• Population Reduced to a Fraction of what it is Today
  • Major Timeline Shift Underway on Earth
  • This Is No Longer a Time for Neutrality; It’s a Time for Choices!


Population Reduced to a Fraction of what it is Today

Total regime change, halting environmental destruction, and starting a new age is our goal, but there is still the threat of the Archon bloodline fascist New World Order that wants to take over planet Earth to make it their Archon world.


If we the people allow those few (less than 1%) Elite to impose their evil upon the rest of us, “life” would be neither human, nor would be anything what could be considered ‘life’. – People would merely exist, not live, jam packed in high-rise tiny boxes in mega-cities within human settlement zones of the mega-regions as regulated by Agenda 2030.


The population would be a fraction of what it is today, and humans would be denied access to 95% of the world’s surface. Everyone would be micro-chipped and connected to a computer system, which would dictate their thoughts, emotions, and health, or more, precisely the lack of it.


Surveillance would be 24/7 through microchips, wireless systems like smart Grids, in every building, location and form of transport within and between the megacities. Every thought could be accessed and recorded in real time. People would be watched in their own ‘home box’ by cameras via the compulsory television – ‘Orwell’s Tele-screens’.


The change from analogue to digital television was related to this, which is why this was introduced so quickly it covers all aspects of broadcasting – even car radios and phones at extra high cost to users. Before that, it also brought us smart phones, televisions, etc. HAARP and other communication networks are capable of sending the same messages to an entire country and eventually across the planet, if the entire network system is complete. The world’s first fully integrated Smart City is called ‘Songdo’ located on an artificial island in South Korea.


In this Archon world, food and water care will be ordered by the authorities and provided only to those who comply and obey. Even then, it will be just enough to survive and serve. Food and drink will be contaminated with GMOs, vaccines and chemicals to block thoughts of resistance and prevent people from waking up and becoming conscious.


There will be no organic food, no private cultivation of food of any kind will be allowed, no alternative medicine and no health supplements will exist in an Archon society. Anyone who bothers to look will see that we are already heading in that direction very fast.


Compulsory drugs will also make people love their slavery, as Aldous Huxley (Rothschild Zionist) put it, with substances like lithium in the water. Huxley said in 1962;


There will be, in the next generation or so, a pharmacological method of making people love their slavery, and producing dictatorship without tears, so to speak, producing a kind of painless concentration camp for whole societies, so that people can in fact be deprived of their freedoms, but will even enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda of brainwashing, or brainwashing reinforced by pharmacological methods. And this seems to be the latest revolution.


This is the world of Agenda 2030. People would exist, not live, in cashless poverty under Agenda 2030 while the few that control them live in unimaginable high-tech luxury. Children would be owned by the state and roughed up in the way that Aldous Huxley foresaw from his inside knowledge in Brave New World. He wrote;


Parents, were the father and mother… These are unpleasant facts, as I know it. But then most historical facts are unpleasant… In those days… children were brought up by their parents and not in State Conditioning Centres.

Humanity is so deeply brainwashed that positive has become negative. These sheep live in a world of illusion where democracy is promoted as freedom, while in reality it is  dictatorship; where 51% rule over the other 49%. That is why the meaning of anarchy was changed to rebellion, because it actually means self-government!


The sooner humanity wakes up to the lies and deceit of their authorities, the better it will be for all of us. Don’t be afraid; let it be a challenge for you to join us in reaching our maximum potential.


Our world is filled with a huge amount of toxicity, lies, deception, disinformation, distortion, fake news, half-truths, fraud, untrue representations, deceptive mirages, propaganda and intrusive brainwashing.


Planet Earth is now undergoing a gigantic timeline shift that brings it into the new 5D position. The 5th dimension arranges the rescue and purification of planet Earth among other things through restoration of Environment, Food and Happiness.


Planet Earth is the most beautiful planet in our Universe and therefore has a special place in the cosmos, as there is no second planet like ours! The Pléiadiens created this divine plan for planet Earth and set it in motion thousands of years ago!


The change for the better, is described below by our returning Pleiadian correspondent Michael Love who explains the latest developments.


Major Timeline Shift Underway on Earth


The event of 2023


Pleiadian Light Forces transmission 10/09/2023

By Michael Love


*for immediate planetary broadcast to the Starseeds of earth*


Begin transmission…



The Pleiadians are masters of consciousness, and now we bring you this very important Earth Alliance data stream about a very real and noticeable timeline shift that is happening on Earth right now. This data stream is encoded in such a way to activate dormant DNA, expand consciousness levels, and improve life.


Great one,

For some time now, a profound transformation has been underway on planet Earth. Over the last two earth years, every facet of this realm has been undergoing a significant metamorphosis.


The very essence of human existence has shifted, and even the foundational fabric of reality has been influenced by this monumental change. The Pleiadians say this powerful transformation is not merely a random event; it is being divinely guided by benevolent higher beings.


At this time, humanity is immersed in a bifurcation of time, witnessing a divergence between two realities or timelines. Two distinct paths are unfolding:


  • an ascendant timeline rooted in love and
  • a descending one driven by fear.


This very noticeable vibrational division now exists on earth’s inhabitants, and those with eyes to see can readily identify this split in reality.


Here’s an inspiring story from a dedicated Starseed about how life transformed during this significant shift:


“After the pandemic, I decided to take a refreshing step back from all the relentless fear and chaos in the world and truly focus on myself. I moved to a tranquil place, away from the hustle and bustle, and started to deeply connect with my inner self. I took considerable time for profound self-reflection and worked diligently on elevating my mindset. As I moved forward on this journey, I discovered innovative ways to earn money, and things unexpectedly began aligning in my favour.

I began prospering, and life felt more enriched and fulfilling than ever. During this serene period, I absorbed so much universal knowledge, feeling like I had reached an unparalleled level of understanding. During this time, the few close friends I had resonated perfectly, and we formed an incredibly tight bond, uplifting and supporting each other. Life was fun like when I was younger, and everything was filled with magic!”

Two years flew by, and after I became aware of the tremendous change that occurred within me, I looked around and noticed that those around me hadn’t progressed at all on their vibrational journeys.

Surprisingly, some appeared to have even taken steps backward. I noticed the people who walked the streets no longer looked happy and full of life. Friends who once resonated with me started displaying intense animosity and even aggressive behaviour. Their once bright, angelic nature took a dark turn out of nowhere, and they were not the same people I once knew. Their proximity to my home began to negatively impact the surrounding energy.

I came to realise that during those two years of looking inward and developing my soul, I had completely ascended above the previous lower timeline, and the world I was once part of started to feel completely misaligned with where I was. My home, my town, the people around me, even the work I was doing—it all felt out of sync.

If someone didn’t grasp what was occurring, they might question why things seemed to be deteriorating so badly when one is ascending in vibration. I understood that the Universe arranges things based on vibration. It became evident that the brief period before my timeline shift, while still in the lower realms, was an unsettling situation. Being in those lower vibrations even for a short time can be so uncomfortable that one feels the immediate need to elevate to a higher state. For my own well-being, distancing myself from these vibrations and circumstances became crucial.

With steadfast faith in my journey, I wholeheartedly entrusted myself to the Universe. I confidently embraced change, trusting the divine to lead me towards safety and grander horizons.

In a brief span, I effortlessly transitioned through the timeline portal into my new life. Here, not only have circumstances greatly improved, but I’ve been graced with more loving spiritual friends, a beautiful home nestled in a serene natural setting, and fulfilling work that resonates with my soul’s purpose.

The shift occurred swiftly, and everything flowed so seamlessly, it felt almost surreal, but it was indeed real. I realised that my heightened vibration was the catalyst for these wonderful blessings. All I had to do was align with that energy and remain open and receptive.


Some term a timeline shift as “stepping out of one’s comfort zone,” but regardless of the terminology, one truth remains: vibration is an immutable universal law.


The cosmos, in its infinite wisdom, orchestrates what is most conducive for your soul’s growth, ensuring you align with the timeline that matches your vibration. When you trust the Universe and follow its guidance to shift, you can be confident that you’ll align with the higher timeline, where circumstances promptly improve. Even after the shift, you may still notice the lower energies at a distance.


However, rest assured that an invisible energetic barrier separates the two realities, ensuring that each vibration stays in its place. As this barrier intensifies, the lower energies will eventually fade away permanently.


So, what’s truly behind this timeline or reality split, occurring on planet earth?

In the wake of a challenging 2012 ascension cycle, due to the amount of damage caused to earth’s ascension stargates and humanity’s DNA by fallen races, in the earth year 2021, the guardian host, benevolent races from the highest realms, intervened in earth’s current ascension cycle.


As part of this plan, Earth and its inhabitants are being slowly shifted to the next Harmonic Universe, HU2, spanning dimensions 4D through 6D.


Significantly, with this progression, the lower realms of harmonic universe 1, which includes dimensions 1D, 2D, and 3D, will cease to exist, making way for all earth’s conscious beings to ascend and resonate within the HU2 vibrational realm.


Moreover, the guardian host has created a sophisticated interdimensional emergency ascension escape route extending even to the 4th Harmonic Universe (HU4) and its subsequent dimensions. On rare instances, those harmonising with these heightened frequencies could experience realms as expansive as dimensions 10th to 15th, even surpassing the current physical matrix of matter.


To make all of this work, the guardian hosts set into motion the current timeline split on earth at the end of 2021. As we navigate earth year 2023, humanity is in the midst of this divergence, straddling two contrasting realities.


With clear lines drawn, the paths set, and the transition already underway, every human being on earth must engage in their own essential inner work to align themselves with the new, elevated frequencies. Without this alignment, discomfort will surely arise, serving as a nudge from the Universe toward a more divine way of being.


The inherent physics of this timeline shift was designed to exponentially increase in velocity and spatial separation as it moves forward in linear time and space. This dynamic leads to a progressively widening gap between the two timelines. Individuals on earth possessing heightened intuition can discern this acceleration of reality. This acceleration occurs due to space-time folding onto itself, causing the lower dimensions to swiftly converge into the subsequent Harmonic Universe.


As an indigo being, transitioning yourself onto the new higher timeline isn’t overly complex, and you are likely already aligned with it. However, a primary goal of your mission to earth is to help humanity recognise their inherent beauty and divine essence, steering them away from unconscious pitfalls that might lead to lasting consequences.


While Light Forces are working diligently to guide everyone on earth toward the higher timeline, fallen races are currently exploiting the vulnerabilities of the lower timeline. Their aim is to divert humanity from its true path, employing dark agendas like DNA alteration to produce non-human or transhuman beings. The Light’s role is to help humanity realise that the human being is the most magnificent creation in the Universe.


Before they are led too far down that path, our mission is to guide them swiftly toward their inner brilliance and divine power. We must direct them to their heart chakras, allowing them to fully embrace their true essence of love. For in the realms, we are journeying toward, only love can truly thrive and flourish. To transition onto the higher timeline, it’s vital for humanity to master Love.


This mastery fosters an inner reservoir of strength, empowering each individual to operate from a deep internal alignment, recognising their immediate safety and well-being as intertwined with the essence of the divine source.


As humanity stands at a critical crossroads during this significant timeline juncture, with escalating energies in motion, the collective choices now have a more profound impact on shaping the experienced reality than ever before.


The power to mould the ascension journey lies wholly within human hands. With each step, the emerging tapestry of a new era becomes clearer—a tapestry illuminated by higher vibrational frequencies that guide us toward a luminous future.


The rise of these distinct timelines in contemporary times signifies a deep and pivotal shift, presenting humanity with a vital choice between love and fear. This decision has become the most critical one can make, with the ramifications of this choice profoundly influencing the trajectory of earth’s evolution.


Project looking glass: intriguingly, within this confidential government project, a unique apparatus was used to predict future events. The initiative was discontinued when it became clear that every potential timeline or probability converged at one specific future point, suggesting an inevitable transformative event, regardless of efforts to avert it.


The sole outcome observed was the widespread awakening and liberation of humanity, anticipated to occur in the year 2024.


Know that all is well, and everything is unfolding as it should. As an indigo or Starseed, you were destined for the higher timeline, and since this divergence began, you’ve been consistently elevating your vibration.


It’s only natural for you to ascend to unmatched heights. The vibrational potential around you is significantly heightened now, making it essential to elevate every aspect of your life to match this frequency. You are already adept at this, and we have confidence in your success.

Choose Love in every moment. If you need to shift, then trust the Universe and bravely move forward.


Things are about to become truly remarkable for you!


It’s an extraordinary time to be alive on planet Earth as the Starseeds transition onto this new timeline, envisioning a better world where humanity thrives in peace, freedom, and abundance indefinitely.


Please share, if you’ve experienced any recent shifts in your reality or simply share your insights with fellow Starseeds.



Michael and the Pleiadians



This Is No Longer a Time for Neutrality; It’s a Time for Choices!

Dolores Cannon, through her enlightening books like “the Convoluted Universe” series and “Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth,” provided us with glimpses of what lies ahead. The signs are all around us, etched in the environmental changes, global conflicts, and the relentless pandemic that has shaken the foundations of our world. The message is clear: we’ve run out of time.