Money has value of its own, Currency does not

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Money has value of its own, Currency does not

Money is not what people think it is. Today, money is “currency” invented by the government or in the proper order by the Central Bank, to steal as much as possible from the people; including through imposed “taxes without consent” of parliament or the people, respectively. By incrementally reducing the currency’s purchasing power through inflation to reduce its value. Which is effectively theft of the people’s earned money, obtained through effort from labour and mind among other things.


The original abstract idea is, that;


Currency is a metaphysical technology, which facilitates the process of trust that actually should be the real money.


Trust exists between two or more people, it is the real source of all wealth, which everyone can create for themselves and is naturally imparted by the environment. In other words; Wealth, in all its forms, is something of value created by people or nature.


Currency, or valuta in this sense of the word, is a social lubricant, through which two or more people work together on a particular project, object, or agenda. The goal need not actually be valuable to those involved; they may not only cooperate to achieve the goal; but offer or obtain money to have a valuable stake in the event. Generally, people have motivation to participate in things they find valuable, which is usually money, as effective enthusiasm.


So too, in relation to debt money, which is money “printed out of thin air” people trust. It is trust that empowers a monetary system. If people do not obtain value from using money, they would not use it.


But what promotes a society is for people to realise the real importance of putting their trust in only honest, objects, projects and people.


That is, when morality, ethics and justice are lost through bribery, no promise (of money) will last and thus result in deceit. And this is essentially the situation the world has arrived at.


The elite powers use us as cogs in a machine to perpetuate their systems of control and deception because we voluntarily participate in this, especially proven by the use of their fake money.


Real Wealth requires little money

Real wealth does not require money. It takes some money, but the amount depends on the cost of fulfilling ambitions, opportunity and time. For those with few needs and priorities, the cost is minimal.


Money cannot solve humanity’s core problem. The people, though not directly through own fault, accept distrust regarding government as an immutable fact; under the motto “This is the way things are!”


Our world is plagued by dishonesty, untruthfulness and wholesale rape of truth as a fundamental principle of life.


It may seem acceptable, but the order of the day is; lawlessness; where the law of the jungle and survival of the “fittest” is the main authority. And yet, despite the shabby status of human trust standards, there is nothing to stop us from turning the ship of civilisation and setting it on good course of prosperity and abundance.

All the money in the world cannot solve these problems of humanity.

The biggest scam in our lives, is paying taxes on money you earn, taxes on money you spend and taxes on things you buy. And then also having to pay taxes on things you own, on which you have paid taxes with previously taxed money!


People wake up and take this to heart!

As already 100 years ago Sir Josiah Stamp (1880-1941) President of the Bank of England, said;


“If you want to remain the slaves of bankers and pay the cost of your own slavery, let them continue to create money.”


Think about this; stand up and awaken the mob!



Our Exterrestrial correspondent Vital Frosi describes more details about the Planetary Transition that is about to happen below.





Each of you is a soul experiencing life in a human body. Earth is the planetary home that houses this great cosmic family, as the origin of each soul is not the same as before incarnation. Even though one lives here as a collective, it is the individual experiences that determine the progress, evolution and ascension of each soul.


The Great Cycle of trials and penances is now coming to an end and a New Age is fast approaching. We are in the final incarnation within the Old System, and this is also the phase of Planetary Transition.


The Terran School will transition into the class of a World of Regeneration, where no longer will pain and suffering be the shortcoming that has plagued humanity so far.


It is a glorious moment for the souls now incarnated on Earth. Everyone has learned the lessons, even if there is still a section of humanity that takes pleasure in attitudes and actions that do not conform to the Moral Laws.


This is the great risk that can endanger ascension. Vigilance and prayer should be remembered now as never before. Some missteps can be corrected, however, major missteps can cause the soul to get into trouble or even demand mandatory ransom, preventing it from ascending further to the New Earth.


Although all lessons have been learned and although many souls still indulge in evil practices, much pain and suffering could be avoided because they represent neither karma nor new learning. It is the resistance that each evokes when change is necessary. The greater the resistance, the longer the difficulties continue in one’s life.


To step into the natural flow of necessary change at the end of this cycle is the recommendation that keeps warning us in these final years.


What is stopping you from changing? Of course, it is the beliefs, imposed or not, that still live in each of us, even if they are not admitted.


The soul has lived many past lives, that is, a history accumulated during its successive incarnations. All experiences were recorded in her unconscious memories, but still influence her actions today. Some are defining. One is handing over your power to others.


There was a time when some groups started dominating other groups. The one who was stronger won. The vanquished had to obey the victors. And this created in every soul a survival instinct, because the dominators always imposed their will on the dominated.


Imposed obedience is the cause of all the evils that afflict humanity today. This obedience was ensured only through fear. And fear arose precisely because of the excesses of the oppressors. Fear paralyses and causes the prey to meekly submit to the abuse of the strong.


In one of our last messages, we said that the domination of humans over humans ends here. This energy comes from Old Earth and does not have the required frequency for this.


Here is an older text transcribed with the title:


“Don’t surrender your power”.


We are not talking here about powers set by human laws and norms. But about your personally innate and untransferable power. The power you carry from before your first incarnation on Earth. It is this power that you will now remember and adopt.


Thoughts and beliefs that have been imposed on you will cease to exist in the times to come. Only that which is truly useful to you will remain. Nothing more than that. And among the old habits, there is one that bothers you most now. You have been taught that you must conform to the interests of others to be accepted in the collective. Some even call this practice “political correctness”.


In reality, it is just another imposition adopted with the aim of greater control and easier domination.



How many times have you done the opposite! In order to please others, you have put yourself second. In order to be accepted in the group or in the environment, you went against your own principles. Because you believed you had to explain yourself to others, you even contradicted yourself against what was most sacred in you.


You flogged yourself all the time, not because it was karma created by yourself in actions from previous lives, but simply because you were giving away your power to others.


At that point, you started living the lives of others without living your own. Even worse, you stopped living your own experiences, the very experiences that are now the deciding factor, because we are in the last incarnation in Earth’s duality.



Of course, the Moral, Ethical and Natural Laws must always be respected, because without respecting these Laws, the soul will not be able to ascend.


Doing what is good for you, always with the intention of doing good, that will never make you regret it.  More importantly, it will enable you to learn the lessons that are still missing from your CV.  Doing what is right for you will, above all, allow you to live your life to the fullest.


Don’t live someone else’s life! This adds nothing to your learning, remember. On the contrary, it will place you permanently under the rule of those who do not want your freedom.


You learn nothing by living the lives of others. In fact, we could say that there is only one learning process: you will learn that it was not worth it, because other people’s lives are other people’s lives, not your own.


In the School of Life, no one can make a classmate’s lesson, because the notes are not on the paper bulletin, but in everyone’s own conscience. You cannot build another person’s conscience, and no one can build yours.


Think about that while you still can!


I am Vital Frosi and my mission is enlightenment!