture without due process. – Thanks to civil forfeiture laws, governments can seize your property without having to convict you of a crime.

suspicious-crime-300x225“Mandrel Stuart, a 35-year-old African American owner of a small barbecue restaurant in Staunton, Va., was stunned when police took $17,550 from him during a stop in 2012 for a minor traffic infraction on Interstate 66 in Fairfax. He rejected a settlement with the government for half of his money and demanded a jury trial. He eventually got his money back but lost his business because he didn’t have the cash to pay his overhead. – “I paid taxes on that money. I worked for that money,” Stuart said. “Why should I give them my money?”


As the Washington Post reported here last year, police made 61,998 cash seizures – totalling $2.5 billion since 9/11 – without search warrants or indictments.


Why do governments want to eliminate cash? Isn’t it obvious? They want to control you and your money. Where did you get it? They’ll want to know. What will you do with it? They’ll want a say. Couldn’t you use it for something “bad”? – You might support “terrorists” – evade taxes – or buy a pack of cigarettes. The possibilities are too rich to ignore. And the arguments are too persuasive to stop.


Corrupted system:

The system is corrupt, and dangerously dysfunctional. But why does no one say so? Central Bankers have since the 1980s been fighting credit corrections – being the originators of the credit bubbles. And for the last six years, the Central Bankers have been so actively and aggressively defending the past that the future hasn’t had a chance. Their easy money has corrupted the entire system. So, there will never be a true recovering economy.


Zero Hedge summarizes the “pros”: Enhance the tax base, as most or even all transactions in the economy could now be traced by the government. – Substantially constrain the parallel economy, particularly in illicit activities. Force people to convert their savings into consumption and/or investment, thereby providing a boost to GDP and employment!


The Police State:

Police stateBehind the rise in seizures is a little-known cottage industry of private police-training firms that teach the techniques of “highway interdiction” to departments across the country. – One of those firms created a private intelligence network known as Black Asphalt Electronic Networking & Notification System that enabled police nationwide to share detailed reports about motorists — criminals and the innocent alike — including their Social Security numbers, addresses and identifying tattoos, as well as hunches about which drivers to stop.


The world is becoming a police state, now they are killing people to keep them ‘safe’, however no one is safe, at least don’t expect once in an emergency or stress situation that the police will be your friend. – Two men tried to save their flooded car that had entered a water stream in Oklahoma. Two cops came along didn’t give any assistance but summoned the two to leave the vehicle. When not acting accordingly a gun was fired, one of the men was killed. Keeping you safe – by making you dead. Not much harm can come to a corpse. A graveyard is very safe indeed. Why couldn’t the troopers have left these men in peace? What conceivable threat to public – let alone police officers-safety did they represent? – The answer, of course, is none. Their crime was failure to obey.


More enforcement:

Many of these reports have been funnelled to government agencies and fusion centres as part of the government’s burgeoning law enforcement intelligence systems — despite warnings that the information could violate privacy and constitutional protections. No man’s life, liberty or property will be safe. It’s as certain as death and taxes.


In August 2012 the NYPD introduced a by Microsoft developed surveillance system called the Domain Awareness System that will allow the Awareness systempolice to monitor thousands of surveillance cameras and licence plates readers on police cars, bridges, tunnels, and streets and instantly access detailed information about anyone they target. Bill Gates the ‘eugenic-vaccinator’ must be delighted as they sell his technology to hundreds of police forces all over the world.


No one will be able to drive into tunnels without potentially being recorded. New York is the forefront of all aspects of Agenda 21. Billions of tax money, and more debt for taxpayers are being handed out to build the infrastructure to enslave those same taxpayers, their children, and grand children. The research and development into the way to most enslave the population is still going on.


Highly imperative, now is the time and strongly recommend to taking several important steps to get yourself and your family through this. The first step is EDUCATION. Study Agenda 21, this crisis to see for yourself how far they are advanced with the implementation of almost every aspect, so you’ll know exactly what to expect. There are many nuances to this situation and those nuances can have a major impact on you.


Agenda 21 Program:

agenda-21-símbolo-agenda-verde-farsaThe Archon bloodlines want us to accept the Agenda 21 program. Unfortunately for the people of the world so far everything is going according to the New World Order Plan. But what is this New World Order Plan?

Agenda 21 is called ‘the agenda for the 21st century’ and that refers to global fascism/communism. Here is a summary of what Agenda 21 includes: ‘Sustainable’ development – don’t use more than can be replaced – sounds sensible enough at first, until is realized what this and ‘biodiversity’ really mean in the context of the conspiracy. As, ‘Sustainable Development’ and ‘Biodiversity’ is seeking to impose:


  • Termination of national sovereignty
  • State planning and management of all land resources, ecosystems, deserts, forest, mountains, oceans, and fresh water; agriculture; rural development; biotechnology; and ensuring ‘equality’ – equal enslavement
  • State define the role of business, and financial resources
  • Abolition of private property – as it is not ‘sustainable’
  • ‘Restructuring’ the family unit
  • Children raised by the State
  • Telling people what their job will be and where to live
  • Major restrictions on movements
  • Creation of ‘human settlement zones’
  • Mass resettlement as people are forced to vacate their land; homes, where they currently live
  • Dumbing down education – achieved
  • Mass global depopulation in pursuit of the above.


Agenda 21 termed already over two hundred years ago – indicates the completion phase during this century. The secret plan of the New World Order is to reduce the world’s population to a “sustainable” level “in perpetual balance with nature” by a ruthless Population Control Agenda via Article 21Population and Reproduction Control. A Mass Culling of the People via Planned Parenthood, toxic adulteration of water and food supplies, release of weaponised man-made viruses – like AIDS, EBOLA, etc. – man-made pandemics, mass vaccination campaigns and a planned Third World War.


Then, Agenda 21 will impose upon the drastically reduced world population a global feudal-fascist state with ‘one’ World Government, World Religion, World Army, World Central Bank, World Currency and a micro-chipped population. – In short, they will kill 90% of the world’s population in order to control all aspects of the human condition and thus rule everyone, everywhere from the cradle to the grave.


WAKEUP PEOPLE – Research everything while we still can and join forces to overthrow these Mafioso that control every government in the world as those are governed by corrupted politicians most if not all them are RKM bought puppets. They have sold their soul to the devil; they know they won’t survive if they don’t obey RKM orders.


Not only the monetary system, but also the whole world system is corrupted. We soon don’t have any more freedom; we are enslaved through the tax system by our birth certificate. People have become assets to earn tax money from to be deposited in the RKM controlled Vatican bank. Things are getting worse by the day. The point of no return is rapidly approaching and soon being passed. We have left only little time to act in our mutual defence. If you do nothing you deserve what you’re going to get.


The truth about our civilisation and you:

The video below explains in a nutshell clearly how deeply we the people are caught in the network that continuously is functioning since the Civilisationyear1860. In that system you are not what you think. Because a legal person owns his DNA, but at birth your DNA has been stolen. They created from every person a corporation with his name that’s why your name on all official documents is written in capital letters, as it is not physically you. Check your driver’s licence for confirmation. Only a birth certificate supported by its DNA is evidently a person or citizen. The Crown in the City of London backs all these corporations, which in reality is the Vatican. Meanwhile Lawyers are working on the reclaim of DNA, as soon more is known it will be published as it is in everyone’s interest to break-up the system wherein we live. – By owning your DNA they own you, your money, your property; they create a bank holiday to steal your money, as it is not yours as a person, but theirs as the owner of the company that bears your name in CAPITAL letters! You are under Admiralty Law, you don’t have natural rights, no Civil Right, and you are SLAVE!


After controlling the monetary system, and stealing your civil right, other Archon bloodline (RKM) Agenda 21 implementations are nearing completion, such as controlling the food supply, weather, water, pharmaceutical, energy, in order to put people in dire economic straits without a way out.


So has the unelected EU government in 2013 proposed, rubberstamped and implemented new laws to make it illegal to grow your own food, reproduce or trade any ‘untested’ vegetable, to be approved and accepted by the Orwellian ‘EU Plant Variety Agency’, which charges a fee for each registration – more paying for your food and your own prison. The ‘Plant Reproduction Material Law’ will make home gardening with non-regulated seeds a criminal act. This law will stop the professional development of vegetable varieties for home gardening, organic growers, and small-market farmers.


All this new law does, is create a whole new raft of EU civil servants being paid to move mountains of paper round all day, while killing off the seed supply to home gardeners and interfering with the right of farmers to grow what they want.

It is also very worrying that they have given themselves the power to regulate and license any plant species of any sort at all in the future – not just agricultural plants, but grasses, mosses, flowers, anything at all – without having to bring it back to the Council to vote.


This is all connected to the plan to ban the population from growing their own food, destroy seeds diversity and allow the Archon food and biotech corporation to monopolise the global food supply – ‘Growing food would be banned by saying it isn’t safe then big RKM corporations would control all food production.’


IlluminatiEyeThe global fascist/communist structure would decide what you ate and if you ate; and what you ate would be full of chemical cocktails beyond anything consumed today to control the masses mentally, emotionally and bodily. The water supply would also be drugged so that people ‘loved their servitude’ as Aldous Huxley wrote in his book the Brave New World. If you ate depend on whether you were a good little mindless slave or not. No acquiescence, no food, and no water – the supply and distribution of food would be monitored so that no-one could give food to a fugitive of the system, as Dr Day put it in his lecture in 1969.


A terrible future for all of us, but – for not too long – the power is still with the people if only we would come together in mutual support and if international publicity and response to this will lead to relenting these horrible laws relating to growing our own food. The bloodlines are terrified that the people will unite, that’s why ‘dividing and ruling us’ is their top priority.


It’s important to understand the reasoning of our Archon bloodline tyrants; they have no empathy, no compassion – they are narcissistic, psychopathic sociopaths. They have falsely invented the global warming – climate change, as their argument to depopulate, to cull the world’s populace from seven billion today to 500 million by 2050.


Dr Richard Day the Rockefeller insider and weather manipulator during WW2, said in 1969: The weather will be modified and used as a weapon of war to create drought or famine.’ Producing record-breaking snow in the mountains and constant heavy rains to flood the Missouri and the Mississippi is easy for the technology at the Archon bloodlines’ disposal – especially HAARP, in Alaska that bounces high-power radio waves off the upper atmosphere and back to earth that will be elaborated in a future essay.


Monsanto’s GMO food:

Monsanto-and-Agenda-21Monsanto controls the world food supply and the Farmers. All the food seeds are now patent protected by Monsanto. They now have to buy from them, and can’t keep any seeds, as Monsanto hires detectives everywhere. Engineered genes have a bad habit of turning up in non-GE crops. And when this happens, sustainable farmers and their customers pay a high price. – If Monsanto seeds contaminate a farmer, yet they have to pay Monsanto all their years profit or crops, even if they are contaminated only by 1%!


Dumbed down education to programming children:

The time scale appears to be 2050 that means today’s children en grand children will have to live in the fully fledged Agenda 21, although all people alive today are going to experience its gathering extremes.


Five years old boy with a laptop computerChildren are the prime targets, and they are being programmed to accept their slavery as the ‘norm’, as the way things are. Children are being conditioned to believe that the world will end unless we ‘do something’ and that means transformation of human existence envisioned by Agenda 21. Children and young people are the most merciless targeted with Agenda 21 programming so that they will accept their lives as robotic slaves and the end of parenthood is near. The indoctrination is also designed to turn children against their parents for destroying the world that we have to live in.


The bloodline created and controlled UNESCO, declared the period from 2005 to 2015 the ‘Decade of Education for sustainable Development’ (ESD) to teach – indoctrinate – all 40 chapters of Agenda 21. Translated: programming the children to accept their fate of livelong slavery and to love their servitude. The official programme translated means:


‘A world where everyone learns how to do, what we tell them’.

Now, here is the knockout and fundamental reason why education is being dumbed down ever more obviously:


Generally more highly educated people who have higher incomes can consume more resources than poorly educated people who tend to have lower incomes. In this case more education increases the threat to sustainability.


The implications of that statement are colossal. Maintain the children in a state of ignorance and so produce uneducated adults who will unquestioningly obey the state because they know no better. Mathematics is being especially targeted and they are even saying the answers to mathematical questions, and these should be arrived through consensus. A consensus example: 2 + 2 = 4 is the answer by seven, and 5 the answer by eleven, well the answer is then 5.


Mathematics is a target because Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars talks about: ‘Disengaging their minds; sabotaging their mental activities; providing a low-quality program of public education in mathematics, logic, systems design and economics; and discouraging technical creativity’. This process has been going on for decades but is nowhere to completion where they want to take it. The school, college, university systems around the world are programming specimens to see themselves and the world in the way that advances human enslavement and this is being done on a daily basis by teachers and academics who are themselves programmed. Ask children anywhere about ‘climate change’ and the overwhelming majority will repeat the official story. Environment and sustainability are infiltrating every aspect of education and government. Part of the reason for increasing university tuition fees to un-payable levels is to drive the poor and middle classes out of higher education.


Parents are losing their children to state services that increasingly justify the initials ‘SS’ – feared in WW2 – for refusing to have their children vaccinated and their immune system poleaxed; refusing medical treatment for conditions such as cancer when they know that chemotherapy and radiation will surely kill their children.


It is assumed that parenting is simply too hard, children are simply too vulnerable and risks are simply too great to allow for this luxury called ‘privacy’. Parents have little chance once the process starts, becoming intensely suffocated by the profoundly corrupt and biased Family Court system, which is stacked against them from the start. It’s the Totalitarian State that decides. Almost everything of these is progressing daily, indicating the RKM are getting closer to their target.


Urgent Action required:

urget actionIt must be unmistakeable by now; the world population is in great danger of extinction. Seven billion people reduced to halve a billion, the target to be achieved in the year 2050. Consider your change to survive this, if it is worth to survive at all?


All this is not a possibility, it is real, and you can notice the totalitarian state around you everything is in place as they close on their targets. Observe the poor education results of younger generations. There is no doubt left, although still a work in progress, be assured the final target is getting closer by the day. – Agenda 21 demands the central global control of all land; all-private property; all water sources and distribution of all other resources, which includes people in its definition; all energy supplies and distribution and all food production and its distribution. All humans should be concentrated in settlement zones; education should focus on the environment as a central systematized principle endangering all aspects of life. This is no craziness; it already is openly happening, look around and you recognise what today has been achieved. This is going to be completed pretty soon, unless we the people take the initiative ourselves and start to intervene, which is the only terror the Archon bloodlines fear themselves. With our numbers against theirs, we easily can defeat them, if sufficient people WAKEUP NOW and come into action.


Don’t expect that others, more influential powers, are going to do it for us. If a powerful group takes the initiative the danger will be another oppression later on by them. When we start on ourselves we have got the initiative and could ask powerful groups for help, without giving away our control as initiators. If you still believe in the strength of your nation, than this is the time to do something now. Later, may be too late. Be committed we still can win the battle, but quick action is top requirement.


If you do nothing you deserve what you’re going to get.


There is no excuse for ‘not coming into action’ a first step to betaken is learning more about Agenda 21, and to share this knowledge with others. Therefore create a team of equal minds to jointly convince others about the seriousness that requires large numbers of participation for mutual action. Inspiring them into action too. Again, this totalitarian evil is happening all around us, while most people can’t see it, as they don’t connect the dots. People tend to live in their own ‘little world’ and focus only on a few subjects of interest. Which provides a distorted view of what is happening. The world of ‘The Hunger Games’ is already well on the way to fruition unless humanity has a fundamental reassessment of reality.



It is your own worry for survival that needs the support from others, and that matters for everyone!


People have got to educate themselves about these dangers; they and we all are in the same boat. It really is awesome, but worth our fight for a better world; total freedom, free from taxes and mortgage debt, free from compulsory vaccination with deadly ingredients; healthy non-toxic food; abundance of clean water, cheap energy and far better living conditions for all of us, with full employment for everyone in harmony to his/her talent. Honest money, no taxes, only a modest sales tax. Cheaper products and services as up to 80% of today’s retail price are taxes! Freed of governmental corruption, with our own say in the running of the country and money system. You think this is too nice to be true? Please get as soon as possible be educated on this subject, start with the video below, in which many details are explained. –


Thereafter to secure your own survival, forward the link of this article to at least ten or more of your friends introduced with your personal motivation, and request to read and forward the same way to their contacts. Soon the world will have established a pool of millions more of well-informed citizens requiring and acting in synchronization for the necessary change. There are many trustful, capable and powerful forces behind us who will complete the job on behalf of WE THE PEOPLE. The children will be grateful.





ILLUMINATI PLANS 2015 – To Kill Billion People (NEW WORLD ORDER 2015)