And all other Central Banks of the world


The Financial Fraud:

Since the Federal Reserve Board came into being in 1914, every dollar has been borrowed into existence from this privately owned Central Banks. Every single dollar the Fed ever has created is owed back to that bank, with interest. No government is allowed to create currency; private institutions – Central Banks – lend it out currency created out of thin air to governments against interest. When all the debt is paid back there is End-the-Fedno currency left to pay for the interest, it has to be borrowed in existence. This is the reason why national debt keeps expanding. It can never be paid off. It is impossible. In other words it is FRAUD committed by our own government!


The Rothschild-Rockefeller-Morgan trio made themselves first the masters of Europe and later in America, by introducing private central banks, government-sanctioned, in England, France, Germany, Italy and Austria. They weren’t about to let anybody stand in their way of capturing the grand prize by doing the same in America. – The sinking of the Titanic in 1914 was intentionally created and orchestrated by this cartel to eliminating the strong voiced opposition against the Fed plans from a select group of 400 financial European experts on board under leadership of Benjamin Guggenheim, Isa Strauss and Jacob Astor, who all were deliberately assassinated as the bribed captain previously was instructed by the cartel not to let them survive this accident.


The Fed makes loans to the government or banking system by writing a bad check. – It also buys things with a bad check. But in accordance to their words, published in 1977 – under; ‘putting it simple’ – “When you write a check there must be sufficient in the account to cover the check.” But when the Fed writes a check there is no bank deposit on which the check is drawn. When they are writing a check they create in the same act the money. More precise; they are creating currency and not money. And once those new created dollars are deposited in the bank, the banks are able to employ the miracle of ‘fractional reserve’ banking.


The Rothschild-Rockefeller-Morgan trio made themselves first the masters of Europe and later in America, by introducing private, central, government-sanctioned banks in England, France, Germany, Italy and Austria. They weren’t about to let anybody stand in their way of capturing the grand prize by doing the same in America. – The sinking of the Titanic in 1914 was intentionally created and orchestrated by this cartel to eliminating the strong voiced opposition against their plans from Benjamin Guggenheim, Isa Strauss and Jacob Astor, who were assassinated by deliberately not surviving this accident.


Inverted Pyramid:

These banks then don’t actually loan out the currency that is deposited in the accounts. Instead they create new fiat dollars out of nothing and then loan these out, which means these are too borrowed into existence. In other words when you deposit 1000, with a requirement to keep a reserve of 10%, the bank can create 900 brand new credit dollars with nothing but a book entry, and loan them out with interest. Again when these brand new dollars are deposited in a checking account, that bank is allowed to create another 90 per cent of the value of those deposits, and then again another 90 per cent of that, etc.

Inverted PyramidBefore the Fed came in existence there was no income tax, tariffs and duties on import, and excise taxes on purchases like alcohol cigarettes, and gas paid for the entire government. These taxes generated enough income for the government to operate. However when interest had to be paid due to the Fed Central Bank printing, income tax was created in order to fleece the people.


Fractional reserve baking is like an inverted pyramid, with a 10 % reserve requirement, so one dollar at the bottom can be expanded layer for layer to 10 at the top, and then repeated again and again put one inverted pyramid on top of the other, causes a highly unstable situation, but it allows governments to act as if their currencies were as valuable as before, which ultimately is destined for failure.


Bank Failure:

With a small amount of ‘excess’ reserves the bank can cover and balancing out the day-to-day fluctuations between deposits and withdrawals. But when too many more withdraw then is deposited, a serious problem can develop. Once the excess reserves have been used up, fractional reserve banking is then put into a nasty reverse. To pay out 1 dollar the bank has to liquidate 9 dollars of loans. This happened in 1931, and that became the major contributor to the collapse of the currency supply; starting the bank runs, which prompted a chain reaction of bank failures.


Gold catalyst and stabiliser:

To stop or even better to avoid this chain reaction of implosions in the banking system and regain the trust of the people, gold could have done that job, being able to force the government to devalue the currency, instead of stealing from the people through inflation resulting from all the excess currency created by the banking system.


gold-513062_1280Gold was and is the undefeated champion of the world that could have prevented all the pain and suffering. Gold and silver require discipline and constrain from banks and government, and that is the reason they hate it. In fact what happened in 1930s, the root cause of the Great Depression was the cheating and the non-existent of gold’s discipline that was the main contributor, the same is the case today. – Although in the 1930s a gold standard still was implement its power was diluted as a result of the fractional reserve banking system, where one gold backed dollar created new money and consequently diluted the gold backing once the fractional reserve banking was applied in the inverted pyramid scam that ended in an implosion like all Ponzi schemes.

This situation only can be resolved, once as a first step an open honest and transparent financial system fully backed by real gold or assets is employed. Once, without the madness of ‘fractional reserve’ money, successfully is implemented in the global economic system, people will regain confidence and trust in the monetary system, while income tax will be abolished. – For the record, the average person pays 35% of direct income tax to the government, although aggregated taxes total 80% of income when added those from production and service chains.


Irresponsibility and Incompetence:

Today’s system has been used to finance our destruction, but in the new system the funds will be put to better use. – There already are plans to Debt slavehave a sales tax only on all newly purchased items that amply should cover governments operating expenses.


Opposite, the ‘value’ of fiat or paper currency shows the very nature of irresponsibility and incompetence by Governments. By applying sound monetary and fiscal principles, they only can hold on to power for a very limited period of time. Soon they must resort to excessive borrowings and money printing in order to buy votes. – Voltaire said it already in 1729:


“Gold reveals economic mismanagement.”

Since a high gold price reflects economic mismanagement, Central Bankers and governments will use all means to suppress the price of gold. This is what is happening since 2011. While demand for physical gold, especially from China and India is far stronger than ever, the price of gold is stays artificially low, causing a stagnant gold production, as cost significantly has risen.


With a financial economy more leveraged, the real economy is contracting and more in debt than ever before under any measurement. Less income and less cash flow are available to service more debt than in all of history. The situation is far worse than it was in 2007. The macroeconomic ammunition to fight downturns is essentially all used up.


Criminals exposed:

The Federal Reserve and the world’s central banks have no other option left, they have carried on over the past seven years, with printing money and zero interest rates, without showing any economic improvement except for a massive stock bubble. They now are trapped in the QE minefield they have planted themselves. Creating their own debt trap.


Specifically the last 100 years of the fake western financial system is an outright fraud and deceit on the world. Now these criminals are being exposed to the people on this planet and it’s finally sinking in that this evil is real and we have been completely fooled by these villains.


Imploding Global Trade:

Proof that Global trade is absolutely imploding is shown in the Baltic Dry Index, shipping rates have fallen to unprecedented levels. – The 200 Imploding global tradetrillion dollar global debt pyramid is now collapsing all around us, and although too late the former chief economist of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) is warning that we could soon be facing “an avalanche of bankruptcies”


Meanwhile the mainstream media is telling everyone not to panic.  Instead of a time to sell, the mainstream media is urging people to buy and jump in to take advantage of all of the “great deals” in the stock market right now. As readers may know by now, in the media: Black is White and Up is down.


There is no zero sum game in economics — the economic system have been ballooned, deformed and destabilized by mindless, financially undisciplined upsurge of debt for over two decades. It is impossible to continue along this road; clearly a regime change must be implemented to save the people of this world.


America’s Most Closely Guarded Secret:The Covert Fund That Controls It All.

Rob Kirby says:

“We are talking about something here that is extremely dark. This is a very dark entity. This is one of the most closely guarded secrets that America has.”

The men behind the curtain have been using this top-secret deep state-funding source to manipulate world events and currencies for nearly 100 years.


Deep State Bank ESF – Exchange Stabilisation Fund – that bought 1 Trillion dollars in cash Treasury-Bonds that was dumped on the market by an entity. The Secretary of Treasury of the US government operates the ESF. This way, already for 8 T dollars in T-Bonds have disappeared.


The ESF can call in all US debt causing immediately hyperinflation. Oil price below 30$ means the end of the petrodollar, many countries are going out of the dollar as they can buy oil in other currencies. While they need viewer dollars to buy oil because oil is much cheaper today.


The end game: Systemic breakdown to be expected in the next 2-3 month. Venezuela, Argentina and Canada are already in hyperinflation; The Canadian Dollar’s strength is based on their oil reserves that are as low a 2 – 3 dollar per barrel for oil from the oil sands. – The can is kicked down the road for too long and much farther than in 2008. There has been already an electronic bank run where 500 billion was withdrawn within an hour. The Fed tried to stop it but could not more inject than 120 billion. – Urgently convert your currency into gold and silver! Follow the interview with Rob Kirby here:


The ESF must stabilise the currency because of the lack of gold backing, this is a criminal contraption says Jim Willie, as they act under the guise of National Security. The whole financial world has become upside down. The global currency crisis is just getting warmed up. Follow his interview here.


New global financial system:
Precisely for that same reason in August of 2011, Neil Keenan set up a meeting attended by a group of finance representatives from 57 different nations that came together off the coast of Monaco to discuss the foundation of a new global financial system as a way to bring down the Khazarians with their Central Banking and NWO-plan.

new financial system


Countries attending included Russia, China, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Brazil, Venezuela and many others, including various large power players; such as the ‘white hat’ faction (non-NWO) from The Pentagon and CIA.


The East has most of the world’s gold and the documentation to legally bring down the corrupt institutions that have been illegally using the global collateral accounts, this ‘alliance’ decided to begin creating the new gold and asset-backed financial system. With this meeting heralded as the “shot heard around the world” for those “in the know”, several other nations joined later and have signed the Memorandum of Acknowledgment of this Agreement documentation, which brought the alliance to 182 participating countries.


The Alliance:

Now, it will be clear that indeed there is a growing ‘alliance’ that is taking down the fraudulent banking cabal. Neil Keenan is about to open the global collateral accounts, which indeed is about what all of the financial and political happenings on this planet have been taking place – that is, the control and the attempt to maintain secrecy over the global collateral accounts. Neil’s last two updates in this respect have been very positive with much to report. Update 1 and update 2.  – He is about to do what JFK and Sukarno were close to accomplishing in 1963: the use of the global collateral accounts to completely transform the world for the better.


The collateral gold assets lent to Kennedy, would allow him to use these asset/accounts to issue America’s own gold-backed currency ‘Treasury Notes,” that would have allowed America to breakaway from the false US Corporation and Federal Reserve – crime cartel – and further dismantle the rogue CIA agency.

If Kennedy and Sukarno had been successful, America would have been freed from the debt-base bondage system and the secret government in 1963. This would also have freed the G20 nations that were being controlled by their respective central banking systems. And also would have cancelled the unfair Bretton Woods Agreement.


Assassination of John F. Kennedy:

Kennedy assissinationNeil recalls that when John F. Kennedy returned home from his last meeting with President Sukarno in Indonesia relating to efforts to establish a new US financial system – at that time, JFK already had two strikes against him.


Firstly, being Kennedy’s return of West Papua from the Dutch, to the Indonesians; thereby alienating Big Oil and corporate magnates that had significant control over strategic locations also known for gold deposits.


Secondly, Kennedy overlooked the deception with regards to his very own Vice President Lyndon Johnson who was receiving all information relating to the proceedings in Indonesia that he was forwarding to his cabal handlers inclusive the dissolution of both the CIA and the Federal Reserve Banks.


This directly led to John F. Kennedy’s assassination in 1963. – Both Presidents Kennedy and Sukarno were working on numerous projects to make their nations stronger and greater; but one such project in particular was the new American financial system; eliminating all privately owned Federal Reserve and Central Bank FIAT currency printing – and returning the power of issuance of the nation’s currency to the government itself.




The Awakening:

Society is slowly evolving into a collective consciousness that has disengaged from the false narratives that have been manipulated into official Awakening‘truths’ for humanity. All of us have been deceived so all have the responsibility to investigate this mess and become effective by informing others in the interest of our future generations.



The good news is that individuals are unplugging from this matrix of delusion at an ever-increasing rate, which is fuelling a tipping point for basically the whole world to awaken in a domino-like effect. This global awakening has been a long time in the making and is characterised by two equally important parts.


Firstly the need that people have to come together to facilitate social changes that are desperately needed like uniting different cultures, to understand the tragic reality that our collective and environmental health is suffering on a widespread scale, from food poisoning, chemtrails, to vaccination and pharmaceutical induced diseases, and others. For all those kind of Humanitarian Projects the GCA funds are made available, as for projects, like the release of free energy and suppressed technologies, the cleaning of our water and the restoration of our oceans and lands, rebuilding infrastructure, education programs, etc.

Secondly a philosophical shift is required to understand consciousness as the core factor in our interconnected reality.


Time for Action:

Time for ActionHowever, millions more people have to be awakened, if every reader is prepared to forward this article to others a great leap in public consciousness will ensue, as important contribution to the efforts made by Neil Keenan and his K-Team. To get an impression and update about all that has been undertaken to complete the on-going final phase, read this time line.


Remember, humans are herd animals. This can be applied pro or contra. When bad trends as mindless consumption take hold then the effects are obviously negative. But by making them ‘being smart or cool’ they will follow the group for good thing. Good news is that with the Internet these messages are much easier to spread as ‘thoughts and ideas’ so there is no immediate need to hit the street with pamphlets.


It is important to remember that your consciousness is like a bubble that can only be popped from the inside, so try to refrain from engaging in ANY arguments with people over these beliefs, it will have the opposite effect. Instead of “winning” and getting them to see what you are trying to say, you will put them off. Be wise to become successful in the battle for regime change.


Victory over the Cabal is our principle target.



Who are the Cabal?

twofaced“People”; the likes Barack Obama in the US, David Cameron in the UK, Angela Merkel in Germany, Hollande in France, Rajoy in Spain, Rutte in The Netherlands, Malcolm Turnbull in Australia, John Key in New Zealand, and whomever is in charge in the various nations on Earth – do only what their Cabal handlers instruct them to do.


The Cabal or the Khazarians are Satanists without empathy wanting us all dead, here a global overview where the most of these corporate criminals are located. They want everything for themselves, the world, this planet, everything. They poison our food; make war, terror to let people live in fear. It is time we defend ourselves our planet, and all those living on Earth, to bring people together, to fight these evil criminals disguised as two-faced politicians.