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July 2015

The Greek Debacle

Extensive researched: ‘Greece and the Troika’ Austerity measures: People around the world are feeling the knife-edge of austerity measures implemented on behalf of the collective greed of the Elite, as they lose their jobs, or experience reduced wages. Social services… Continue Reading →

The end of the beginning

The Picture: In Greece the images of closed banks, smashed store windows, empty shops and desperate people were seen. Imagine soon the same is happening in your neighbourhood. In the beginning no one really knows what’s happening, people stare around,… Continue Reading →

Topmost Criminal Money Swindlers in History

Faked Money: If you want to know who are the topmost criminal money swindlers on this planet, and learn how this has been made possible, then you should read on till the end. There is not any greater swindle than… Continue Reading →

EU entry to World Prison

Death of democracy: Brussels will destroy any nation admitted to the EU that wants to leave; it declared economic war on Greece by deliberately trying to plunge the country into total ruin, ‘far worse than the sanctions imposed on Russia’,… Continue Reading →

EU Politburo

The most powerful form of dictatorship and control is the one you cannot see and not being aware of that it exists. Nowadays people are given the illusion of freedom by being allowed to vote every four years or so,… Continue Reading →

No Democracy but Fascist ‘Corpocracy’

Ruled by Big Business: The Transatlantic and Transpacific Trade and Investment Partnership – TTIP – depiction is fraud another Agenda 21 project on the road to global dictatorship that has nothing to do with free trade.  “Free trade” is used as… Continue Reading →

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