Real Wealth comes from Within

You Are what you were meant to be!


Real Wealth Comes from Within

The fight for the liberation of planet Earth and humanity, will soon come to an end. Don’t give up now but continue with magnified energy. We already have the view of the harbour, it is now just a matter of sailing to safely, entering a world of prosperity, abundance and unlimited love. A world of complete freedom, wealth and fortune is our reward.


The truly awake are now wondering if they are eligible for ascension to the new 5D world? It is expected that at least a third of the world’s population will be able to pass the final 5D exam. Basically, all currently incarnated people have the chance to take part in the 5D exam. Top marks to pass are not required, even the mediocre have a good chance of passing. However, the prerequisite is honesty, sincerity; being open to others and unconditional love for people, animals and nature.


Be happy with your sanity and life, forget corrupt governments, they will be removed. Some say money makes happiness, but money only buys matter.


Happiness and real wealth comes from within by e.g. making real things and providing services, which are the opposite of debt. This needs no further explanation.


Behind the scenes, the house of cards of the oppressors is crumbling. As a result, more and more awake people are seeing the strings connecting the puppets to their conductors. These are the supposedly elected politicians; the people now observe how the puppeteers are directed and posed, the conductors are no longer hidden in the shadows as before.


Everything that comes to us arrives at the right moments and time, it is Cosmic Intelligence that is in charge of all movements in the infinite Universe and that also determines the time of the long-awaited breakthrough.


The vaccine-induced suicide cult is very real, and it is the result of mass hypnosis combined with a widespread desire for self-destruction. Powered by mainstream media-fuelled insane psychological terrorism, many people are now consciously or unconsciously trying to end their own lives. The number of deaths has skyrocketed since the Covid lock-up began, with the sinister solution of free Covid vaccination and silly face mask.


Apparently, many lack self-esteem, turning their backs on God but worshipping technology, science, money or fame.


They apparently have nothing else to live for but more money and fame. When that does not satisfy, they seek self-destruction, not realising that every human being is a divine miracle, created in the image of God.


Getting yourself injected with a deadly biological weapon designed to end human life is an insult to God and an act of spiritual unworthiness.


The veil that imprisons our souls on this planet is being lifted within the now emerging reincarnation process, to free awake humanity from oppression, allowing everyone to flourish as the Creator has provided for each of us.


Below, returning extraterrestrial correspondent Vital Frosi reports on the progress of the divine plan for our liberation.



You ARE what you were meant to be!


It has been mentioned here before that all the experiences of duality that souls on Earth have been allowed to live in successive incarnations, on both the Light and Shadow sides.


This current incarnation serves to close the desk drawers and clear out the place it was occupied during its apprenticeship. It is also the time for individual choices, which will determine the fate of each soul.


We could say that this current incarnation is the first in which the soul has actually had the opportunity to put into practice all the lessons it has learnt in all its previous lives.


No incarnated soul can say that it did not know that an attitude or action served or went against the Light. Many incarnates are still reluctant to brush up on their exaggerated ego. This is perhaps the biggest barrier to overcome.


But despite everything, this current incarnation is not the most difficult as many believe. Even though it determines each soul’s destiny, it is only an opportunity to adjust what has been learnt before.


You are what was meant to be!


That is what brought you here, in the state you are in now, the result of your deeds, actions and choices in every previous existence. All the experiences placed in the Soul Plan for each incarnation, even forgetting everything, were carried out according to that Plan.


However, what defines the individual journey is undoubtedly the choices the soul makes in every opportunity that arises from that Plan. Your choices have made you who you are today. As we have often said, everyone is the Architect of themselves.


Nothing outside you can change what comes from your own choices. This is the good of the larger Plan, because if we depended on others, life would become a lottery. Or a game of luck, as some say.


Your experience is unique among all the souls who have come to Earth. There is no possibility of two having the same impressions and the same frequency, because it is emotions and feelings that determine the true individual story, which will then be told to everyone in the infinity of Universes.


You are what was meant to be, because it was your choices, experiences and decisions, every minute of every day, every hour and every incarnation, that made you truly feel what it is like to live and create in a world where Light is scarce.


You have always been part of the Divine Spark that forms your Monad and always will be, because it is pure Light, you have brought a little Light into this World of Darkness.


The Earth is now beginning to light up. Partly because you have activated your Light, the Light of ascension. Your contribution is very important for the planet. Even from those who will not ascend now, their time on planet Earth, also contributed in some way. Nothing is lost in that which was created by the Divine Laws.

And as the veils are lifted, your consciousness will begin to remember who you are. It will remember who you were in each past life. It will know where your home was before you came here. In the case of ascension, you will naturally be able to choose to stay on the New Earth or even return to it. Of course, you helped build this New Earth and will not want to leave without experiencing and tasting the newness.


You are what you were meant to be, for nothing and no one can change your choices. Not even the Dark Powers who came here couldn’t, they could only increase the difficulties, which makes you even more of a winner.


You now reach the last rung of the ladder of ascension.




I am Vital Frosi and my mission is enlightenment!