Once in debt you are at the banks’ mercy:


The Problem:

Don’t think a bank reform is in the cards yet, but it is important that people understand how simple it actually is for governments to address the corruption in the financial industry. Eradicating the financial corruption forever is quite simple, and only requires the will to do so. But as governments don’t work for the people that elected them, they are only interested in the money they themselves can make to get rich quickly. So reform, is not going to happen, unless people wake up soon, and demand detailed justification as to why this hasn’t yet been done.


“Those that create and issue the money and credit, direct the policies of government and hold in their hands the destiny of the people.”


In other words; the world’s financial system was designed in 1913 to purposely put governments in debt to bankers, and that’s the reason why they cannot control the banks, as the banks control governments. The general impression is that in the past debt-to-bankspeople have been overly taken for granted. And, that’s the reason why Governments don’t want to pay notice to all that whistle-blowers are bringing to their attention concerning the fraudulent activities by criminal bankers who defraud the public and the entire nation. – On the contrary Justice departments have generally aligned themselves with the criminal bankers against whistle-blowers, while it should be governments’ responsibility to grant them protection!


In 1999 President Clinton signed into law the Graham-Leach Billey Financial Modernisation Act, which repealed the fundamental protections to the banking system, and opened the floodgates to uncontrolled speculation by financial institutions in a system where the banksters would never lose. It was facilitated for them to gamble with depositors’ money; if they profited, they kept 100% of the profits; if they lost, the taxpayers bailed them out.


The financial hold on governments that the major banks have established, has enabled criminal, reckless bankers to remain unpunished and uncontrolled. Actually all or most governments are controlled by a class of super rich oligarchs – the elite – who pay for legislation that suits their monetary interests.


As is the case with every business deal, you cannot trust your partner until you have endured various adversities together. Banks are notorious crooks, as has been extensively published on this and other sites. The Rothschilds and Rockefellers were the initiators and were participants in the club setting up the FED in 1913 to rip off the people through their own elected Governments.


The entire banking system has corrupted ordinary people and parted them from their hard earned money with such ease. Evidently, people did not feel the necessity to read the widely available information about the entire financial system being rigged. Most of the public don’t realise that banks are not there for their customers, but are only interested in enriching themselves.


Of course this being said, there is not one government, except Iceland, in the entire world that would take measures against these practices, as governments exist for the benefit of the banks. The Central Banks lend money to the governments and set interest rates. Nobody would bite the hand that feeds him. – Bankers control the government. This has been the case ever since the formation of Central Banks, and it was further solidified with the removal by Nixon of the gold standard in 1971.


The public believes that their government receives money via the taxes collected from them. This money in turn is what pays for all of the services and programs needed to keep the country functioning. However, this is not the case at all, and instead, not one penny paid to the government by the people actually pays for any services or programs.


debt-tyrannyThe money collected from the citizens goes directly to the privately owned central banks to be pocketed by the RKM-cabal. The following is an account of how the system of central banking actually works: They loan money to, and buy the debts of the government. However, the banks do not actually have the money so when they need it, they just print it. The money that they print is not worth anything because there is nothing backing it. In the past the United States Dollar was backed by gold through the “Gold Standard” and this was what determined the value of all the paper currencies as they are interconnected with the dollar, functioning as the reserve currency.


The solution; decriminalise criminal bankers by prison sentences:

The damage to the quality of life caused by governments and the likes’ which sell-out to criminal financial institutions on a massive scale, is enormous and for many who are awake, clearly visible. The TBTF banks are in the business of enriching themselves at the expense of innocent people by violating one law after another.


If governments truly cared about the lives of honest, hard working people, they would act with integrity, and competence by putting criminal bankers in jail. While bankers have figured out how to buy key figures in governments, they have not yet figured out how to pay someone else to serve a prison term for them. The one thing they value more than money is their liberty. The financial services industry could quite simply be decriminalised by prosecuting criminal bankers and giving them prison sentences, commensurate with the devastation their crimes have caused. – Could this become a game changer? IMF chief Lagarde to face trial after French court rejects her appeal regarding $440mn payout.



Take politics out of the prosecution of criminal bankers.

Prosecution of bankers and the likes, should be placed under the control of Parliament and impartial experts, independent of the department of Justice and the president. Politically sensitive prosecutions are too important to be left to politically appointed prosecutors. Obviously, politicians will always ignore the issues concerning the people that feed them, which is the reason that the initiatives of whistle-blowers who file these cases at governmental institutions, are completely ignored.


This state of affairs may deter many qualified people with integrity from going into government, but that is exactly the point. People who go into public service should do so because they are committed to serving the public. A government job should not be, as it is now, a get-rich-quick-scheme. Someone motivated by money is likely to be more susceptible to selling his/her integrity to the highest bidder, as frequently happens now.


Make ‘independent auditors’ independent:

The integrity of the financial markets is dependent on the integrity of the auditors who issue financial reports for public companies, as analysts and investors rely on these reports.

Large eye with magnifying glass

Large eye with magnifying glass

Unfortunately, auditors are people subject to the same weakness as is seen with governmental appointees.  Some bend their principles in order to enrich themselves. As a matter of fact independent auditors are not altogether independent. They are hired and fired by management. Auditors and likewise lawyers for large companies; get large fees they do not want to risk losing. And just as lawyers who are sometimes guilty of telling their clients what the client wants to hear, rather than telling them the truth, accountants do the same.


But there is a simple solution: stop public companies from selecting their own auditors. Instead, create a pool of auditors who are qualified to audit companies of a certain size or business type. Apply a system of random rotation where no auditing firm’s engagement would be allowed to exceed a three-year period, and no company would be allowed to have the same auditing firm return within a ten-year period. This blind selection process is exactly what is practised in most court cases: the judge is selected by the ‘spinning of the wheel’. A similar system introduced into the auditing branch should minimize the risk of auditing firms selling their integrity.


Tax slaves:

debtsnakeIn a world where most tax slaves don’t own gold, and retirement accounts are low hanging fruit for greedy governments to seize, many people are likely to get hit hard. In fact, it has been frequently repeated that those who own gold and silver, will lose the least in the imminent crash and these people will do well financially. That’s why Physical precious metals and related securities are the best insurance.


The consequences of low interest rates whether unintentional or intentional are devastating. These artificially suppressed rates are deliberately being used to expand the money supply, in order to keep bankrupt governments operating that are, in effect, siphoning wealth away from citizens to the government through the hidden tax of price inflation.


Negative interest rates on physical cash.

Specifically, the ONE-thing standing in the way of more negative interest rates is cash. If citizens can switch to cash, it makes the imposition of negative rates on digital bank accounts difficult. The central bankers’ preferred option would be to simply abolish paper currency, but “the public is likely to resist the abolition of paper currency.”



A new concept has been introduced by Marvin Goodfriend, called the “flexible market-determined deposit price of paper currency,” This is not a fantasy! It maintains that the “money” in your bank account and the “money” in your purse or wallet are in effect two different kinds of currency.



There would be an exchange rate between the two, just as there is an exchange rate between dollars and euros. The Fed could set this exchange rate at whatever level it deems necessary and would not be obligated to “defend” this rate at any particular level.


This would mean that; if you would go to the bank and withdraw $1,000, the bank might only give you $980 in cash because of the “exchange rate” between your bank account and cash. Or if you would deposit $1,000 in cash, the bank might only credit your bank account with $980 because of the same “exchange rate” between your cash and the bank account balance. In short, they have devised a scheme to impose negative interest rates on physical cash.


Why Gold and Silver are important:

importance-of-goldThe war on cash may be a losing battle for people, but there is still shelter in physical gold, silver, land and other hard assets. The key defensive strategy is to obtain your gold and silver now, while you still can, before the war on precious metals begins. As this realisation sinks in, it will create more demand for physical metal that is already in short supply.


Be aware, the biggest shake-up in the world currency market in decades is set to happen soon. Billionaires, Trillionaires, Academia and the Federal Reserve are all stating that the financial world is in uncharted waters and that anything could happen. The possible outcomes are countless.




How the Bankers Stole America: