For Greed; Lies, Deception, and Manipulation:



Control over the western world:

Those who control the western world are not going to give up their control without a fight, intended to be WW3. The Rothschild Khazarian Mafia – RKM has seized power from the people, and they will not voluntarily give it back. When in the past politicians violated the public trust by lying, they faced consequences, like being voted out of office or resigning in disgrace. But that’s not the case anymore. Nowadays, the ruling class lies about issues both big and small without consequence. It happens in all political factions. As long the public does nothing about it, they exploit this apathy to further cementing their control.

eye-openerThe Khazarian/Nazi faction took over control of Europe, Japan and the United States following the September 11, 2001 false flag attack on the Twin Towers in New York. Prearranged and led by George Bush Sr., David Rockefeller and their lackeys, in order to fulfil their plan to reduce the world’s population by 90% through starvation, disease and war.


Ample proof of this has been provided to various police, military and intelligence agencies around the world. Since the Nazi takeover of the United States was completed with the election stolen by George Bush Jr. in the year 2000, the government of the United States has attempted to murder the population through HAARP by emitting dangerous frequencies and chemtrails, – now admitted by NASA, as well as the release of bio-weapons including SARS, Bird Flu, Ebola etc.



In the further engineering of mass-starvation, they released various crop diseases in the hope of devastating most of the agricultural production. They also paid farmers around the world generous subsidies to produce “bio-ethanol”, instead of food. This led to starvation in 33 countries that was only stopped when a World Bank whistle-blower pointed out that it was the subsidies for bio-ethanol that were responsible for the catastrophes.


A scene from ``Back to 1942.''

The RKM has also attempted to start a nuclear war with manufactured incidents in North Korea, Iran, Syria etc. They are now trying to accomplish this under the guise of a dispute with China in the South China Sea, or with Russia under the guise of a false flag attack in Germany.


By controlling the food and information supply and monopolising organised violence with highly trained terrorists, they plan and execute attacks.  Aided by mercenary armies, police, secret services etc., they are in the position to manoeuvre the world into desired catastrophes.


The real reason they want to kill 90% of the population of the world is that they are afraid of losing control over the planet as certain groups, as the Chinese, the Muslims and the Hindus, who were not under their control, were able to grow unconstrained into large population masses with power in their numbers.


Debt-money system:

Debt-Money-SystemThis evil began in 1907, when the power of the US to create money was sold off to an international banking cartel, euphemistically known as the Federal Reserve henceforth establishing an all-powerful Central Banking system based on fiat-debt-money. Among other things this forced the population to use commercial debt notes, instead of real money.  To date the Fed’s phony-baloney debt-money, has led to a worldwide debt bubble – worth $300 trillion.


The debt problem alone is absolutely certain to express itself soon in at least three major ways:


  • The crash of equity markets,
  • The collapse of the bond markets, and/or
  • The loss of faith in the value and meaning of all money used.


Any of these events would turn economic life and advanced economies upside down. And when that happens, there will be hell to pay!


Every central bank has a printing press, and this allows them to fool people into thinking that everything is basically normal, while it is far from it. Creating conditions for a global financial crisis takes longer than was expected, but it is starting to unfold now. Either the system is getting ready to break down very soon, or the world will be taken to a new level of experiments that are going to be even more dangerous. Either way, the current financial system is beyond repair.


The central banks are locked in a death spiral. By printing their own fiat money to buy shares and corporate bonds issued by companies they already own, they are eating their own flesh! Already most of the intelligent investors, avoid the rigged financial markets entirely. This is the real reason why Janet Yellen hinted at raising interest rates last week, just another lie with the intention of rubbing sand in people’s eyes, as this is a certain impossibility. If the Fed were to raise interest rates, it would have the opposite effect of what is expected, because it would be seen as a sign of desperation. By now most investors are aware of this.


What is money?

What is moneyFirst and foremost, it is imperative to understand what money is. It is not wealth. Having a pile of dollars, euros, or gold, and if there was nothing to buy, these would all be worthless. Money is not wealth. It just measures wealth, like a clock measures time. A clock is not time; you can’t add time simply by painting an extra hour onto the face of a clock.

Wealth is what has been produced; what has been made available; what can be bought with money. Confusing money with wealth is like confusing a ticket to a ballgame with the game itself.


Now it should be clear that “stimulating” the economy by giving it more fake money is fraud. It doesn’t stimulate the economy; instead, like a clock that has gone off time, it just causes you to miss your plane.


Economists say that a “strong dollar” is good, or a “weak yen” is bad. This is nonsense. The only thing that truly matters is for money to be honest. Like the clock in the above example, you just want it to show you the right time. What people really care about, is not money but what they can buy with it, real money cannot be separated from the real economy, where goods and services are produced.


This insight is at the heart of Jean-Baptiste Say’s Law (1767–1832). Saying; one buys products with products, not with pieces of paper. Say’s law, or the law of markets in classical economics, emphasises that aggregate production should create an equal quantity of aggregate demand. Or in it is original wording;


“A product is no sooner created then it, from that instant, affords a market for other products to the full extent of its own value.”



The economy:

Real money stays close to the real economy. If the economy produces more, real money becomes more valuable because it can buy more. If the economy produces less, real money tells the truth: It becomes less valuable as output falls.


But in 1971, President Nixon – advised by leading “monetarist” economist Milton Friedman – made a fateful error. He cut the dollar loose from the real economy. An unintentional mistake? – Maybe? – Friedman had come to the conclusion that the secret to a good currency was to control the quantity of it. – How is it determined, however, if there is too much or too little of it? The answer would seem to be to look at consumer prices. If consumer prices aren’t rising, people have nothing to worry about.

world-economyNow, Central banks are in a hopeless situation. They are out of bullets and they know it. They also know that the rest of the world will catch on soon. They’ve cut interest rates a staggering 667 times since Lehman Brothers collapsed in 2008. They’ve also purchased $25 trillion of financial assets. That’s larger than the gross national product of the U.S. and Japan put together, the first and third largest economies in the world, respectively.

Through their sadistic negative interest-rate schemes, there’s now $8 trillion in negative-yielding sovereign debt. That’s 54% of all sovereign debt. There is also $13 trillion in negative yielding global bonds. That’s 28% of all bonds.


The markets have been flooded with historic torrents of liquidity to supposedly spur economic growth. But none of these experiments have prevented the world’s developed economies from faltering.


So what can central bankers do to “stimulate” the global economy into more bubbles now that they have run out of tricks? The answer is nothing. And this has brought RKM-elites in a state of extreme fear.


Monetary policymakers have no solutions to spur growth. That’s out in the open now. That’s why they are now “off script” and begging for a fiscal rescue. Global governments have no fix either. The structural changes that might spur growth, like lowering personal and corporate taxes and reducing insane regulations, are not on anyone’s agenda. But perhaps the biggest issue in hindering growth is the complete and utter lack of taking personal responsibility that is seen on a global scale.


The masses have been convinced that someone will always be there to save them, while entrepreneurial thinking, the real source of growth, is almost near extinction.


The real life Matrix – billions of people hooked on to feeding tubes are waiting for someone to turn off the lights at night. And all this is happening while the major economies that drive global growth get weaker by the day.


Monetary criminals:

The monetary criminals pulling the levers at global central banks want to maintain the status quo, without too much attention.


  • Monetary CrominalsWith over $13 trillion in bonds now yielding less than nothing, which was thought to be
  • With the economy struggling to make a headway – despite worldwide stimulus on an epic scale.
  • With the median household wage down by about 20%, when adjusted properly for inflation.
  • And with the Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump speaking directly to the ordinary people of the United States of America and telling them that the system is rigged against them!


Meanwhile the RKM are devouring your financial health alive. But their grand scheme may be disintegrating before your eyes. – June’s Brexit vote was a critical victory of a single battle in the long war against the RKM. British citizens decided they’re tired of surrendering their democratic rights to multinational corporations, unelected bureaucrats in Brussels and incompetent central bankers whose policy goals are at direct odds with regular people.


Brexit, and now Turkey turning eastwards has dealt a deathblow to the Eurocrats’ one-world government dreams. And with the European Union teetering, France, Hungary, and Italy want their own EU referendum.


Losing faith:

losing-faith-desert-10940402Meanwhile millions more are clearly losing faith in the power of the once ‘all-mighty’ central bankers. – QE, ZIRP and NIRP have failed. And with the downward manipulation the price of gold keeps rising, despite severe falsifications.  Investors have begun realising that the monetary overlords have run out of bullets.


The RKM has kept its evil grip on power through a rigged system, and millions of Muslim refugees are purposely imported to destroy the EU and the West. The money game is over for the riggers, as they have sucked up all the wealth of the world so very little is left. – Watch, what happens when the manipulated masses realise that the system is finally breaking down? Humanity will soon find out. Be aware that this very likely is going to happen in the coming month of October, be advised to store on extra food and water for a period of at least 4 weeks, and not to travel long distance.

A viable indicator is the price for gold and silver, if a price spike occurs, count with a breakdown within two days.


The Elites Who Control Silver & The World

GlobalsimWriter and researcher Charles Savoie joins here to discuss his life’s work to expose the centuries long scheme to control, suppress and demonetise silver by the secret society called ‘The Pilgrims’.


His profound research is really an eye-opener for all of us.

Only one secret society runs total control over all of the people in the world, which is the Pilgrim society with 26 members at any one time in history. Further is learned that Rothschild is not the richest nrillionaire, which is Queen Elisabeth II she runs the power show and is the richest person on Earth. Rothschild is the prime debt-owner king; he owns most of the debt of everyone.

Even awoken individuals will be amazed to learn how all this is organised and controlled. Highly recommended to follow this instructive eye-opening interview.