Ruled by Big Business:

The Transatlantic and Transpacific Trade and Investment Partnership – TTIP – depiction is fraud another Agenda 21 project on the road to global dictatorship that has nothing to do with free trade.  “Free trade” is used as a disguise to hide the power concentration these agreements offers the Archon bloodline corporations, manipulating lawsuits to overturn sovereign laws of nations that regulate pollution, food safety, GMOs, and minimum wages. These so-called “partnerships” are not laws written by Parliaments.


Ruled by Corporations“The US Constitution gives Congress the authority to legislate, but these laws are being written without the participation of Congress. Corporations solely in the interest of their power and profit are writing the laws. The office of US Trade Representative was created in order to permit corporations to write law that serves only their interests. Calling trade laws “treaties” covers up this fraud on the Constitution and the people.”

“Indeed, Congress is not even permitted to know what is in the laws and is limited to the ability to accept or refuse what is handed to Congress for a vote.  Normally, Congress accepts, because “so much work has been done” and “free trade will benefit us all.” – Democracy if ever existed, is only a fiction! Reality is; it is a fascist ‘Corpocracy’.

Diverting attention from the content of the laws means governments accept that corporations can write the trade laws without the participation of parliament.  Even there criticisms of the “partnerships” are a smoke screen. Countries accused of slave labour could be excluded but won’t be. Nationalists complain that “foreign interests” violate sovereignty but it is the corporations that violate sovereignty, and yet it’s claimed more jobs will be off-shored. – As matter of fact, “partnerships” are unnecessary to advance the loss of jobs, as there is nothing that inhibits jobs offshoring now.

CorpocracyWhat the “partnerships” do is to make private corporations immune to the laws of sovereign countries on the grounds that laws of countries adversely impact corporate profits and constitute “restraint of trade.” For example, under the Transatlantic Partnership, French laws against GMOs would be overturned as “restraints on trade” by lawsuits filed by Monsanto.


Cigarette companies can sue for warning labels on cigarette packs, because these labels discourage smoking and thereby constitute “restraint of trade.”


“Efforts to control environmentally damaging emissions would also be subject to damage suits brought by corporations. Under TTIP, corporations would be compensated for “regulatory takings,” the corporate designation of environmental protection. Of course, this means taxpayers would have to pay damages to the polluting corporations.”

Countries that require testing of imported food, such as pork for trichinosis, and fumigation would be subject to lawsuits from corporations, because these regulations increase the cost of imports. Corporations can sue countries that do not provide monopoly protection for brand name pharmaceuticals and chemical products, and allow generics in their place, for damages.

Stop_TTIPUnder TTIP only corporations can sue. Unions cannot sue when their members are harmed by jobs offshoring, and citizens cannot sue when their health and water supplies are damaged by corporate emissions, as for example in shale gas operations. Corporations have paid US senators’ large sums for transferring Congress’ law-making powers to corporations.


When these “partnerships” pass, no country that signed will have any legislative authority to legislate or enforce any law that any corporation regards as hostile to its bottom line. So governments are ruled by Big Corporations as politicians have sold their soul and integrity for money and consequently enslave the citizens that once elected them!



OjectionAccording to news reports, both of France’s main political parties have sold out to the corporations, but not Marine Le Pen’s National Front Party. In the last EU elections, the dissident parties, such as Le Pen and Farage’s, prevailed over the traditional parties, but the dissidents are yet to prevail in their own countries.


In a bitter irony, the only European political leader to speak out on the issue is France’s Front National [extreme Right] leader Marine Le Pen, who objects to the secrecy of the agreements that establishes corporate rule:


“It is vital that the French people know about TTIP’s content and its motivations in order to be able to fight it. Because our fellow countrymen must have the choice of their future, because they should impose a model for society that suits them, and not one forced by multinational companies eager for profits, Brussels technocrats bought by the lobbies, and politicians from the UMP [party of former president Nicolas Sarkozy] who are subservient to these technocrats.”


The Strategy is Chaos:

By slavishly following Washington’s line on Russia, Europe’s leaders are essentially puppets. They are useless as ridiculous arrogant. If the US were hand-picking European leaders, it’s doubtful that they could select as subservient a crew as now dominate the EU. There’s nobody comparable to Charles de Gaulle or Willy Brandt in sight. In fact, there’s not even a Jacques Chirac. The current situation is very depressing indeed. Europe betrays its own interests to serve those of the US. – Don’t these leaders not understand the US pursues ‘strategy of chaos’ in Europe and Asia?


The US wants to dominate not only Europe but also Russia, as it is the most valuable territory – the land bridge between Europe and Asia, author and historian Gerald Horne told RT.


In fact, Washington and its European allies know that the perceived Russian threat is nothing more than a myth used to relieve the United States of responsibility for the anti-constitutional coup in Ukraine, and activities of certain forces in Kiev that refuse to end the conflicting war in Donbas. This comes at a time when the living conditions for the population of this region are deteriorating into a humanitarian crisis: the water supply has been shut off and the Ukrainian authorities in Kiev have blocked the delivery of provisions, medicine and essential goods. And all this is taking place against a backdrop of shelling of residential buildings, schools, nurseries and other civilian facilities.


Neither freedom nor democracy:

cam-holl-kel_2956338bLook at, Angela Merkel, David Cameron and Francois Hollande on the front-line. When the White House suggests they jump, the only question they seem to ask; is “how high?” As generally is known; the EU is owned by the RK mafia.


The last time Europe’s top players seriously asserted their independence from the US was in 2002 when Gerhard Schroeder and Chirac campaigned against George W Bush’s illegal invasion of Iraq. Their brave stance was compromised by Britain’s Tony Blair who bent-over-backwards to play the role of poodle to his American master. The Polish, who should have known better, also participated in the unlawful offensive. Following the initial barrage, other fringe European states like Estonia, Latvia and Albania, desperate to curry favor in Washington, got involved. The rather more influential Italy and Spain also briefly contributed forces before swiftly withdrawing.


So it is vital that the public understands, that their once trusted leaders have sold them out. This isn’t “freedom and democracy” that we should have, when neither the people nor their elected representatives are permitted to participate in the making of TTIP laws that enable private corporations to negate the law-making functions of governments and place corporate profit above the general welfare, under warfare arguments.


What kind of wars is to expect?

The answer: Just about anything goes, from civil war to international war, to increased government spying on citizens – to intergovernmental and corporate espionage – to currency and trade wars – to rising fascism/communism – anti-Semitism – to natural resource wars – and also, the war on your wealth and retirement.


Secession CataluñaEntire borders will be redrawn. For instance, Scotland will eventually separate from the U.K. after a 308-year-old union. The Spanish provinces of Catalonia and Basque Country, already wants to separate from Spain. Italy has three secessionist movements underway: the Northern League and nationalist groups in Venice and Sardinia.


Quebec has been threatening to secede from Canada for more than 50 years, and sources tell a new movement is organizing to push through another referendum. In the last one, in 1995, Quebec lost by only one percentage point.


The U.S. is no exception. Movements in 35 states are active to secede. Included among them are vigorous secession movements in Texas, California, Vermont, New York (Long Island), Massachusetts and Maryland. The list goes on and on, and includes a total of 124 active secessionist movements.


It’s a sign of time. And as more and more separatist, secessionist movements crop up all over the world; count on big government clamping down harder than ever before.


Why? Because big governments need the tax revenues of a larger and larger number of people, not smaller numbers. But ironically, these hunt for money that mostly the Western governments of Europe and the U.S. are engaging in, is precisely why more civil strife, more domestic unrest and more secession movements in the future can be expected. It is the sign of the time. It’s not just Russia versus Ukraine – it’s not just China versus Japan – it’s not just the peripheral countries of Europe versus Germany or France. It’s a systemic rise of civil and international discontent all over the world that at its root is all about big government versus the people.


It’s going to get worse, a lot worse. And it’s important to understand the Agenda 21 forces that you need to pay attention to, going forward. – It’s more powerful than inflation – more powerful than fiat money. Rising social discontent is far more powerful than any economic force known to civilization. And that’s what the Archon bloodline alias RK Mafia is looking for; ‘Rule and Divide’ the world to achieve their depopulation target.



Having read essays on this site, it will be hard to avoid the conclusion that evil forces have hijacked civilization, driving it towards ends that serve almost no one, but the ‘global elite’ themselves.


The world is heading for a future that no one would consciously choose, standing to reason, as in reality people cannot choose at all; the crime cabal coordinated by the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia, unfriendly to human welfare, is dictating us.


Deeper study of certain pivotal events in history strengthens this conclusion. The official explanations of the sinking of the Titanic in 1914, the Pearl Harbor attack in 1941, the Kennedy assassination in 1963, the 9/11 Twin Tower demolition, or the MH 17 downing over the Ukraine last year, are riddled with contradictions that are difficult to explain, but these are just a few of the well orchestrated false flag operation, to changing history’s course. Ominous more coincidences pile up and make patterns, pointing toward a conscious agency arranging these events toward sinister goals. Diving deeper, one discovers patterns of patterns that ultimately paint a different history of the world.


the-new-world-orderThis history explains world events resulting from the machinations of a powerful, hidden cabal of secret organizations comprising the global elite: the banks, wealthy families like the Rothschilds and Rockefellers, non-official organizations like the Bilderberg Council, organized crime, shadowy agencies within the government, secret societies like Skull and Bones and the Freemasons, and so on. – Behind these all is a group even more secret, comprising the true rulers of earth, who count prime ministers and presidents among their direct puppets. Some theorists say that these Illuminati who hold the reins of power are human beings; others say that they have extraterrestrial allies. Their goal is to impose a New World Order (NWO) in which their dominion is complete.


The crime cabal that rules the earth is asserted to have powerful secret technologies at its disposal. As, HAARP – Weather control, mind control, energy weapons, artificially created diseases like AIDS, EBOLA, SWINE FLU, and other near-magical technologies enable them to destroy any opposition and control the people in ways they barely suspect. Always seeking to impose new forms of tyranny, to extend their power over mind and matter. They control the world economy and create economic disasters at will, like the Great Depression in 1930s, and the one that’s is coming this autumn. They corrupted the money system to enslaving hard working people, purposely destroying our society by eliminating the middle class – the backbone of our economy and society.


Despite all the fudged statistics and ‘smoke and mirrors’ coming out of Western governments, the Western financial system – the Federal Reserve Board and the ECB – already long-ago went broke. The United States of America Corporation headed by “acting president” Barack Obama and the European Union are for years issuing fake financial data to create the impression that all is well. If people don’t wake up, and do nothing, they deserve what they are going to get, that’s either being killed prematurely, or being enslaved for the rest of their live.


Don’t expect that others, more influential powers, are going to do it for us. If a powerful group takes the initiative the danger will be another oppression later. When we start on ourselves we have taken the initiative and could ask powerful groups for help, without giving away our control as the initiators. If you still believe in the strength of your nation, than this is the time to do something now. Later, may be too late. Be committed we still can win the battle, but quick action is top requirement.



How corporations rule the world.

The US government has created a clandestine empire. The majority of people in the United States have no idea that they are living under the benefits of this clandestine empire that today there’s more slavery in the world than ever before.