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November 2014

Reassurance for the Gold Buffs

Toothless Sanctions: Along with weak oil prices sanctions are hurting Russia. However the media don’t comprise news about how Russia is adapting to make Western economic manipulation toothless. With limited abilities to close transactions in dollars or euros, which make… Continue Reading →

Where the Economy is heading

‘Creative Destruction’ People would like the crisis to be over. Many are counting on it. But the market doesn’t give any uplift. People do not get what they want or what they expect from the markets; they get what they… Continue Reading →

Political Correctness

Mind Control Political correctness (PC) is part of the Illuminati’s Control System that is introducing ever more laws, taxes and financials demands to tie the human flies to their web, with the objective mental decline and enhanced mind control. PC means… Continue Reading →

‘Climate Change’ and ‘Carbon Dioxide’ Swindle

The Hoax: Don’t be scared; Global Warming, currently ‘Climate Change’ is not true. It’s dressed up as science but it’s not science it’s propaganda: “Global temperatures are going up, greenhouses gas emissions are destroying our atmosphere;” say the scaremongers “there… Continue Reading →

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