Phony democratic empowerment:

The power elite – alias Corporate Crime Cabal needs to fulfill their agenda that comprises decades even centuries to implement. Their agenda includes world money, global taxation, control of physical gold, population control and plans intended to increase the power and wealth of the 1% at people’s expense. The elites are no fools. They understand that their agenda is highly unpopular. Although democracy has been construed and put into practice as a camouflage to fool the people by giving the impression they have a say about the way they are governed, but the cabal perfectly understand that the concealed show of democratic empowerment has to be kept up, which makes it harder to implement their unpopular plans. Their standard approach is P-R-S, create a Problem, and wait for the Reaction when people ask government for a solution, then they implement their Solution, and this is where the shock doctrine is the most valuable tool for them.


A shock can take many forms. It can be a financial panic, terror attack, natural disaster, assassination or other extreme event of a kind that seems to come out of the blue but actually it is somewhat regular and predictable. When the shock occurs, people become fearful and look to their leaders for comfort. People militarybegin to value order above liberty. It is at these critical moments that the elites stand ready with a “plan” that will restore order but most importantly advance secretly their agenda.


Effectively, inevitable shocks are used as a cover to implement plans that people would not accept in ordinary times. Order is restored at the expense of liberty. When the shock wears off, the new order remains but liberty is lost forever. This is the shock doctrine at work. After each episode, the elites retreat and wait for the next shock, which is always just a matter of time.


Under shock and awe, people will approve every unusual and sick wish of aggression by leaders, if being told that it is for their good and protection. That’s what the propaganda machine has done to the freethinking minds of the citizens of the ever so touted democracies. Democracies, of expression, freedom of press, that is their perception and your deception, be aware it’s actually the greatest deception of mankind! When people wakeup and recognize that 100% security is a utopia they will understand that only their liberty is stolen. Someone who offers his freedom for security gets neither! To recognize future false flags, here the method that always is pursued:


Carry out or facilitate a spectacular atrocity. Blame it on the enemy of choice. Issue a lie-infested official narrative, and have the corporate media repeat the lie. Rile up ignorant militant crowds, stoke the hatred, and war-mongering imperial policy planners and their criminal functionaries get what they want: war with the public stamp of approval.


False Flags:

A good example, are the Charlie atrocities that stinks all charlieover of a false flag. The incident is being sold as the French 9/11. It certainly is, in all of the most tragic ways: France, like the United States on 9/11, has been used. The masses of the world have been deceived, and march in lockstep to NATO’s drumbeat again. All signs lead from French intelligence back to Washington.


“An attack so well and professionally carried out with cutting edge Kalashnikovs and get-away methodology, way beyond the capacities of the attackers the Kouachi brothers, who have no doubt criminal records, that were trained by AlQada and ISIS that were created and funded by Washington and by its European puppets including the French, according to President Hollande’s (sic) own admission.”


They, as well as, “Amedy Coulibaly, the suspect in the hostage drama of the Hyper Cacher food market in eastern Paris, whose identities and past activities were well recorded in French police files, were most likely, pre-identified as perpetrators, mind controlled, and be used for the probable pre-meditated murderous attacks that left 17 people dead within three days of horror in Paris; attacks so well organized and carried out that they could easily wear the stamp of French special forces, CIA, Mossad or all three of them?”


The Kouachi brothers were identified only by a conveniently lost ID in the get-away car, reminiscent of the intact passport of one of the 9/11 terrorists found in the rubble of the twin towers. Are people really ignorant enough to believe such a farce?


False flag written all over the walls of Charlie Hebdo’s publishing house. – “The publisher being controversial, having received frequent threats for its Moslem-offensive cartoons was normally under heavy police protection. Why was on 7 January only one police car with one police officer parked half a block away?


False flag – converted immediately into public shock, the perfect condition for ramming any police, military and surveillance legislation down the people’s throats. Better, the population asks for it themselves. They want to be protected and secured. They want their government going to war to wipe out Moslem terrorism, never mind how violent and how cruel they go about it, never mind the criminal acts these governments are committing in the name of protecting their citizenry.


Diminishing people’s Freedom:

The recent hostile takeovers of the public mind, were two false flag operations in Paris, and a third concerning North Korea over Sony’s film ‘The Interview, these revolve around the ideas of free speech, movement, and expression. This is a ghost battle, choreographed by those who could not care less for freedoms. In fact, the masses are being manipulated towards supporting war and mass murder, and police state agendas that specifically curtail freedoms. What more creative way to take away freedoms than to make people give them up voluntarily?


Divide and rule is also an important elite tool, and now veryfreedom obvious for well-awoken people. They immediately will recognize that most atrocities are carefully orchestrated, and here too the purpose has been to create hostility and chaos amongst European citizens who are against the native-born Muslims and immigrants flooding across their borders. Islamophobes are burning mosques in Sweden, marching by the tens of thousands in Germany and ceding more and more control to those politicians who speak the loudest against the Muslim faith.


Meanwhile we the people have lost our freedom, privacy and private communication, via emails, phone calls and other records, collected by NSA.

This mass surveillance was apparently just the beginning. The agency is now preparing for future wars in cyberspace, in which control over the Internet and rival networks will be the key to victory, tell documents leaked by Edward Snowden reveal.


“The National Security Agency’s aim is to be able to use the web to paralyze the enemy’s computer networks and all infrastructures they control – including power and water supplies, factories, airports, and banking systems.” Der Spiegel magazine wrote after viewing the secret files.


If you’ve traveled abroad, you may have seen the new booths at Customs that take a digital retinal scan of each passing traveler. This is something that used to be handled with a paper passport. That retinal scan goes into a digital data bank, perhaps as said, to be used to pursue political enemies. Privacy and liberty are mostly gone as the result of policy responses to various shocks for the first time implemented in 2001 after 9/11. So has the US Justice Department been covertly gathering and storing hundreds of millions of records about American motorists for a national database, The Wall Street Journal reported. The database can track the movements of vehicles across the country.


There are many other examples. The important question is how will the shock doctrine be used next? What is the unfinished business of the power elites?


There are investments such as gold, land and fine art that are not digital and cannot be wiped out by computers. There are wealth preservation strategies that are not subject to current tax. There are other strategies that against these types of shocks even if each particular shock cannot be predicted exactly. The most important defense is keep staying awake, for which purpose this site The Final Wake Up Call is created.


Important is to be aware that the power elites will continue to play the shock doctrine game. But once awake you do not have to be the victim. The key is to know how the shock doctrine works and prepare now before the next shock strikes.


War on Terror – actually – War against Humanity:

war on terror

After a quarter of a century, and trillions of dollars spent, and hundreds of thousands of dollars lost, America appears to have more enemies in the Muslim world than ever before. Why would anyone want to continue on this barren path? To find out, follow the money. Professor Michael Glennon of Tufts University asked the same question: Why such eagerness for war?


“People think that our government policies are determined by elected officials who carry out the nation’s will, as expressed at the ballot box. That is not the way it works. Instead, it doesn’t really matter much what the electorate want. They get some traction on the emotional and symbolic issues – gay marriage, minimum wage, and so forth. But these issues don’t really matter much to the elites. What policies do matter are those that they can use to shift wealth from the people who earned it to themselves.


Meanwhile it is amply documented, the French Republic under the helm of president Francois Hollande is supporting as well funding Al Qaeda affiliated terrorists.


The forbidden truth, which the French public should address is that their government together with the US, NATO and Israel while waging a self-proclaimed Global War on Terrorism routinely provide covert support to the same terrorist entities which are the object of their “humanitarian wars” and counter-terrorism operations.


While the French media in chorus point to the jihadist threat to Freedom of Expression, not a single French media has had the courage of raising the broader issue of State sponsorship of terrorism and the insidious role of the French government and its intelligence apparatus in supporting Al Qaeda affiliated entities not only in the Middle East and Africa but also in France.


In a bitter irony, the campaign following the terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo has not contributed to sustaining ”Freedom of Expression”. In fact it’s quite the opposite. It has contributed to a new wave of media censorship. There is a gruesome political agenda behind these attacks, which must be the object of public debate. Who are terrorists? Those who commit terrorist acts or those who control and finance the terrorists?

Can you believe this? – The US acted very rashly and making very quickeducation judgments after the MH17 downing where the US officialdom was immediately certain that it was the rebels or indeed even Russia itself that had downed the plane. Fortunately their credibility has suffered quite a bit because of these assertions. A few weeks ago the Obama administration was certain that the North Koreans were behind the hacking of Sony even though the top of cyber security firm says that it just doesn’t add up. Or take the global climate change that doesn’t exist, only by the cabal’s geo-engineering are artificially smelting ice caps are possible, as the lies about CO2 gasses, only to tax the people with another tax that will be pinched to benefitting the Cabal’s fortunes.


The USA has an administration that is almost out of control making bizarre accusations that are simply not backed up by facts. In the Ukraine after an attack on a bus of civilians it suited Washington’s political goals to have this done by the separatists. But if they were required to put up some evidence it might fall quite short of the mark.

peopleAs result of the recent attacks in Paris, Francois Hollande’s sacking approval rating went up, only by fooling the public perception as result of a well-orchestrated theatre. Supported by a massive PR campaign and a gathering of European leaders and the heads of a few of their client states as can be seen in below video were the cover of deception has been blown off, of this unprecedented event in history of modern France. Notice that no Americans, Russians, Chinese, Indian etc. leaders showed up for this PR event. What came instead is a gathering of Rothschild servants.


On this video the ‘media show’ of European leaders with cabal leader and mass murderer Netanyahu arm in arm – surrounded by security guards – are seen in solidarity protest with the people on the Champs Elyse two weeks ago. Notice how ‘close’ the leaders are with the public. With at least a few hundreds meters emptiness in between, not shown on MSM TV is their arrival in armored security vans. They really must hate or being AFRAID of the people.


About Gold and Silver:

Mark Faber told the Societe Generale global strategy conference: “I’m positive gold will go up substantially [in 2015] — say 30%. … We simply have highly inflated asset markets. … The only sector that I think is very inexpensive is precious metals, and in particularly precious-metals stocks.” His hosts at the conference must have been sniffling at his remarks. Societe Generale says it’s bearish on gold. So have Barclays and Goldman Sachs. – But contrarians know to decide what to love more – the metals genius who sees a huge opportunity or the mega-banks – marching in lockstep, as usual – telling millions of investors to give up on gold.



“Greece leaves behind catastrophic austerity, it leaves behind fear and authoritarianism, it leaves behind five years of humiliation and suffering,” told Tsipras thousands of cheering supporters in Athens on Sunday. Syriza’s victory will also encourage other anti-austerity forces in Europe and add impetus to calls for a change of course away from the focus on budget belt-tightening and structural reform favoured by Berlin.

Those calls have come not just from anti-system movement Podemos in Spain, but also from leaders as Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, and French President Francois Hollande, who congratulated Tsipras on his win. Conclusion: could the cabal’s EU finally blow its retreat?


For sure, the biggest nightmare for the Eurocrats would be if Greece left the Euro, and even the entire union, and became a success story. A resurgent Greece, freed from the shackles of Merkelism, starting to prosper, would serve as a beacon for other put upon nations. Merkel and her fellow euro power brokers are now faced with an existential choice. Giving in to Tsipras would risk a political tsunami of radical European administrations. On the other hand, standing firm could lead to a Greek exit and others following them out the door, leaving a diminished bloc for Brussels to rule.


The Era Of Shattered Illusions!

Catastrophe occurs when too many people refuse to accept that around us always are two universes at work. There is the cold, hard reality that underlies everything. And on the surface is a veil of deceit and compromise. The more humanity compromises vital truths in order to enjoy the comfort of illusions, the more mind-shattering it will be when those illusions fall away. These two worlds can coexist only for short periods of time, and they will always and eventually collide. There is no other possible outcome. From Brandon Smith.


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