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April 2015

Petrodollar almost dethroned

King Dollar dethroned: The Chinese hate the US dollar’s supremacy. They want their place in the sun. And they’re finding a lot of allies who are upset with the U.S. China’s plan is to roll out the China International Payment… Continue Reading →

Gold versus credit money

Centralised Private Bankers Cartel: The global financial system for over one hundred years is an organized centrally managed, privately owned Bankers Cartel that issue fiat money to steal your money by inflating currencies expanding in even greater quantities by banks… Continue Reading →

European Union Swindle of the Century

EU Superstate: The hugest deception of the century is the establishment of a totalitarian bureaucratic Super State the European Union that at already over 60 years ago has been planned. Started with a ‘free trade area’ into today’s centrally dictated… Continue Reading →

More debt does not solve debt

Credit money is not money: Credit money is debt money and debt is not money. This paradoxical lie has been accepted for over one hundred years, at least in today’s format since 1971 when Nixon abolished the tiny shiny glow… Continue Reading →

Adaptable Gold Standard

Central Banks cannot generate the outcome they want: There is no anchor against the ever-increasing money supply that destroys the world’s reserve currency the US dollar. New from this air printed money is constantly created to fight deflation to avoid depression…. Continue Reading →

Crime Cabal part three

AWARENESS: WAKEUP and be aware about what is going on, how in reality gangsters control and govern our society. The Satanist gangsters – Archon bloodline – cabal don’t want a strong nation they need depending nations with an ‘on welfare’… Continue Reading →

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