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December 2014

Fabricated Russian Threat

Part Three   Threat that doesn’t exist: The unexpected rise of Russia as a result from Vladimir Putin’s adoption of a clever strategy to gradually replace some of the most corrupt neo-liberal Yeltsin cloned officials, and his reconstruction of the… Continue Reading →

EU in serious trouble

Part Two   Autocratic Oligarchy: While the EU promotes itself as a bastion of freedom, stability, and prosperity, it appears increasingly more like a hegemonic bloc, dictating to, rather than acting as a representative of, the European people. The slogan “Toward… Continue Reading →

EU Scam

Part One   Inability: The EU’s inability to deliver repeated promises of prosperity continues to ring hollow. After six bitter years of recession, now the bloc can barely register anemic growth. All – sovereign – governments use GDP to show… Continue Reading →

When interest rates go up

Part Two   Vulnerability to Higher Interest Rates: Now the world has landed in the situation of increased systemic risk. The concern is that central bankers have painted themselves into a corner, and there is no easy exit from their… Continue Reading →

Greatest Credit Bubble In Modern History

Part One   Structural Depression: The world is in a structural depression and will remain so. QE didn’t help ending the crisis, although it didn’t hurt the economy either, it only affected asset prices. No credit-based money has ever survived… Continue Reading →

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