“I can assure you that we are now only a few yards away from our goal. Once the circle closes, all the states of Europe are clamped like in a vice.” Illuminati-Protocol 3:1


Since the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11. 2001, the power elite started with great speed the process inserting Humanity into the New World Order. To that end, not only in America but also in Europe, democratic rights are abolished. Anyone who studied the decision-making procedures of the EU, will find that the EU is far from democratic, as explained in “EU Politburo.” http://www.tekjournalismuk.com/peter-b-meyer/the-eu-politburo


libertyThe EU removed the most basic rules of parliamentary democracy. For example, access to EU documents is limited; all decisions on defence and security are secret. Appeal to a judge is not possible. The power in the EU is therefore not with the EU Parliament, but with the multinationals, actually the power elite. Participation in elections is a waste of time; the politicians don’t have any say at all. The leaders are chosen with care by the Illuminati; the selected usually have made their ​​careers in other Illuminati organizations and companies such as Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Unilever, Shell, etc. These leaders only can execute commands without personal input.



Important matters are being arranged behind closed doors, in which citizens have no influence but only suffer the consequences. Nobody can check the plans or exercise any influence on it, so follows the one undemocratic agreement on top of the other. Jean Claude Juncker, the new president designate of the EU Commission, explained in 1999 the EU democracy as follows: “We take a decision, make that known and then wait and see what happens. If there is no significant opposition, because most people do not understand what we are doing, we go one step further, until beyond the point of no return.” (Der Spiegel 52/1999)


And, The Telegraph writes: The sovereign parliaments of Europe are victims of a constitutional sleight of hand, though some acquiesce more easily than others. “The Cromwellian method by which Jean-Claude Juncker was foisted upon the nation states is a breach of the Treaties.”

But he might be a gift to the Front’s Marine Le Pen, now vowing to boycott the Strasbourg ratification as her first act of protest. “I will not participate in a vote for the prison gaoler: I will try the escape the prison,” she said. He also is a gift too to the Five Star Movement of Italy’s Beppe Grillo, seizing on Mr. Juncker as the face of the scorched-earth policies that have trapped Europe in a Lost Decade. “Wherever Juncker goes in Europe, the grass no longer grows,” he said.



And so is happening, under Juncker the NOW implementation even will be more vigorous because a large portion of the population is only occupied and concerned with everyday issues, and are not interested in their future. Nobody feels responsible, let alone be worried about what is going on today, instead of organizing themselves against it, they continue to rely on their own representatives, who in reality deceive their electorate because they are bribed by the elite to lie, and won’t act in the interests of the citizens – who elected them for the job. Each time citizens are being lied to, as decisions already were taken much earlier on another level, politicians don’t have any influence at all. They make the world muzzled, as people were never asked their opinion about important matters in such cases as the Maastricht Treaty, the introduction of the euro, yes about the EU constitution, but that was detoured with the implementation of the Treaty of Lisbon, no one took the trouble to protest. Meanwhile, the European Arrest Warrant (EAW) has been introduced. This is an important next step on the road to creating a world dominated by one government the main reason for which the EU was established.


It is said the EAW measure is taken at EU level as a result of 9/11. Initially serving for so-called terrorist suspects, but now for anyone else. The majority of the 32 offenses accepted by all Member States, regardless contradicting some of their own laws, but what counted is the acceptance of the EAW. In fact any moderate to heavy everyday crime falls under EAB’s classification, essentially when nothing to do with terrorism!


How far reaching is the EAB disaster for citizen will be discovered as opposition movements are suppressed because in principle all participants are qualified as criminals. Every opponent can be deported and charged without supervision and control of their own people, in order to be silenced. The EAB already has been applied in practice thousands of times, according to the Süddeutsche Zeitung, 25/2-2005. –  As the thinking goes: “order comes before liberty or justice.”


Dr. Carlo Alberto Agnoli, a former Italian judge, formulates his warning to all EU citizens as follow: “The EAB will virtually completely transform all of the European legal system, based on “law and justice”, and ultimately destroy.”


Think carefully about what is written, and realize that, unfortunately, this reality now is fact, not one word of it is exaggerated. When we humans WAKE UP on a massive scale and protest againsteye it, we can stop further suffering, otherwise the survivors will end up as slaves of the satanic cabal. Already has been decided that the NWO – New World Order – will soon be governed out of Israel.


The power illuminates call themselves Zionists, and state: “Our lives come first.” What does mean that all other people on earth are declared their mortal enemy, while only just a few of us are aware about this fact! The enemies of the power elite are initially all countries where the national bank doesn’t dance to the Rothschild tune, such as China, Bolivia, Venezuela, Cuba, etc.


The lengthened wars against Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya meanwhile are proof of this. Also, Ukraine, Syria and Iran will have to follow accordingly, opine the Zionists. They want to exterminate 6 billion people, the more deaths there are; the better it will be. And, not included are the millions of deaths that will fall without the use of nuclear weapons.


In the ‘conquered’ – undemocratically run – countries the IMF or the World Bank confiscate all natural resources under the guise of new loans and “humanitarian” aid. Public opinion is brainwashed through the mainstream media telling that these wars are to help people on the road to democracy. Humanitarian wars do not exist they are just massacres of people, particularly against women and children – mass killings to cull the population. Read the story; why the city of Dresden in Germany almost at the end of WW2 was bombed night after night. Winston Churchill declared in Feb. 1944 shortly before the bombing: “Before WW2 ends, we still need to kill a minimum of 1 million people.” And so were 350,000 innocent civilians, mostly women and children slaughtered, under the argument of retaliation, so the rest of the population would accept this massacre. And, do not forget the hundreds of thousands fatalities resulting from the hunger winter 44/45. Bilderberg a bridge too far.


The business lobby in Brussels and Washington massively bribe politicians and bureaucrats. Those who do not follow instructions of the Illuminates are assured of bitter consequences that will follow. A few examples; Abraham Lincoln and John Kennedy, were both killed because they autonomously created government issued inflation-proof money – outside the FED – backed by gold and silver, so no inflation could occur if the new interest-free money would come into circulation. Similar fared Pim Fortuyn who was against the Joint Star Fighter and the Royal house of Orange, his promise was to spend that money beneficially for the taxpayers. Princess Diana, who was too dangerous for the House of Windsor, as she aspired to tell the inside story about the U.K. Royals. She was killed in an engineered car crash accident in a tunnel on a for the Illuminates sacred place in Paris. Her foetus was removed and served on the altar as a sacrifice. (David Icke – The Biggest Secret).


Further still, the story of Nikolai Tesla (1857 – 1943) the revolutionary inventor of Free Energy, when applied it could inflict great damage to Big Oil. So he had to be isolated and his inventions sabotaged or prohibited to be commercialised. Eventually these only were used in covert operations by the U.S. government. His invention of nano-thermite explosives pulverized the Twin Towers literally into dust on Sept. 11th 2001. (Dr. Judy Wood – Where did the Twin Towers go?) Not to be mentioned the many mysterious aircraft accidents such as the Lockerbie disaster, undertaken to kill six CIA investigators that had carried out audits relating the financial practices by the Vatican Bank. This bank receives most of taxpayers’ money paid for public debt interest. (Jim Marrs – Rule by Secrecy)


One of the initiators for the Vatican investigation and signatory of the accusations, was slain after two failed attempts by poison, all the others were bullied out of politics through non existing hyped scandals, killed secretly by hit man, arrested, or publicly humiliated. From that moment on, the fear amongst politicians really got hold. They all keep their mouths shut and do what the string pullers behind the scenes instruct them to do!


Many people, amongst others artists and government bureaucrats are mentally ‘mind’ manipulated by the Monarch mind control programs – developed by Joseph Mengele who his first experiments performed on Jews during the Holocaust. Musicians, who seek world fame, sell their souls to Satan for influence. Their music and songs are designed to manipulate large groups of the population. Other selected young people are victim of mind control too, being programmed to kill. Amongst others applied with the shooting at a school in Stanford, Connecticut U.S. where 22 children and several teachers were murdered. The hidden reason: the US Arms Act had to be changed; otherwise the government feared it couldn’t suppress people. Every time the government wants a change of law, they increasingly apply the Problem – Reaction – Solution  – PRS – act on behalf of the power elite. (David Icke)


On the planet exists only one terrorist/aggressor and that is America. The power elites act accordingly to the ‘divide and rule’ principle, they devise war plans, they instruct America to execute these, after the CIA locally has made the necessary preparations. The populace is being indoctrinated through lies and deceit to accept newly planned wars. The sinking of the Lusitania was designed to involve America in World War I; the attack on Pearl Harbour was staged to turn America against Japan, and to see them as the enemy. To participate in World War II against Hitler a so-called German submarine sunk another passenger ship preloaded with explosives. The fake Tonkin incident gave the U.S. government the opportunity to start in Vietnam. And so are all wars initiated, over and again. The world could have been a peace full place to live, but the power elites decide differently.


One of the main functions of the CIA is to create chaos in other countries to prepare for America and NATO the legal base to enter other countries to restore order. And just about every idiot on earth thinks he’s doing a noble job to defend his country, either by allowing a war or to fight in it. Read more about:



Richard Nixon too tried to bring in circulation the so-called greenback, interest-free money, as did before nixonhim Lincoln and Kennedy, with the aim making the American people debt free. But Nixon was thwarted by the FED and swept from office as U.S. President. In 1969 Nixon initiated the plan designed by Dr. Preston Martin in withdrawing 4,950 loans from commercial banks and create a national banking network outside the FED. When Nixon and Martin wanted to execute their plan, Martin received an offer from the Fed to become their Chairman under the condition he removed president Nixon from the White House, and put the plans for the new currency circulation outside the FED into the freezer. So the Watergate burglary was put in scene to photograph certain documents with which Nixon was blackmailed and consequently had to leave. Nixon left the White House on August 9, 1974, and was succeeded by Gerald Ford, who offered him amnesty if he concealed the truth for his resignation, as he did despite many interviews with journalists who knew better.

“The Rothschilds continue to influence the internal and foreign policy of the Western world. They set the dictatorshipagenda, expenses, income, wars and everything that’s NOT allowed by law. Our politicians are puppets without own character. So was James Wolfensohn as chief of the World Bank after many years of loyal servility and obedience to the Rothschilds allowed establishing in 2005 his own bank, Wolfensohn and Company LLC. Wolfensohn also became a partner in the European Investment Bank J. Rothschild, Co.”


“The real power in Washington, read every capital city in the Western world, is no longer the government for the people they represent. It is the banking world that does. Politicians with party funds, contributions, campaign funds, property and influence, votes and amendments are bought and sold. Money represents priority; keep federal revenue short, ensures that laws are ‘revised’ and the money from the middle class flows to the rich.”-“We do not fight against flesh and blood, but against principles, forces and powers, those who rule by secrecy, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” Wrote Richard Goodwin, speechwriter for President Kennedy.


The dictionary Van Dale defines power as follow: Those in power have a conflicting interest with respect to those they want to execute their power. Power is the ability to do what you want others do. Consequently those others can no longer do what they want. The power of one consists of the un-freedom of others. The ruler benefits from the un-freedom of the people, as people will benefit from freedom. Conflicting interests.


Wake up folks your bank account; your pension funds everything you’ve got will be confiscated. View below the 10 min. video to understand the urgency we are in, to protest against these measures en masse.


Global Meltdown Has Begun

It’s no longer denied that we are going into a global financial implosion, however it’s undoubtedly clear that the orchestrated economic collapse is being accelerated. Alex Jones breaks down how on the ashes of this global world system a highly autocratic authoritarian technocracy is being established to take over everything. Don’t say you weren’t warned.


Clearly something is afoot and gold is what the manipulators are fleeing to, all the while suppressing its value on the open market as they buy it up. How we arrived here, and why, are huge subjects of research and debate. One thing we know, whether or not a currency is attached to gold, as well as the idea of personal holdings of gold, are extremely important subjects on which to get a fundamental grasp. Nevertheless, the deeper aspects regarding the value and true meaning of gold within earth’s historical context is well worth investigating as clearly the “powers that be” of every age have attached great importance to it.

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