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February 2023

Our money system proven corrupt

Introduction How Hitler defied the bankers German government issued its own money Own money not backed by gold creates more jobs No debt and no inflation Twist the Truth to repeat History Conclusion and Solution Who controls our money?  … Continue Reading →

The Creation of Mankind

Servants and Workers Noah and the Great Flood The new Earthly Being Story is Secret Important to Know Who and What You Are At the Source We are All One    Servants and Workers The aim was to develop a… Continue Reading →

Liberation Planet Earth

Introduction Pleiadian mechanics of multi-dimensionality Earth Alliance Space Weather Intel Introduction Over the centuries, the Pleiadeans have always been a guiding light for the beings on planet Earth, bringing clarity and hope to our inner world! The following information comes… Continue Reading →

Finally the Mob is Waking Up

The Dam is starting to burst The Time for Action has Come! Human spirit Invisible Hierarchy New World Order   The Dam about to break The awakening of the masses is what the world has been waiting for. When the… Continue Reading →

Light, Change and Healing for planet Earth and Humanity

Money out of Thin Air Ancient Khazar Empire On history Money scam enslaves population Deep State in Control Money fraud Khazar controlled society Control matrix   Money fout of Thin Air The report of what will happen in 2023 will… Continue Reading →

Planet Earth moves in 5D New Era

The new Earth is born History Lies and Deception Turnaround has begun   The new earth is born Current events that many can already observe are converging towards the completion of the planetary cycle. Every day more and more information… Continue Reading →

The storm is upon us!

End of Covid Genocide Own government greatest enemy of the people Popular awakening erupts The duty of awakening Divide and rule, deception by reverse name change Secrets of the United Nations   End of Covid Genocide Millions worldwide are discovering… Continue Reading →

All souls come from the Light

Our spiritual nature is the only true make-up All Souls come from the Light Every honest Soul has the Protection from Angels You are not going to believe what came through the 4th Dimension   Our spiritual nature is the… Continue Reading →

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