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The mainstream media are serial liars. They not only distort the facts, they turn realities upside down. They deny Israeli war crimes against Palestinians, they blame the deaths of Palestinian children on Hamas they fail to mention that Mossad is supporting the Islamic State (IS), which, according to Israeli media, was behind the deaths of the three Israeli adolescents. Lest we forget, the Netanyahu government used this tragic incident as a pretext to unleash the attacks on Gaza.

People should be wary of fabricated “evidence” of any sort, even more after what has been witnessed in the last decades. The monstrous lies and massive distortions that accompanied the reckless allegation that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction (WMD) which led eventually to the invasion of that country in 2003 and the death of more than a million people, are hopefully not yet forgotten. Meanwhile Iraq continues bleeding. View here the one and halve minute account from U.S. General Wesley Clark (Ret.).

Remember the Gulf of Tonkin episode of 1964, which again was a fabrication that paved the pinoccioway for US aggression against Vietnam that resulted in the death of more than 3 million Vietnamese. – The “babies in incubators” incident in Kuwait in 1990 was yet another manufactured lie that aroused the anger of the people and served the justification of the first US Iraq assault named Dessert Storm. Enriching the 1%. View here the enrichment by the Bush family:

Last year, Syria’s Assad government was blamed for sarin gas attacks on their own people while subsequent investigations revealed that it was the work of a CIA supported militant rebel group.


Global warming or climate change is a fake imaginary calamity to frighten people, – global CO2-tax for protecting the environment, these are just another kind of lies. – Hurricanes Katrina in New Orleans, Sandy in New Jersey, Fukushima’s earthquake and tsunami triggering a nuclear disaster in Japan, and the flooding of the DTCC (Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation)in New York, just to name a few are weather induced ramifications to produce tremendous harm and damage, or even an excuse for DTCC’s incompliance. All initiated by HAARP the Secret Weapon Developed For Weather Modification, and Electromagnetic Warfare.


History has shown WW1 and WW2 were initiated false flag wars, so was the Pearl Harbor assault not originated by Japan but an inside job of the USA, instigated with the objective to attack Japan at the beginning of WW2. And later not to forget the Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear bombs that devastated the two towns almost completely and killed over 3 million people. These nuclear bombs only were dropped to show the world the US supremacy, as Japan already had accepted her defeat. Read more about all false flag initiated wars.


From Pearl Harbor to Tonkin to the chemical attack in Ghouta, Syria there is a discernible pattern when it comes to the fabrication of evidence to justify a preplanned evil agenda. As soon as the event occurs before any proper investigation has begun, blame is apportioned upon the targeted party, willfully to divert attention from the real culprit whose criminal act remains concealed and camouflaged. Even the landing on the Moon in 1969 was fake, Armstrong’s famous words, on becoming the ‘first person’ to step onto another planetary body on July 20, 1969 ‘radioed back to Earth:’ “That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.” Which altogether was performed in a Hollywood studio, and not a real moonwalk – another blatant lie! The bloodline families don’t allow people to learn the real facts about the moon.


After the accident, the conspiring media begins to spin the ‘correct’version with the help of its reporters and columnists who concoct ‘fact’ out of fiction. Any other explanation or interpretation of the particular event is discredited and dismissed derisively to ensure that the ‘credibility’of the dominant narrative remains intact. As the narrative unfolds, the target often embodied in a certain personality is demonized to such a degree that it arouses the ire of the public and becomes an object of rancor.


The pattern described here is typical of what is known as a ‘false flag’ operation in which blame for some shameful deed is consciously transferred to one’s adversary. It has happened right through history and many contemporary nation-states are guilty of flying false flags. It’s a shame that people continuously are fed into blatant misinformation; creating a false sense of optimism strategically manipulated by authorities in a vain attempt to keep order.


“Through constant use of false flags deceptively blaming the designated enemy of the United States, starting with the dual threat of the Soviet Union and China spreading Communism in the early 1950’s, then in this century the al Qaeda enemy was fabricated – spreading terrorism, and now again revitalizing cold war in stopping the expansionist spread of Russia and China, the US has been busily justifying its aggressive interventionist policy throughout the world.”


Immediately after the carnage of MH17, it became clear who is trying to reap benefits from that terrible tragedy in the skies. The demonization of the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, orchestrated from various Western capitals, including Kiev, after Crimea voted to join the Russian Federation that is thwarting one of the primary strategic goals of NATO’ eastward expansion, has now reached its climax.


The MH17 disaster has made it a lot easier to convince people – even without an iota of evidence – that Putin is a ’mass murderer’. The tarnishing of Putin’s image is crucial for those in the West who want to curb Russia’s political re-assertion so that the US and the EU can perpetuate their global dominance without hindrance. It’s all based on condemnation without investigation, which is the pinnacle of ignorance as Albert Einstein once formulated.


MH17 has helped the elite in Washington in yet another sense. It has strengthened its push for tougher sanctions against Russia, which began after the Crimea vote. Given their extensive economic ties with Russia, many European countries such as Germany, France, Netherlands and Italy have been somewhat lukewarm about widening and deepening sanctions, but under pressure from the US, the EU cabal have applied another round of tougher sanctions.


Now an outraged European public has been incensed by the MH17 massacre, demanding their governments to punish Moscow, which is a typical PRS story (Problem-Reaction-Solution) that always has been used to further limit people’s freedom.


It is obvious that those who seek to punish Russia and the pro-Russian rebels, namely, the elite in Washington and Kiev, are poised to gain the most from the MH17 episode. It may imply that they would have had a role in this massacre. Only a truly independent and impartial international inquiry would be able to provide the answer. But don’t count on that, just like after the 9/11-twin tower demolition a selected group of investigators came up with the desired conclusions. People should not rest till the whole truth is known and the evil behind these two colossal Malaysian airline catastrophes severely being punished.


Eventually Germany will leave the NATO, EU and the Euro, which very likely already has been decided. Its implementation is very complicated, as extreme financial losses will be produced. There are two streams in Germany commercial versus politics and banks. Ultimately Germany will deal the US its loosing hand. Not forgotten is the recent German gold theft by the USA Fed. – Watch Merkel’s premature resignation that will signal the change from West to East.


The public should be able to interpreted all these pathological lies, but the majority of the masses have been bribed with government money, the “special group” they identify with being given elevated status, they refuse to see it that they themselves support totalitarianism. Remember the completely disappeared flight MH 370, about publicity has been silenced; here is the real reason why this plane was blown out of the sky – to enrich the bloodline family:

Why won’t the people stand up for themselves? Why are they sitting idly by and allowing it to be taken to the slaughter without so much as a whimper? The answer lies in the psychological concept known as ‘Learned Helplessness’ as discovered by Martin Seligman. “Learned helplessness occurs when an animal is repeatedly subjected to an aversive stimulus that it cannot escape. Eventually, the animal will stop trying to avoid the stimulus and behave as if it is utterly helpless to change the situation. Even when opportunities to escape are presented, this learned helplessness would prevent any action.


Consequently the world reaches its point of diminishing returns hidden by faked numbers and statistics that gradually become meaningless. Nevertheless these numbers disguise, pervert, and manipulate, reality until those become disastrous. At what point does the payout from numbers in economics become a nuisance? As soon as a decimal point or a Greek symbol is applied.


“The more exact the number is précised in economics the bigger is the lie.”


For an economist, numbers are a gift from heaven. They turn and twist them, and use them to lever up and screw down. These numbers are used to deceive the public. Numbers help to change nonsense into truth; these appear precise, scientific, and accurate. By comparison, words are messy, vague, and subject to misinterpretation. Subsequently the digits used by modern economists are mostly if not always fraudulent.

Construed from Bill Bonner’s newest book Hormegeddon* here a condensed and simplified explanation:

cartoon“Math makes a research paper look solid, but the real science lies not in math but in trying one’s utmost to understand the real workings of the world,” says Professor Kimmo Eriksson of Sweden’s Mälardalen University.

He decided to find out what effect complicated math had on research papers. So, he handed out two abstracts of research papers to 200 people with graduate degrees in various fields. One of the abstracts contained a mathematical formula taken from an unrelated paper, with no relevance whatsoever to the matter being discussed. Nevertheless, participants judged the abstract with the absurd mathematics most impressive. Not surprisingly, the further the person’s own training from math or science, the more likely he was to find the math impressive.

Whereas the classical economist, before Keynes and econometrics – was a patient onlooker – the modern, post-Keynes economist is in a hurry. He has not the patience to analyze facts. Instead, he immediately presents his numbers.


“If you are going to improve something, you must be able to measure it. Otherwise, how do you know that there is made an improvement? But that is exactly the problem. How does one measure improvement? How do they know that something is “better”? They cannot know. “Better” is a feature of quality. It can be felt. It can be sensed. It can be appreciated or ignored. But it cannot actually be measured.


What can be measured is quantity. And for that, they need numbers. But when carefully looked at the basic numbers used by economists, they appear to be fishy. And thereafter one should realize that they are downright fraudulent. These numbers claim to have meaning. They claim to be specific and precise. They are the basis of weighty decisions and far-reaching policies that pretend to make things better.


There are only nine prime numbers 1 – 9. The rest are derivatives or aggregates. These numbers are useful. In the hands of ordinary people, they mean something. “Three apples” is different from “five apples.”


In the hands of scientists and engineers, numbers are indispensable. Precise calculations allow them to send a spacecraft to Mars. But a useful tool for one profession may be a danger in the hands of another. Put a hairdresser at the controls of a 747, and let a pilot cut your hair – you’re asking for trouble. ”Similarly, when an economist gets fancy with numbers, the results can be catastrophic.””


Not many can stomach the idea that public life is out of the conscious control of the authorities in which they have placed so much faith. People don’t like bad things happen, they believe in the ability of right-thinking experts to “do something” to bring about a better outcome than fate had in store for them. They want a leader who will slay their enemies and bring victory. They want officials to deliver full employment, someone else’s money, and being free of everything. They want someone in the driver’s seat who is able to deliver those.


History – intentionally – has a record of repeating identical mistakes over and again, making citizens ever more depending on government on the road to the “New World Order” for world devilgovernance, which will be the next phase for society if we people don’t stop them NOW.

This is a concept not created in the minds of “conspiracy theorists” but in the minds of those who seek to control others. These are the self-appointed power elite who fancy themselves grandly qualified to determine the destiny of every man, woman and child at the expense of individual freedom and self-determination.


Understanding why it is so easy for the few to control the lives of billions of people, is conceived by making everyone dependent of government through hand outs and subsidies – the so called social necessities.

It’s not only that people are manipulated to be ignorant; they allow themselves into their own enslavement. It is ignorance by reflexion, which is fundamental to control human belief and behaviour by monitoring their perception of what is possible and what they should believe. When information is suppressed, supporting evidence and background is with held, people’s vision is distorted. In this state of ignorance people can be manipulated in whatever the power elite want them to put.


The bloodline families want to cull the population by 90%. To better understand how they comply, think about the food chain and read how it’s manipulated. Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are introduced in the food chain and became meanwhile mainstream. No matter what views you might have. These relatively new biological creations are wreaking havoc on both the environment and human health, as thoroughly demonstrated in the scientific literature. Small farmers could easily feed the global population, on a biological responsible way, contributing to improved health conditions. But small farmers are currently squeezed onto less than a quarter of the world’s farmland and the world is fast losing farms and farmers through the concentration of land into the hands big agribusiness and the rich and powerful. If nothing is done to reverse this trend, the world will lose its capacity to feed itself. Here are seven concrete examples.


If nuclear war doesn’t exterminate us, Ebola Virus Might — Paul Craig Roberts

“Washington is disturbed that Russia has twice foiled Washington’s war intentions and that the Parliament of the US Puppet State of Great Britain voted with the Russians. Washington is also concerned with the growing economic and political relations between Washington’s EU puppet states and Russia. EU countries, especially Germany, have numerous and profitable economic connections with Russia, and all of Europe are dependent on Russian supplied energy. Washington concluded that it was in danger of losing its control over Europe.


Are you ready to be destroyed over Washington’s lies about one Malaysian airliner? I am convinced that Washington is behind the destruction of MH-17, because Washington’s propaganda show was already prepared and provided instantly. That Washington is responsible is the reason that they will not release its satellite photos of the area during the moment of the airliner’s destruction. That they are responsible is the reason that they reply to Russian hard evidence with lies and propaganda. Do you want to die for a lie? Other Washington lies? If you don’t, you had better let Washington know.


The Russian government needs to engage Europe in two questions. One is, does Europe want its energy supplies from Russia cut off, energy that Washington despite its lies, cannot replace for 3 or more years if at all. The second, does Europe want war with Russia and does Europe think that those idiotic countries that host Washington’s missiles won’t be nuked and exterminated?


The people in the West have no idea of the fate toward which their demented governments are driving them. Russia needs to make it clear to these brainwashed peoples in the West that Russia is not going to be a puppet state of the West or to accept gratuitous aggression from the White House Fools.


It would help to save life on Earth if also China made this clear, the sooner the better. Unless the world reins in the demented criminals in Washington, the world has signed its own death warrant.” Read more:

History of American False Flag Operations


Five Facts that the Israeli Government prefers you did not know:

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*“Hormegeddon” is Bill Bonner’s acronym in describing what happens when people have too much of a good thing. Economists describe the “too much of a good thing” phenomenon as “declining marginal utility.” Public-policy disasters are what you get when rational, small-scale problem-solving logic is applied to an inappropriately broad situation. Conversely today’s powers cannot stop these disasters, because they are the ones who caused these disasters in the first place.


Flight MH17 False Flag Conspiracy FULLY EXPOSED! Complete Compilation Of ALL The Evidence! – BUSTED!

This could be a false flag operation, distracting public attention from Netanyahu’s slaughter in Gaza. A lot is coming to light in the open, the more and better people are informed, the greater the chance to defeat the NWO.


Don’t believe one sincere word. This is a staged event, with crisis actors performing as sorrowing relatives, 100% false TV presentations to control viewers’ mind. A clear example and proof how the public at large is indoctrinated through their TV set, to serve the power elite on the road to world dominance, ending people’s freedom completely.

Malaysian press charges Ukraine government shot down MH 17

The US and European media have buried this remarkable report: Clear evidence that Ukrainian fighter aircraft attacked the jetliner with first a missile, then with bursts of 30-millimeter downed airplanemachine gun fire from both sides of MH17. The Russian army has already presented detailed
radar and satellite data showing a Ukrainian Sukhoi-25 fighter jet tailing MH17 shortly before the jetliner crashed.

U.S.A., their E.U. puppet and  the Ukrainian fascist stooges now stand accused not only of stoking an explosive political and military confrontation with Russia on its border with Ukraine over the MH17 crash, which threatens to erupt into nuclear war, provoking the confrontation through the cold-blooded murder of 298 people aboard MH17.