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September 5, 2014

Bankers control the government

Simply put, the bankers control the government. This has been the case ever since the formation of the Federal Reserve, and it was further solidified with the removal of the gold standard in 1971. From How the Bankers Stole America:… Continue Reading →

Misconduct by Bankers

The manipulation seen in Libor, Eurobor, securitized mortgage-backed investments, metal warehousing, silver and gold, and virtually everything else of value, paid off. HSBC’s nearly $700 billion of money laundering for terrorists and drug cartels was profitable. “The six largest banks… Continue Reading →

Deflation and more:

Deflation is the term when an economic cycle contracts and over time prices decline – actually it’s the opposite of inflation, but paradoxical equal to inflation with a negative rate. The decline of price levels is triggered by the reduction… Continue Reading →

Money versus Capital

Central bankers, economists, and businessmen use money interchangeably with the term “capital” but this is a fundamental error; Capital is not money, the first is scarce the second is infinite. Capital comes from savings, and the policy of cheap credit… Continue Reading →

The Road to real Prosperity

Eventually, the middle class will realize, the argument to tax, borrow, and spend doesn’t lead to prosperity and consequently has failed. By then, real wages will have fallen so far that the wealth gap has become much larger – the… Continue Reading →

Phoney Wealth

When the Spanish Galleons in the 16th century came back from the discovered New World with cargoes full of – stolen – gold and silver coins, they thought to have hit the jackpot with their bonanza. Iberia then had plenty… Continue Reading →

New currency system

The answer is what John Maynard Keynes already proposed in the 1930s: an international valuable reserve asset, rules for pricing national currencies against it, and penalties for countries that run a persistent deficit. After the financial crisis there was a… Continue Reading →

People WAKE UP your Freedom is HIJACKED.

Many do remember World War 2 as a terrible experience of millions that lost their lives and tremendous suffering by the survivors. The climax was to drop two atomic bombs on Japan, which already had agreed to surrender before on… Continue Reading →

Economic Terror

The terrible accident with flight MH17 requires uncovering the true perpetrators behind it. This accident has great similarity to the 9/11 attacks, which was orchestrated, by the Bush administration, to control the movements of people from A to Z and… Continue Reading →

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