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October 2014

Food Scam

Our daily food isn’t that good: Modern day food industry has become quite the debacle; with chemicals being sprayed all over our fruits and vegetables, to genetically modified processed food. As a result, the world has seen a large resistance… Continue Reading →

Ditch the Euro

The grand THEFT: The ECB again has opened the valves and let another trillion euros worth of liquidity flow directly into the very same banks that have proven they can’t be trusted with a cent. This is how a zombie… Continue Reading →

Modern Slavery

Our Wealth: When adjusted for debt and inflation, it is discovered people haven’t gotten any richer at all. They may have become more affluent. And, some individuals have gotten vastly richer. But taken as a whole, when added the debts… Continue Reading →

Your health destroyed

Immune system: When a new disease emerges, the immune system eventually learns to identify the signature and deals with it. Ironically and not by accident, vaccines that are supposed to boost such protraction actually undermines the body’s defences by overwhelming… Continue Reading →

Your Freedom Destroyed

Ignorance: Almost nothing of this story will be found in the mainstream media. In classic Orwellian terms – such as “War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, and Ignorance is Strength.” – means saying one thing and doing another is governments’… Continue Reading →

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