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September 6, 2014

End of crisis within reach!

Three Chapters! The Largest Gold Theft Ever:        It started on a day in August 2009 in Chiasso 40 KM north of Milan: “At the Italian Swiss border crossing – Bonds worth 134,5 billion were seized from two Japanese nationals. These… Continue Reading →

Final Wake Up Call

The public has become disillusioned and wary of constant doomsday media reports and news coverage that adhere to corporate agendas is a blatant understatement — people see their world changing and they want to understand what is happening, and why…. Continue Reading →

Federal Reserve vaults are empty.

America is about to lose its most valuable asset, TRUST, as the out-of-control debt is going to destroy the nation. Most people take trust for granted as they have trust in their government, which was the reason why America became… Continue Reading →

Pathological Liars Exposed

Double issue for enhanced awareness The mainstream media are serial liars. They not only distort the facts, they turn realities upside down. They deny Israeli war crimes against Palestinians, they blame the deaths of Palestinian children on Hamas they fail… Continue Reading →

End of the US Dollar

Who is the person most responsible for the crisis we are in today? “If you are thinking it’s me… YOU ARE RIGHT! And what do you think will be the final outcome of the monetary crisis? I’ll tell you what… Continue Reading →

Debt and more Debt

The setting of interest rates by central bankers cause all sorts of disastrous consequences. The number one cause is the creation of booms and then inevitably busts. Thomas Woods’ book Meltdown does a great job of explaining why the Fed deserves most of… Continue Reading →

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