Freedom from slavery begins with freedom from corrupt money systems

Money creation privilege is extra funding for banking sector

Fractional Reserve Mistakes

Fake money

The fraud summarised

Collapse of Global banking system


Fractional reserve banking fraud

Once this issue is fully understood, you are forever awake and capable, joining forces to free planet Earth from its oppressors. This article explains the structural banking crisis in the cabal-run money system, that has reached the end of its cycle and cannot be repaired. The cabal has prepared the introduction of their new IMF-issued SDR one-world money system, but our Pleiadian brothers and sisters are in control of introducing a new off-world people controlled money system called QFS.

Freedom from slavery begins with freedom from corrupt money systems

The global financial system is organised around centrally managed, private fiat fractional reserve currencies, this instrument of the global banking elite enslaves by design the public through inflation and inability to repay debts.


The money masters’ attempt to take control of the world with their debt-backed money has given them enormous benefits, resulting in economic imbalances and fiscal atrocities, which can be observed in every corner of the world.


Poverty is globalised, the banking cartel and their 1% elite reap more wealth than the wildest imaginations of the most scrupulous kings and rulers in history.


Under a ‘fractional reserve banking’ system, banks can lend in multiples of the amounts they have in customer deposits. In such a system, banks do not hold enough legal tender (cash) to meet the withdrawal requests of all their depositors.


If many – not necessarily all – depositors were to withdraw their money, the banks will not be able to meet their request. Therefore, fractional reserve banks rely on government securities to give depositors confidence that their money will be available when they need it.


If this security falls away, – which has happened now – and too many depositors withdraw their money, is called a ‘bank run’, and banks may fail, followed by bailouts such as bailins, among others.


In the long run, fractional reserve banking leads to an oversupply of money and rising consumer prices and assets, called inflation. Consumer price inflation is overtly government theft, and harms the less wealthy by increasing their cost of living, while asset price inflation benefits the rich by increasing the paper value of their assets.


Money creation privilege is extra funding for banking sector

Because banks collect interest on money created out of nothing that costs nothing, society pays for it, in the form of taxes and interest charges to offset any expenses. Even interest on public debt created out of nothing as well.


In short, the Khazarian private banks are the direct beneficiaries of the current fractional reserve system, at the expense of all citizens. These criminals have deliberately caused the current financial crisis.


It should be clear, that money cannot retain its value in this environment. If a currency retains its value, authorities have less reason to lie about its performance. They can honestly declare that money is healthy and that their citizens’ savings are getting a little more valuable every year. Savers are rewarded for saving, while borrowers are punished for spending.


When fractional reserve banking is abolished, banks are no longer the spreaders of a flood of newly printed money, are much less powerful, have less incentive to make unwise loans for direct commission income, and control fewer resources.


Fractional Reserve Failures

The fractional reserve system has three flaws that distort the feedback mechanism that is essential for free markets. These flaws are:


  • If too many savers want their money back at once, they are disappointed, and the bank goes bankrupt because it cannot convert its outstanding loans into cash fast enough to meet savers’ demands. Ultimately, this leads to distrust, and bank runs – the system fails.


  • The system itself inevitably destroys its own currency. It can create virtually unlimited amounts of credit, but credit is not wealth. The result is a devaluation of the currency that yields less and less in relation to the real wealth of the economy, resulting in inflation, certainly not an acceptable store of value.



Fake money

If you want to know who the most criminal money scammers on this planet are, and how this works, you should read to the end. There is no greater scam than that perpetrated by central bankers. The Federal Reserve, ECB. BoJ, etc. have “illegally” obtained a monopoly on issuing money and controlling supply. They can increase or decrease their balance sheet for free whenever they want, by buying assets with fake money, which is mostly perpetual government debt.


Central banks have roughly quintupled the adjusted monetary base since 2008, while keeping interest rates near zero. In other words, they constantly manipulate the money supply and interest rates, to bail out banks and finance huge government deficits.


Money is at least half of almost every transaction. Manipulating money is manipulating the entire economic system. The basic unit of the system is a kind of money the world has never had before; the post-1971 fiat dollar and later the euro. It is paper money – worth as much as people think it is worth, managed by people who think it should become worth, less as time passes.


Economist Richard Duncan, in his book ‘The New Depression’, points out that the amount of liquid reserves banks have to hold against their loans is now so small that there are “almost no limit” to the amount of credit the system can and has created. Banks are only required to maintain a certain “capital availability ratio”. This limits their lending to a multiple of their equity, which is their shareholders’ money.


Of course, money is only valuable as long as there is not too much of it. The market can absorb a little fake money. But there is a limit. And that limit has been greatly increased, thanks to:


  • A global overcapacity of production, financed by previous borrowing.
  • A huge glut of cheap labour, also largely generated by the credit expansion of the last 30 years.


Without these two unique circumstances, central banks’ irresponsible policies – QE and ZIRP – would probably have caused inflation to rise into double digits or even higher.


Further, we need not worry about how much governments borrow. Central banks buy bonds from governments – hold them on their balance sheets – return the interest payments – and the whole thing is forgotten. And when those bonds mature, central banks can use the repaid principal to buy more government debt!


In effect, the current group of central bankers is doing something that previous central bankers could only dream of: printing money without causing inflation.


The fraud summarised

The unauthorised “pledging” of citizens’ trust money, to central banks for the creation of debt money, is an unforgivable criminal act by the government.


Pledging collateral for worthless debt money, created from nothing and then made equivalent by linking faith in it with the trust money.


For this manipulation, taxes are created to force citizens to pay for the invented “perpetual” national debt, which is an absolute impossibility in itself, to then pay it off in currency issued by the same central bank, which was created out of nothing!


Then mixed with trust money already in circulation makes this scam invisible.


Collapse of Global banking system

Once the money scam is understood, why should we be obliged to repay these loans? Where did the money come from? It did not come from taxpayers. It came from nowhere, like all the money in the rest of the world. And what if it is not paid back? What difference does that make? NOTHING.


It is recommended that you share and store this article for future reference. Read it as often as necessary to fully understand what has been undertaken to enslave humanity for centuries.

In the new 5D world, money plays no role, as there is enough available for everyone.

This is just the beginning!

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