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January 2015

Shock Doctrine

Phony democratic empowerment: The power elite – alias Corporate Crime Cabal needs to fulfill their agenda that comprises decades even centuries to implement. Their agenda includes world money, global taxation, control of physical gold, population control and plans intended to… Continue Reading →

How debt cycles end

Global Crisis waiting to explode: The wonders of the modern financial world are unfolding before our eyes: borrowing from someone who has no money – charging it to someone else’s account – and pocketing a good part of the cash…. Continue Reading →

Deflation against Inflation on a knife-edge

Critical line: Inflationary pressures are still gripping the economy. The economy is balancing on the critical line of destructive deflation and runaway inflation. Prices could quickly and unexpectedly fall or rise, one way or the other. The occurrence of relative… Continue Reading →

Busts follow booms

The Battle between deflation and Inflation: The most important insight into today’s markets is to understand the battle between deflations versus inflation. It’s important to realize that inflation always wins in the end. And busts always follow booms. The severity… Continue Reading →

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