Regulate and Obstruct

Absolute or Relative Truth?


Regulate and Obstruct

Government is the problem, not the solution. After more than 15 years of dragging and deepening recession, it is time to change course. In a democracy, governments are elected by the people to serve them, but not to play authoritarian dictator, as is always the case. Governments use all power and resources to influence your way of life.


They have the power to tax, detain, imprison, torture and use young men and women to fight wars in other countries that are no threat to their own. They regulate and impede businesses, distribute money, make trade difficult through embargoes and sanctions, and control everything that comes to mind. Governments are clearly not serving the people, worse, they are the enemy of the people.


The people entrust justice to an institution that is obscenely corrupt and obscure. People are brought up to remain under surveillance and give their freedoms and abilities to the government; they dare not do otherwise because they can be arrested.


The power of the modern representative government is that it deceives the masses by making them believe that they too are insiders. They are encouraged to vote and believe that their vote really counts. Practice proves otherwise.


The time has come to let others – friends, spouse, children – move forward at their own pace, without feeling guilty for not being able to wake them up, for not making them realise that a different way of living and thinking is possible.


You don’t know the other person’s soul choice, which differs from yours. You are not obliged to try to save the other person, even though you know their soul is beautiful. Allow them to be what they want.


By trying to save the other person’s soul, you are entering the hellish triangle and once again becoming a victim of the responsibility that only you have imposed on yourself. You prevent others from living out their soul choice.


Release control over the souls of others, be it your children or the people around you. Every soul must go through a process, the chosen path of evolution, and if that does not match your desires, let them experience what is necessary for their soul. Drop control.


By trying to lead others along the path of light that seems right to you, you are not accepting their soul’s choice, you are not letting them live their own experience.


Free yourself, now, from all obligations of sacrifice, of submission, to regard others, by going forward alone if necessary, by accepting more of your individuality.


It is time to free yourself from the obligations your parents, society and you have imposed on yourself and made part of your life. You don’t have to live with people who are negative or toxic to you, nor do you have to sacrifice your life to save others. They are not your responsibility.


Don’t feel obliged to always feel good, to say yes to everything, to accept not taking time for yourself. You created your own situation, realise that, and if they don’t appreciate your presence, let them take advantage of your absence.


Let your soul and the souls of others experience that which each of us needs to experience.


It is time to renounce your dependence on obligations. Let go of all the commitments and promises you have made in an unconscious state.


If we humans do not wake up soon; we will soon, before we realise it enter the New World Order!


It is expected that on or around 25 June next, the money system will collapse, making the cabal ‘knight on foot’ and eliminated. With simultaneous introduction of the new QFS money system, abundant prosperity will become available to all earthlings!


Our Exterrestrial correspondent Vital Frosi reports to us on the transition to the new 5D world





Beloved ones!

When we hear that truth will liberate humanity, it means that absolute truth is not yet known on Planet Earth. This is proof that the souls who came here are still held hostage by their own limiting beliefs, for each has their own truth and this, in turn, is always relative.


The Divine Plans for the Worlds take into account the characteristics of each Planet, each Star and each Galaxy. They are different Schools, with specific characteristics corresponding to each star world. In which Earth is one of the most complex Schools of this local Universe.


Here, under the frequency of the Third Dimension, nothing is real, as the density of matter transforms everything into a hologram. Souls incarnated on Earth are very limited forms of consciousness, to the point of being called Soul Fractions. This limitation does not allow such consciousness to receive the knowledge of absolute truth.


This is also one of the reasons why the soul has to dis-incarnate after each period in material life. Only when it is not under the weight of matter can it raise its consciousness a little and thus evaluate its journey in this human experience. In the astral plane, with real knowledge of what it has learnt, it makes a new incarnation plan to continue its evolution.


Currently, souls incarnated here on Earth have completed between 600 and 1100 incarnations. There is not the slightest possibility that two have identical forms of consciousness, that is, with the same experiences. Each experienced the days and the learning process individually, even though they are all in the same school.


Yes, there are general rules for all souls. Namely, to experience and live every Duality and polarity, and to apply this self-knowledge to yourself and everything around you, within the Moral Laws that govern the Worlds, of course. This is the main line that leads the soul to the steps of the ascension ladder.


Once the soul has lived through every experience and achieved the consciousness of good behaviour, without falling back into the trials administered at the end of this planetary cycle, it is ready to ascend to a world of regeneration, that is, it can finally leave this school of atonement and trials.


At this time, as Earth also makes her Transition to an octave higher in the galactic spiral, her Third Dimensional frequency will also rise to the minimum Fifth Dimensional level. It has been mentioned before in previous texts that the New Earth will have 5 dimensional frequency bands. It will then have a frequency variation which lies between the Fifth and Ninth Dimensions.


Returning to the present moment of this earthly humanity, we are on the inter-dimensional bridge. It is on this bridge that the revelations will take place. Only here will truth be truly known. And all those who have completed their crossing will have learnt the absolute truth. They will remember every experience; every situation lived; every day and every moment in every past life. They will remember all the lessons that were imparted to them. And they will know whether they succeeded, or failed.


And above all, they will remember that life was never really one big play. They will understand that the soul played a different character in each reincarnation and experienced the polarities within duality, sometimes on one side and sometimes on the other. You will remember that nothing was real, but each played his role so perfectly that everything seemed real. So real that you felt the pain, sadness, joy and consequences of every action.


On the other side of the bridge, the soul will regain her entire consciousness. Where, she could only use between 1 and 2% of her real capacity in the Third Dimension, her consciousness will already reach 79% in the first bands of the Fifth Dimension.


Since the New Earth will have 5 dimensional bands, the ascended soul will be able to reach 100% of her consciousness by arriving in frequencies from the Ninth Dimension. This will become possible on the New Earth.


Does anyone who has the ability to dimension the quantum leap by doing their ascension? It is said that Einstein was considered a Genius because his consciousness extended to almost 5%. Even then, we are too far from being able to truly understand how our consciousness will behave in that range.


Returning to the title of this text, how will we be able to judge those around us if everyone’s experiences and learning are unique and individual? If every incarnated soul is a consciousness that has gone through and felt and learnt every action, every lesson according to the moment, namely every minute within its hundreds of incarnations?


We are the result of ourselves. We are the sum of those individualised experiences. We are the Architects of our work and we transform ourselves in it. We are then a special, individualised, unique work of art. That is why we are known as individuals. We are a final product orchestrated by our mastery.


And if so, we have reached the end of this planetary cycle. Those who have assimilated and are now able to put all this learning into practice are able to cross the dimensional bridge. All humanity is at the head of this bridge. Like in a big open-air amphitheatre, there is a lot of noise there. Some know exactly why they are there and know that they are now allowed to cross this bridge. Others are not sure of anything. There are also those who do not believe what is on the other side.


But there is consensus: everyone believes their truth is the only plausible one. In a sense, they are all right. If each person has lived their experiences in a unique way, they possess the truth about themselves. But they do not possess the truth about the experiences of others. This is the big issue that exists with humanity right now.


It is necessary to understand this ephemeral process and not judge others. We do not know how they lived each experience, nor do we feel the same emotions when going through the same situation. It is these emotions that have shaped the beliefs and truths in each individual. Then we come to understand that no absolute truth exists.


In the Third Dimension, there is no possibility of absolute truth because everything is an illusion; a holograph. This is exactly what we are talking about here. It is as if each describes some phenomenon. There will always be equal parts, but there will be many different descriptions of the same subject, because just by looking at it from a different angle, the vision will no longer be the same, let alone the interpretation by other insights.


The truth known to mankind is without any doubt, therefore relative. This is enough for anyone to understand that there is no reason for discussion. The above noise is nothing more than discussion about each other’s truths. Already, however, from the first steps on the interdimensional bridge, consciousness begins to expand. This is enough for each soul to feel that there is much more than its own truth.


Then they begin to understand that they possess only part of the truth and that others have the other parts. Like pieces of a big puzzle, on the other side of the bridge, each will put his piece in the right place. And after the drawing is formed, everyone will be able to see its true meaning. Then the truth will become absolute. This will also be the real moment of liberation from illusion, which hides 99% of our consciousness.


Understanding this process frees us in a concrete way, even before the bridge has been crossed. Think about that!


I am Vital Frosi and my mission is enlightenment!



This is going to be Life changing