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June 2015

Death by Food

Devastating nature’s foundations: Genetically Modified Food is a major part of the ‘secret’ agenda 21 controlled by the RK Mafia from the shadows behind the demonic biotech cabal, the most notorious Monsanto, they know exactly what they are doing and… Continue Reading →

Beginning of the End

View into the future Suspicious Activities: Governments are trying to abolish cash. Leading economists want it banned, too. Limits on cash use are already in place in many countries. Having a large amount of cash is already considered “suspicious activity,”… Continue Reading →

Central Bankers Money Scam confirmed

The Illusion of money   Central Bankers are the Manipulators The biggest manipulators on Earth are central bankers. Central Bankers have a monopoly over the money supply. They can increase or decrease their balance sheet at any time by buying… Continue Reading →

Panic in the banking industry

More Panic than is shown: At first glance, the European Central Bank’s QE program appears to be working. Asset prices are up. Old bubbles, like the property market in Spain, are reflating. But look closer and you’ll see that things… Continue Reading →

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