Don’t be Fooled:


Revolution is happening:

Oil Prices crash and Gold is going up. It is the first visible step to free humanity from Debt Slavery. Global power is shifting with a strong drive to ensure all oil and other international commodities are traded in other currencies, like the Chinese Yuan or Russian Rubble, but not in Khazarian US dollars.


Gold up, while most of everything else is down. Why? More quantitative easing is a cheap money-pumping scheme that will, at best, temporarily Oil down Gold upre-inflate failing equity markets and do nothing to reverse the deepening Global Recession trend. Thus, gold but also silver will be treasured as safe-haven commodities in a climate of central-bank currency destruction and socioeconomic and geopolitical upheaval.


With cheap gasoline at the pump, and increased interest rates, people may think that the economy is recovering from the worst financial hangover in history, but something much more sinister is at place. – Don’t worry though; there is a happy ending. – A revolution is happening before your eyes. The revolution continues with a shipping freeze, stock markets that are plunging, the dumping of US dollars, and oil eventually for US $ 20/b, gold mines down, and more.




All of what is seen is centred by and on the “petrodollar”.  Will it survive or be replaced?  It is no longer “if”, but “when” and “what” will replace king_dollar_rgbit? President Xi of China recently met with Iranian leaders and the following day with the Saudis. Speculating about what was discussed leads for certain to oil being the main subject. China wants to make and diversify oil supply deals from both.

President Xi may have told the Saudis they would be expected to accept Yuan for settlement instead of dollars.


Just now it is confirmed; the Saudis have given in to the demand from Russia’s Putin, ‘either face total destruction by economic collapse or Jail all active American CIA agents involved with terrorism’. The Saudis have complied and likely are following through with all other demands, as to undermine the petrodollar, working towards taking down US dollar as the world reserve currency.

Xi’s tour signals a shift away from the “divide and rule” colonial legacies to economic development.


The Chinese and Russians have done everything in their power to prepare for the dollar being dumped as the world’s reserve currency. It certainly will have played an important role in the discussions, as both China and Russia have set up non Western clearing facilities similar to SWIFT but without any Western interference, trade deals, currency hubs, trading banks, and even gold and oil exchanges where the dollar is not welcome.

Russia and China know that the West is bankrupt, they just are waiting that to happen as the fractional reserve banking has demolished the underlying financial system that is shrinking rapidly and no longer can deliver enough debt-money for fresh liquidity. – That must make it plausible for the Saudis to agree they will sell oil in Yuan to China, while Iran could withdraw their funds from U.S. institutions and convert these into gold.


Rigged Markets:

All markets are rigged and turned fraudulent. The US Treasury, the ESF, and the Fed are the biggest buyers of anything in the market that is going down, including their own debt.  Already $1 trillion of foreign reserves that were offloaded have been bought for cash; while no accounting or record exists confirming “whom” the buyer has been of these offloaded T-Bonds. Accounting fraud and no rule of law, nothing registered, just keep your mouth shut! Don’t have any doubt that Saudi Arabia never will move to the East as they now are in very dire financial straits. When Western markets melt down the Saudis won’t have an alternative as to forget their support for the US dollar.


Rigged marketsThe Saudis also know they have no gold left because the Khazarians already have stolen that! They also know that from a bankrupt government little can be expected. They too know the situation in derivatives that is one giant mountain of dynamite waiting for a spark. They know the US has no rule of law; their word or agreement has no value as they never have the intention to comply. Everybody knows the West is broke, despite they loudly tell; “government will never let that happen.”


The attack on the oil cartel and control of the petro-dollar, is not because oversupply, which is not the real reason oil prices are plunging to the $20 per barrel level, and in the case of bitumen, the lowest grade Canadian oil, as low as $2 a barrel. What is happening is that China is insisting on paying with Yuan for its oil. Furthermore, now that sanctions against Iran have ended, Iran, which has some of the lowest production costs in the world, will be flooding the market with an extra million barrels of oil per day. China is helping both Iran and Russia deal with low oil prices by sending them Chinese goods at cheap prices in exchange for their oil. India is also avoiding the petrodollar when it buys Iranian and Russian oil. – China stands to gain from Iranian oil, and its influence in the country may help keep the peace in the Middle East.


This campaign will continue until Saudi Arabia, the Gulf Cooperation Countries and the big Khazarian banks go under, according to Pentagon white hats. The first Khazarian megabank domino that is expect to fall is Citibank, a Saudi owned bank which is sitting on about $58 billion in losses linked to low oil prices. However, that is just the tip of the iceberg.


Plummeting stock values:

The global market meltdown, emerging-market crisis and plummeting commodity prices were foreseeable, and predictable trends. That is the implication already forecasted and resulting from the Global Recession. Real numbers tell the true story. From luxury goods to big-box stores, retail sales are weak. Around the world declining manufacturer indexes, dismal GDP numbers, falling wages, dramatic declines in transportation of raw materials and finished goods on both land and sea, declining industrial production and negative purchasing-manager indexes — all leading indicators signalling failing economies and deepening recession. Gold is your safe haven.


The role of Big Oil:

Big Oil is everywhere and has conquered Finance, Medicine and Agriculture. How this is materialised explains James Corbett, who reveals the extent to which the oil industry has shaped and rules the world.


“From farm to pharmaceutical, diesel truck to dinner plate, pipeline to plastic product, it is impossible to think of an area of our modern-day lives that is not affected by the petrochemical industry.


The story of oil is the story of the modern world. And this is the story of those who helped shape that world, and how the oil-igarchy they created is on the verge of monopolising life itself.”


Big Oil's problemBig Oil use “transfer pricing” to avoid paying taxes by creating the illusion of zero profits. Oil company affiliates in tax avoidance locations buy oil at low prices from producers. From these locations, which have no tax on profits, the oil is then sold to Western refineries at prices marked up to eliminate profits. Resulting that the profits are recorded by the oil companies’ affiliates in non-tax jurisdictions. – If criminality can be used in support of the US dollar, the US government is all for criminality. Read more about government’s criminal activities, analysed by Michael Hudson, probably the most sincere economist of today.



The oil industry is in disarray, producing oil for $60 and selling it for roughly $30, they are suffering staggering losses, with the derivatives bomb, all the banks with oil-loan losses and more, the collapse is getting close to people’s doorstep, take care you haven’t much of your money in your bank account, it soon will be lost. – The amount of bad and nonperforming oil loans has exploded. Because of the fractional reserve nature of the global banking system, bad oil loans by themselves are probably enough to wipe out the underlying equity of lenders.



The dollar is collapsing:

Still many have much faith in the Federal Reserve and the mainstream media they even would literally follow them off the cliff. – By now, only the people that believe that they should prepare for the coming crisis have done so, and most of those want to believe that everything eventually is going to work out fine, are never going to get prepared anyway. – What is going to happen is going to happen, and tens of millions of people are going to end up bitterly regretting not listening to the warnings when they still had the chance.

The inevitable outcome will be that all currencies are going to zero and inflation to infinity – hyperinflation.

Only people owning gold and silver have chance to survive this!



Gold will be the saviour:

Gold the SaviourIt is important always to remember that under all circumstances, there never is a scenario in which gold and silver will not rise. Whether it is deflation, inflation stagflation, or hyperinflation.

To be exact Money is a store of value while Currency has no value at all. It is essential people understand the difference between Money and Currency.


To get out of the mess of contracting markets and reduced economic growth will be the revaluation of gold, as credit-creation to fund deficits didn’t work; budget deficits funded by credit-creation led to excessive imports and the need for devaluation of the importing currency.


The revaluation of gold will have the beneficial effect of restoring the world to a healthier condition, with balanced trade and national budgets. The discipline of gold as ‘Reserves backing’ of currencies at a re-valued price will restore order to a world that has refused to adopt the necessary discipline, until became forced to do so in today’s desperate situation now evolving. There will be no other alternative but to accept the hated fiscal and financial discipline imposed by gold.


The revaluation of gold will reduce the importance of the present debt overhang upon the world. That doesn’t necessarily mean that prices of goods and services will rise in tandem with the higher price of gold. Current price levels could remain the same as before the revaluation. However, prices will have to re-adjust to reflect the new economic realities. Many goods that were taken for granted will disappear, as their artificial cheapness vanishes.


International trade with gold-backed currencies as money let gold flow from one country to another, causing a drain on gold in in the importing Gold for world tradecountry, and increase of gold in the exporting country. Eventually the gold would tend to pile up in the exporting country, leaving others with a lack of gold that over time automatically will be equalised.


Once currencies are “gold-backed”, then the gold held by individuals, pension funds, or corporations would cease to lie lifeless in stacks of gold. All gold will have become money and will spring to life in promoting economic activity.


For China, the revaluation of gold means an end to the great cheap export trade of Chinese manufactures, with the inevitably and sure consequence of a very wrenching re-ordering of its economy. Perhaps this explains why the Chinese government has been urging the population of China to purchase gold.


Equally the USA economy will also have to suffer a huge and also painful, wrenching adjustment to its new situation in a different world, where balanced trade and balanced budgets are relentlessly imposed by the new status of gold as international money. – With on the positive side, US manufacturing will immediately spring to life to supply the US market; employment and incomes will surge with the rebirth of US manufactures.


Once all currencies are “gold-backed”, then gold is once again the international money, and the US Dollar becomes nothing more than the national currency of the US, when quantities of gold become the international means of settling trade. All prices of goods and services around the world will really become gold prices, as all currencies will be redeemable at sight, in gold.


Two essential elements to creating confidence in the gold-backed system are, a strong legal regime and mandatory open-market operations to stabilize prices. Those are the pillars to consider circumstances under which it is allowed to create excess paper money and exceed the coverage ratio ceiling.


What should be the dollar price in gold under this adjustable gold standard? Choosing the wrong price was the single biggest flaw in the gold exchange standard of the 1920s. But based on the level of debt in the world, the existing money supply M1, M2, etc., the initial proportion of gold backing implies that for 100% backing the gold price could lie between US $ 50.000 and US$ 80.000/ounce. The appropriate price peg needs special attention to avoid the mistakes of the 1920s.


To impose discipline on whatever combination is chosen, a free market in gold should be allowed to exist side by side with the official price. In order to maintain the market price at or near the official price, open market operations could conduct the market price.



Collective Consciousness:

Collective ConsciousnessSociety is slowly evolving into a collective consciousness that has disengaged from the false narratives that have been manipulated into official ‘truths’ for humanity. All of us have been deceived in many ways and now all of us have a responsibility to do our research and play our small part to help out our fellow citizen and our future generations. – The good news is that many individuals are unplugging from this matrix of delusion at an ever-increasing rate, which is fuelling a tipping point for basically the whole world to awaken in a domino-like effect.


Start with forwarding this essay to all your contacts, and watch whether they will become motivated, probably not all, but at least many more than Forwarding documentsyou may think, as many although for the moment latently are noticing the injustices that are taking place for example with the refugees influx, with the sole purpose to destroy our society for many years to come if not for ever.



Unfortunately today, most people let others do most of their thinking for them. And in general, our political, religious and cultural leaders are telling that there really is no reason to be overly concerned about the future. They assure that they have everything under control, and that life is only going to get better in the years ahead. Which is a blatant lie! – Bad beliefs lead to bad decisions, which in turn lead to bad actions, and so most people have chosen to believe what the elite are telling them at this point.  As a result, only a small fraction of society is getting physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually prepared for the exceedingly hard times that are rapidly approaching.


How Wall Street is Coping With More Falling Oil Prices


Wall Street is just trying to blame the carnage in the stock market on oil prices. But that’s not really why stocks are going down. The reality is oil prices and stocks are both going down for the same reason, and it’s because the Federal Reserve is threatening to raise interest rates and the dollar has moved higher. Stocks and the oil price are adjusting down to reflect the higher interest rate and stronger dollar that everybody thinks is coming. But I think they’re wrong, because I think the US economy has already re-entered recession. I think the current recession we are in is going to be worse than the one we left in 2009, and I think the Fed is going to be back to its old tricks of 0% interest rates and another round of quantitative easing.”


Watch Peter Schiff’s 4 min. explanation here.


You’re Witnessing The Credit Structure Unwinding, Bill Holter:

Credit Structure UnwindingBetween 1913 and today, there have been a great many clues, along with massive criminal operations that transferred vast sums of wealth from the many to the few. Beginning in 1933 the Federal Reserve, in conjunction with Congress and the Treasury, stole the nations gold. Wilson signed Executive Order 6102 and the nation was ordered to turn in their gold coins, bars and anything gold in their possession. Most people, thankfully, did not turn in their gold and most of the gold that was stolen was being held in bank deposits and individual safe deposit boxes in the banks. People that allowed the banks to hold and manage their wealth, lost. I hope you’re paying attention to that last line.


The next massive transfer of wealth came in 1965 when silver was removed from U.S. coinsDimes, quarters and half dollars all contained 90% silver and this was the basis of the actual money. That silver was then removed from the people and, once again, transferred the wealth from the many to the few.


What’s going on has to be on purpose. There’s no one in their right mind that would put the policies into place that they have, because they are steering us into the ditch. It’s not like we’re going off the road into a ditch by mistake.” Bill Holter


That brings us to today. In 2008 we were told that unless the people of this nation stood by and allowed the Federal Reserve (which gets it’s funding through the people by way of the Treasury) were not allowed to “save the banks” and transfer tens of trillions of wealth to the banks, there would be “tanks in the street” and “martial law”. This, of course, was just another lie by the lying thieves. What we are witnessing in 2016 is the culmination of “beginning with the end in mind”.