Major sovereign debt crisis

The Greatest Change is upon us

Earth Alliance Report


Major sovereign debt crisis

The widespread panic witnessed, is definitely not what the bureaucrats at the Central Banks were anticipating. Following the second and third largest banks collapse in history a few weeks ago, unveiled an unprecedented rescue plan that was supposed to end the banking panic.


If you have not seen it yet, you can view the details on the official website of the Federal Reserve right here.  The most important part of the plan is the Fed’s decision to fully guarantee all of the deposits at Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank.


What really goes on; The world is entering a major sovereign debt crisis and that’s going to turn many markets inside out and upside down. 


Don’t expect any voluntarily rate hike soon. Instead, a next round of money printing has started around the world in the hope to stabilise falling markets. The problem now is that this has minimal and only short-term effect. For the last years, investors around the world have ignored risks. That is why this panic is so brutal.


Cartoon businessman shoulder debt box

When interest rates inevitably go up from artificially suppressed levels, the bond and stock markets are going to collapse, and with it, the real estate markets. Pension funds are going to be wiped out. This is a very bad situation; the world is itself digging in deeper and deeper.


The Greatest Change is upon us

This year brings our liberation from debt bondage. Behind the scenes, we are already long and well on our way to this goal. Trust the PLAN, Q keeps saying;


‘We have all the information.’


Our Galactic Alliance has the luxury of waiting for the perfect moment to deliver the death blow to the Deep State. The final decision will be made by Father/Mother GOD.


No wonder the cabal is in a complete panic. The world is on the threshold of permanent peace. This is a feat of super high calibre, created by the patriots with the help of our Exterrestrial Brothers and Sisters. All military forces and war materiel abroad are returning to their home bases.


It is over and out for the cabal. Everyone can with good reason look forward to a prosperous and healthy future. Very soon, we will truly live as free inhabitants on planet Earth to develop ourselves as our Creator always had intended.


Our extraterrestrial correspondent Michael Love of the Pleiadians provides us with the latest details about the Planetary Transition in progress.


Earth Alliance Report

Earth Alliance space weather intel 06182023- energetic vibrational anomaly


* a special Earth Alliance space weather briefing to the Starseeds of Earth *


Great one,

The Earth Alliance reports that at this hour, a remarkable and unprecedented energetic anomaly has been detected in earth’s magnetic field. This extraordinary occurrence has been continuously imprinting itself onto the Schumann resonance graph for the past 30 hours, defying all known patterns and expectations! As earth-based space weather agencies diligently investigate the cause of this anomaly. The Earth Alliance says the energetic pattern and frequency of the mesmerizing energy wave carries the distinct signature of an exotic and extraordinary origin!

Note that the energy wave covers the entire Schumann graph from top to bottom. The top of the graph represents the 3rd-Dimensional resonance, the middle of the graph represents the entirety of the 4th Dimension and the 40 hertz mark at the bottom of the graph begins the 5th Dimension. This exotic energy wave is permeating at least three dimensions simultaneously, illustrating its multidimensional nature!


As you are well aware, UAP/ET (unidentified aerial phenomenon/extraterrestrial) disclosure emerged as a prominent and widely discussed topic even within mainstream circles last week. The powers that were are diligently working to determine the most appropriate approach to address this significant revelation, without causing too much disruption however, rest assured, the time has come when the truth is being unveiled to all of humanity, marking a monumental shift in the collective understanding.


In parallel cosmic events, a powerful M2 level solar flare, directed towards Earth, recently erupted from the Sun with incredible force. This powerful solar eruption is now hurtling towards planet earth, expected to make impact within the next 48 hours. Brace yourself for another profound DNA upgrade as this potent surge of light permeates your very being!


Great one, prepare to bask in the magnificence of this influx of cosmic light, for it holds the key to an unparalleled awakening on earth. The sheer intensity of the increasing amounts of high-vibrational light is catalysing a profound and rapid recoding of human DNA, propelling it to a state of heightened functionality. As a result, the veils of limitation are being lifted, and expanded levels of consciousness are being accessed.


Over the past few days, Earth has been engulfed in powerful solar winds and intense geomagnetic storms, adding to overall effects. The Starseeds of earth, spread far and wide across the globe, are reporting a moderated influx of ascension symptoms in response to these cosmic influxes.


These first-hand reports are a testament to the deep transformation and recalibration occurring within each soul, as the celestial dance of awakening unfolds.


To navigate the effects of this extraordinary Light, it is essential to nurture and support your physical vessel.


Consume only natural energy foods that nourish your body and drink an abundance of pure water to stay hydrated. Engage in breathwork and dedicate time to meditation, allowing yourself to integrate the profound shifts occurring within.


Seek solace in the embrace of nature, for it acts as a powerful conduit for harmonizing and grounding these potent energies. And, of course, keep your cherished crystals close to your auric field, allowing them to serve as beacons of light and conduits for channelling this divine energy into the earth.


We are eager to hear from you, great one, about the specific ascension symptoms you may be experiencing at this remarkable juncture. Remember, you are not alone on this sacred journey of awakening, for countless souls are traversing the same path, united in purpose and bound by the cosmic threads of evolution.


As we navigate this extraordinary cosmic dance together, may you find strength, guidance, and solace in the unity of our collective journey.



Michael and the Pleiadians


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