Cashless means total control over the population:

The plan is to turn the screw on the entire population to force them into submission. The single electronic currency within a cashless society is the foundation plan for human control. This Archon Control system has been designed to assure that money the basis is of everything. The idea is: Having or having not money dictates where you live, what you eat, whether you eat, where you work, whether you work, if you life or die, criticize-21including almost every life-choice imaginable. – It means that those who control the money control the world and the wars. The Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars manual details how they control the financial system and directs towards the goal of human control and knowledge. The Archon Khazarian Mafia – alias the House of Rothschild, executes the central part.


The euro single currency was never an end in itself. It was merely a stalking horse to delete the individual currencies that preceded it. The euro too is due to be replaced by the global single electronic currency, and the euro crisis serves that aim. The Archon network coordinates this cashless policy all over the world that has been planned for at least many decades or even longer. Sweden is one country that already is cash-free, Denmark will be cash-free in the course of this year, and Italy has since 2013 cash transactions limited to € 50. France will abolish cash this year. The plan is to make it more difficult to use cash with the law to be imposed to assure maximum hassle for everyone. The cashless society equals total control of the populace that will end in slavery – confirming the next stage of accomplishment before the implementation of the dictatorial New World Order.


The engineered ‘euro crisis’ is used as planned as the ‘Problem-Reaction-Solution’ to bring thousand of banks under the direct supervision of the Rothschild-created ECB, seated in the Rothschild home town of Frankfurt/Main. Both the previous President of the ECB Jean-Claude Trichet and the current President Draghi are Rothschild Zionists. Draghi is known not to breath unless the Rothschilds give him permission. Draghi was as Managing Director with Rothschild owned Goldman Sachs manipulating things to hide the extent of Greek debt, which eventually led to the country’s catastrophic collapse into extreme poverty. Now as President of the ECB he dictates to Greece what they must and not must do in response to solve their debt problem. This problem in Greece is far worse as people may think; they have just taken € 650 million out of the IMF to pay their bill to the IMF only to have to replenish it in a month! This is equivalent to taking a cash advance on your credit card to pay one month’s interest on your now maxed-out credit card. – Summarising: the IMF paid itself on behalf of Greece and will now be forced to pay itself back for paying itself later this month. Or, put differently, Greece has prepaid the IMF with IMF money it doesn’t have.


Clever Putin has invited Greece to become the sixth member of the BRICS New Development Bank (NDB) in an attempt to sow further division between EU members as the country struggles to make its debt repayments to the IMF. The question is, whether Greece has to pay a participation contribution that will be discussed next month in St. Petersburg. Probably Greece’s participation in the Russian Turkish Steam project, which will see Europe import Russian gas via Greece, could be the teaser, very much to the saccharin of the US. However Greece’s financial problems have forced it to pivot towards powers outside of the bloc.


wslavery1Money is only a form of energy, as almost everything in today’s mostly electronic data called ‘credit’ passing around a global computer system with cash being rapidly taken out of circulation. The Archon bloodline – Rothschilds network see money as flows of energy and they have imposed a system that ensures that almost all of it flows to them in the end. The Silent Weapon manual says:


Economics is only a social extension of a natural energy system… Since energy is the key to all activity on the face of the earth, it follows that in order to attain a monopoly of energy, raw materials, goods, and services, and to establish a world system of slave labour, it is necessary to have a first strike capability in the field of economics.

In order to maintain our position, it is necessary that we have absolute first knowledge of the science of control over economic factors and the first experience at engineering the world economy.

In order to achieve such sovereignty, we must at least achieve this one end: that the public will not make either the logical or mathematical connection between economics and the other energy sciences, or learn to apply such knowledge.

Creating a banking system that the population doesn’t understand was captured by the Rothschild clan. – Nathan Meyer Rothschild told a group of bankers in 1912: “The few who understand the system will either be so interested in its profit, or so dependent on its favours, that there will be no opposition from that class, while on the other hand, the great body of people, mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantage that capital derives from the system, will bear its burdens without complaint, and perhaps without even suspecting that the system is inimical to their interests.”


To make a short story of it all, Silent Weapons says, it was discovered that an economy obeyed the same laws as electricity and that all of the mathematical theory and practical and computer know-how developed for the electronic field could be directly applied in the study of economics.

Booms and busts, war and peace, are all factored into the computer model to push human society ever closer with maximum speed and efficiency to an Orwellian global state.


When the money returns through the repayment of loans, interest, taxation in all its forms and spending of money with corporations etc., so some of people’s energy goes with-it. As an example: The same applies to energy parasites like Facebook who claim joint-copyright to anything posted on a Facebook page to use in any way they like, even when people are no longer a Facebook member. – This is the stealing of the creative energy and imagination of the human masses, which the Archons don’t have.


The linchpin:

Central banks are the linchpin in the financial system. By purchasing government debt, banks can allow governments – for a while – to finance Long chain with single unique golden linktheir activities without taxation. On the surface, this appears to be a “free lunch.” But it’s actually quite destructive – it is the engine of currency debasement.

Central banks are a Khazarian invention that came into existence in the US in 1913, although earlier in Europe, where these institutions already were active, and to disguise the real meaning the US institution was given the name Federal Reserve Bank. Which isn’t even a Bank, nor Reserves has, nor Federal is.!


One obvious sign of currency failure is when it is no longer usable as a medium of exchange or a store of value. And becomes worthless to everyone. Often, the collapse of a currency pushes, or perhaps acknowledges, the economic collapse. So what are the usual causes of currency failure?


Aside from currencies that went extinct because their countries were conquered, there are two main reasons for failure, and these are at opposite ends of the same spectrum. On one side, is the lack of supply, for example there aren’t enough units to go around. Maybe the money supply is constrained. Price mechanisms can remedy this situation, but usually, society will shift to substitutes. If there’s not enough gold or silver, people will use tin, cows, or cigarettes, which is rare nowadays. – On the other side of the spectrum, it is too much supply. In 90% of the cases it’s over-issuance of money.


Governments’ expense usually is above and beyond what the sovereign has in the vault. So either government has to borrow, or to cheat. Cheating customarily is called debasement – removing value from the present currency, as happened in the past by using smaller quantities of precious metals per coin.


dollar-debasementCurrency debasement is about guessing the limit before falling off the cliff. Insert the right quantity of debasement into the economy and it runs smoothly. A little more still maybe okay. But too much and everything falls apart. Since today’s paper currency has no intrinsic value or physical constraint on issuance, there always is the temptation to print more. Increasing the money supply by just a little bit more won’t hurt. And than at once failure is all over in the system. Ultimately, inflation set in, as too much currency is issued to pay for wars and to keep the populace happy. And the system totally collapses into chaos.


Eventually all un-backed currencies commonly collapse due to over-issuance. Since the US Federal Reserve began its quantitative easing, followed by the ECB – that certainly went too far. This massive expansion of the monetary base has not – yet – created hyperinflation or anything similar, because today’s economic environment is deflationary. But if the economy truly enters expansion, nasty inflation could return quickly. If it does, the decline of the US dollar and Euro will be the likely result.


Cashless society:

Cash closedAs Central Bankers – the Fed and the ECB – have created massive QE to reverse deflation, this eventually is ending in dramatic inflation and possibly hyperinflation. Before that is going to happen the Government declares a state of economic emergency, it declares that cash is the problem and must be done away with for recovery to occur.


This means that all economic transactions of any kind – debit or credit – are to be done through an electronic currency card for example for tiny purchases as a drink to as large for buying a car or a home; all credits, including wages, dividends, sales of goods, etc. The entire economic system becomes simplified, as the only currency available for everyone by using a currency card or smart phone.

OlimpicshopAt this point, every transaction is on record, so government can assess the cardholder’s income to the penny, without the need to file for income tax each year. – Government announces that the tax system is a mess and that it must be simplified to relieve the people of the burden. In future, tax will be taken by direct debit from the currency card account. Then Government announces that, as the annual filing is such a hardship on the average individual, tax debits will in future be done monthly.


It is easy to present this as a boon to all citizens. It will be touted as “the only possibility for a return to prosperity.” But in reality the populace has entered into a state of complete economic slavery to their bank and government, as operating outside the system will be difficult. Bartering will become the alternative, whether legal or not, meanwhile virtually all other transactions are centrally controlled and audited. Consider the war on cash as the interim step into default. This act only makes things worse. A society without cash cannot function, and leads to totalitarian status.


The Austrian School economist, Salerno says, “governments should actually encourage people to withdraw money from banks they don’t trust. That would give banks incentive to act responsibly.” – But as usual, the government isn’t just doing the wrong thing, it’s doing the exact opposite of the right thing. – FDIC insurance gives depositors comfort that their money is safe, so depositors have zero reason to care about what the bank is doing with their money. The result is a populace that’s clueless about how banking really works. – Salerno says that governments “are bankrupt, both literally, in the sense that they can’t pay what they’ve promised, and intellectually.” Meanwhile, prominent Keynesian economists like Kenneth Rogoff are peddling dangerous nonsense about why people should abolish cash.


Consequently the world enters the era of electronic currency for every transaction. A cashless society is sold to the naive public as the great advance of modern progress. By in reality making the one world currency effective, society enters into the final leap of world dictatorship – already outlined two centuries ago in the New World Order agenda.


new-world-orderAs soon – intentionally – the petrodollar and euro collapse, those are being replaced by SDRs issued by the IMF, under the argument necessary to solve all of todays – intentionally created – currency problems by streamlining currency exchanges to improve international trade. – Ludwig von Mises and Friedrich Hayek will turn around in their respective graves.


Please understand that electronic currency leads directly to enslavement of the populace – away from freedom. The only one-way out left, is diversification into hard assets such as precious metals and real estate. It is important to hold your precious metal outside any country that is applying those controls.

The ultimate way to diversify your savings is to transfer it out of the immediate reach of your home government and into something tangible. Something that not easily can be confiscated nationalised, frozen, or devalued. Physical gold and silver stored abroad in a non-bank vault is the best option.


Gold and silver have served as money for centuries, across many different civilisations. Both always have been integrally international assets. There is nothing at all particularly American, Chinese, Russian, or European about gold or silver. Buying gold and silver is perhaps the easiest step you can take toward internationalising your savings. The next step is to store your precious metals in a safe foreign territory. It still is easy and convenient to own physical gold and silver offshore in places like Singapore or Switzerland in a non-bank private vault.


More preparations are highly recommended, as the storage of sufficient food at home in a safe place. Empty your account to a bear minimum just to pay for water, gas, and electricity, etc. Put your cash in a safe at home and talk never ever about it with anyone, even not with best friends that may change their mind the moment the collapse occurs. Prepare for living of the grid; generate your own electricity, heat and shelter.



Totalitarian State:

Bankrupt western governments need every penny they can steal or tax. That’s why they’re obsessed with eliminating “unfair” competition from tax havens, and cash payments. The planned 5% negative interest rate is next and that will wreck the economy. The pension funds in Switzerland already took SFR. 40 billion cash out the banking circuit to be stored in safety depots.Banks and governments seek total control of money, and this can only be achieved if they possess a monopoly on the flow of money. If a worldwide system can be implemented in which currency transactions can only take place electronically through banking institutions, the banks will then have total power over the ability of people to function economically.


But why would any government allow the banks such dictatorial monetary control? The answer is that governments, being the puppets of the Khazarian Mafia are controlled by the banks, this deed would then realise a long-held, but heretofore-impossible dream: to have access to a record of every monetary transaction that takes place for every single individual.



The introduction of a cashless society empowers central banks greatly. A cashless society, after all, not only makes things like negative interest rates possible, it transfers absolute control of the money supply to the central bank, mostly by turning it into a universal banker that competes directly with private banks for public deposits. All digital deposits become base money. As digital accounts can more easily manipulated than cash!


britain_totalitarianAs yet, there hasn’t been any backlash, and it may be that people worldwide may simply swallow the pill, not understanding what it means to their economic liberty.

If the public are not treating the new system as serious business, governments most assuredly are. Bankers on both sides of the Atlantic have forcibly become unpaid government spies. If they don’t comply, they can be fined, and/or lose their banking charter. Directors can be imprisoned.


This is the creation of the totalitarian control of your finances. The implication that you may have some sort of terrorist involvement is a smokescreen. If you use cash for any reason – to pay your rent, to buy a used car, or (soon) to pay for your lunch – you may trigger an investigation. You may be suspected of money laundering, tax evasion, or even terrorism. – The responsibility of proof that you are not guilty will be on you.


Totalitarian control of currency is an inevitability, and it will take place sooner rather than later. The only question is whether the reader can retain some control of his wealth. Fortunately, wealth may still be held in land and precious metals, but these are only safe if they’re held outside a country that seeks totalitarian rule over its people.


The Fraud:

How the world has been brought into this misère: – From the beginning on the system was envisioned to be fraudulent. A banker, seeing other thiefpeople’s gold sitting idle in his vault, might think, “What is the point of taking gold out of the ground from a mine, only to put it back into the ground in a vault?” People are writing checks against it and using his banknotes. But the gold itself seldom moves. A restless banker might conclude that, even though it might be a fraud on depositors – depending on what the bank has promised – he could easily create lots more banknotes and lend them out, and keep 100% of the interest for himself.


Banking all over the world now operates on a “fractional reserve” system. A sound banker should keep 100% reserve against demand deposits: he should have hold one ounce of gold in his vault for every one-ounce banknote he issued. And he could only lend the proceeds of time deposits, not demand deposits.


A “fractional reserve” system can’t work in a free market; it has to be legislated. And it can’t work where banknotes are redeemable in a commodity, such as gold; the banknotes have to be “legal tender” or strictly paper money that can be created by fiat.


The fractional reserve system is why banking is more profitable than normal businesses. In any industry, rich average returns attract competition, fiat-currency-fractional-reserve-banking-conspiracywhich reduces returns. As the banking sector by law is protected, there won’t be any competition from outsiders. – A banker can lend out an amount, which a businessman might use to buy an item. When that seller of that item re-deposits that amount, a banker can lend it out at interest again. The good news for the banker is that his earnings are compounded several times over. The bad news is that, because of the pyramided leverage, a default can cascade. – In each country, the central bank periodically changes the reserve percentage – theoretically, from 100% down to 0% of deposits – that banks must keep with it, according to how the bureaucrats in charge perceive the state of the economy.


Comparing how the government handles financial problems to how it handles forest fires, Doug Casey said:


“Extinguishing them quickly provides an immediate and visible benefit. But the delayed and forgotten consequence of doing so is that it allows decades of deadwood to accumulate. Then when a fire starts, it can be a once-in-a-century conflagration.”


When a fire starts, it can be a once-in-a-century inferno. The fractional reserve banking system, with all of its unfortunate attributes, is critical to the world’s financial system as it currently is structured. You can plan your life around the fact, the world’s governments and central banks will do everything they can to maintain confidence in the financial system. To do so, they must prevent deflation at all costs. And to do that, they will continue printing up more dollars, pounds, yen, and euros. While currency crises, bank runs, and episodes of economic collapse are devastating to paper assets, they often offer opportunities to buy hard assets on the very cheap as today is the case for gold and silver. Use this moment to your advantage, and you never ever won’t regret the follow up on this advice.


Your Freedom is in danger:

Humanity is not designed to live under false government values of slavery. Those who live for government and the state will hold these beliefs, but nature and the rest of humanity tell another story. Humanity naturally desires to be free of all control systems. – Let’s focus of humanity who is AWAKENED. Let’s realize how amazing, gifted and how blessed we are as humans, and how natural it is to be free. Unite the awakened people in rescue of society from the grip of the Khazarian Mafia. Remember: Most Governments are their puppets, and consequently are citizens’ enemy. – Don’t accept your enslavement, fight for true FREEDOM. Consider that part of the Archon strategy is to increase constantly the prices of essentials like food, fuel, and energy. Without, prices could be at least 40% lower. Increases in taxation, fines, of all kinds to squeeze the masses into hellish Archontic nightmare that life now has become for billions – today life is still relative paradise compared with where they want to go.


Everyone is invited to take part in the actions against the Khazarian Rothschild Mafia that brought purposely the world and its population into dire poverty. – Take an example from the brave Icelandic population that ousted the banking cartel after its collapse in 2008.


The Icelandic people themselves ended the confusion and insanity that is happening with credit money – credit that has never, does not, and will never exist. – The Icelandic banking collapse decision was – thanks to people power – to let the banks go bust and to jail the guilty. As result Iceland has come through far more successfully than the rest of the world.


US activists have constituted a Declaration of War against the Khazarian Rothschild Mafia (RKM) Clan. – With the aim to stop the RKM, by bringing people in every nation of the World into an international Global War against the RKM – as now is known for certain – THEY are the World’s most powerful Death Cult and life-sucking anti-human parasite that ever existed.


Making money from nothing and backing it with nothing but the enforced taxes of its captive client governments is nothing less than modern day secret slavery and has been the greatest financial fraud in history and is the major crime of Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO).


Once the RKM succeeded in setting up their fraudulent money production and distribution machine – the world biggest counterfeiting scheme – then these criminal banksters proceeded to buy, bribe and own in the world; the multi national companies, the to Big To Fail Banks, almost every influential politician, business men, nearly the entire Judiciary, as well most of the Military High Command – NATO – UN – IMF – World Bank – WHO – etc.



To eradicate the RKM most important grip on most of the World, the RKM must be decapitated from its elastic, endless Fiat counterfeited self-produced money supply – “funny money” – debt-notes! – In order to attain this, the RKM’s unconstitutional Federal Reserve System and all other – except five – Central Banks will have to be eliminated. – This cannot be done until all corrupt politicians and executives are drive out –those who have taken the required American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) loyalty oath to Israel. – Added RKM information with thanks to frequent reader Hugo.


Why cash is being abolished: – with thanks to frequent reader Cindy