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Central Banks

Fake money bubble bursts

The Chains of Your Slavery Let Mr. Market set prices and interest rates Fake interest rates provide fake capital What readers write   The Chains of Your Slavery All countries are stalled. They have built their economies on fake money… Continue Reading →

Invisible Government

Economic Royalists Centralisation of Power Financially Suppressed Citizens Robber Barons Deprogramming Brainwashed People Virtually Impossible Graphene Rain, Scientists Sound Alarm   Economic Royalists Governments once were called our government before it was taken over by Wall Street gang; the mega-corporations and the… Continue Reading →

Confidence Collapses

Deep State is in Complete Panic Mismanaged Fiat Currency Real Wealth An increase in credit is necessary to keep growing   Deep State is in Complete Panic This year comes our liberation from debt bondage. Behind the scenes, we are already… Continue Reading →

The Dominos begin to fall

Major sovereign debt crisis The Greatest Change is upon us Earth Alliance Report   Major sovereign debt crisis The widespread panic witnessed, is definitely not what the bureaucrats at the Central Banks were anticipating. Following the second and third largest banks… Continue Reading →

Planetary transition – everything useful remains

Money has value of its own, Currency does not Do What’s Good For You   Money has value of its own, Currency does not Money is not what people think it is. Today, money is “currency” invented by the government… Continue Reading →

The Breakthrough Arrives

All Ruling Powers Removed Perpetual Public Debt Anunnaki’s Material Evolution Change of Course A new financial system awaits us    All Ruling Powers Removed Planet Earth has arrived at the most important crossroad in civilisation. With the aim of enriching… Continue Reading →

Every Soul Chooses Own Way

Regulate and Obstruct Absolute or Relative Truth?   Regulate and Obstruct Government is the problem, not the solution. After more than 15 years of dragging and deepening recession, it is time to change course. In a democracy, governments are elected… Continue Reading →

Gigantic Money Swindle

Discover the System The Destruction of Modern Society First Modern Central Banker Valuable reserves foundation of stable currency Two kinds of Inflation How The Elite Control The World Planetary People Liberation   Discover the System Who owns the central banks?… Continue Reading →

Collapse of Fiat Money System

Independent and Creative Thinking Paradigm shift in the global monetary system De-Dollarisation Plan Now or Never    Independent and Creative Thinking Independent and objective thinking is what is needed for transition to the 5D world. Italian Maria Montessori (1870 –… Continue Reading →

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