Our spiritual nature is the only true make-up

All Souls come from the Light

Every honest Soul has the Protection from Angels

You are not going to believe what came through the 4th Dimension


Our spiritual nature is the only true make-up

Who we really are is hidden from us. Our spiritual nature is our only true make-up. That is why Deep State powers spend a lot of time and money to make us forget everything. They use subtle techniques to keep our minds captive. That is where the real magic lies. If you cannot see this in time, you are defeated. It is all illusion. Soon people will discover their true origins, who and what they really are, and what is actually going on.


The oldest secret in the world concerns our origins, which have been hidden from us for hundreds of centuries. Neither theories on this, the ‘theory of evolution’ nor the ‘theory of creation’ explain the true origin of the human individual. Darwin’s theory of survival of the fittest, does not explain how humans overcame the thousands of flaws within the human DNA structure, while creation theory ignores the impressive number of ancient fossils and artefacts, found all over the world. There is clearly a need for a new reliable model about our origins.


The correct answer may also offer the solution to the issue of the ‘missing link’ between primitive and modern man, namely that this link does not exist.

Many of the mysteries of our planet are related to artefacts that are thousands of years old. Such as, among others, the clay tablets found and translated, on which, among other things, the apparent positions of the planets Venus and Saturn with their seven satellites are described. Which apparently were observed in ancient Babylon without a telescope?


At the end of the 19th century, Sumerian was recognised as an original language and work began on its translation. Despite pre-existing knowledge, the general public still knows very little about this first great human civilisation that emerged abruptly in Mesopotamia. It is intriguing to learn more about this. A six-thousand-year-old civilisation, originally known to Egyptians, Greeks and Romans of later times.


This information is recorded in the Sumerian cuneiform script. The papyrus scrolls of other ancient Empires decayed over time, or were deliberately destroyed by wars and fire. Cuneiform writing was scratched with a marker onto wet clay tablets from which a wedge-shaped script emerged. These tablets were then dried, fired and kept in large libraries. About five hundred thousand of these tablets have since been found and have provided researchers with extremely valuable knowledge about the Sumerians.


Even to this day, many of these tablets have not been translated, as the sheer volume is beyond the capacity of a handful of expert translators. One must remember that the Sumerian alphabet was a shortened spelling of a much older original written language consisting of pictograms, i.e. small symbols like the emoji on your phone today, which resembled Chinese characters at the time. This gives translation a lot of room for interpretation.


Archaeological research has shown that around 4000 BC, the Tigris-Euphrates valley consisted of swamps, which were drained by dug canals, built dams and dykes, in short, a large-scale hydraulic irrigation system, as well as large cities like today were built at that time.


All souls come from the Light

The knowledge of the universe back then is both amazing and puzzling. The whole concept of spherical astronomy, including the 360º circle, the celestial arc, the horizon, the celestial axis, the poles, the ecliptic, the day and night phenomenon, etc., suddenly emerged in Sumer, notes author Alford. Sumerian knowledge of the movements of the sun and moon resulted in the world’s first calendar, which was then used for centuries, by Semites, Egyptians and Greeks alike.


Even though it seems that no ready solution exists from this situation, however, the energy for the necessary breakthrough is building up among humanity. One day that no one can predict, completely unexpectedly, the full extent of the lies will come to light and being noticed by the masses, as they realise they have been conned by their authorities.


The now incarnated souls on our Third Dimensional Planet have forgotten who they are, where they came from and what they came here to do. That is the rule in this 3D School, for it is exactly what learning is: creating something while the soul is subject to the veil of forgetfulness.


All souls come from the Light. Even those who have been in other worlds of Trial and Reconciliation before, long before they came into Dimensions of 5D and above. Remember that only a fractal of an exalted soul can descend into worlds of the Third Dimension, because the risk of staying in low-frequency territory is great.






Beloved ones!


“Happy are the meek and pure in heart, for they shall inherit the new earth.”


The Divine Plan for the Earth will be fulfilled regardless of man’s actions. Humanity only plays the role of tenant of this Planetary House. All souls incarnated here are in transit. Their stay here, even though it may last for more than a thousand incarnations, must be limited to the time period specified in the Creation Project.


When the period of atonement and trials on this earthly school is completed, at that point all lessons required for the instruction of these souls are concluded. At that point, there no longer exists an incarnated soul that has not had all the opportunities offered during successive incarnations. This justifies the end of a cycle, and the beginning of a new era.


The time has arrived and the transition is accelerating every day. Each soul is an individual consciousness, but somehow each soul has learned what it is to live, survive, create and progress in a Third Dimensional World, subject to the veil of oblivion and in all the experiences of material life. In order to evolve ethically and morally despite the temptations of many shortcuts in life.


Contrary to what we have been taught, life is continuous. Only the physical body undergoes known death. The soul, with its etheric body, moves on, beyond the grave to the astral belts of earth in accordance with the frequency at the time of disincarnation.


Freed from the weight of matter, the consciousness expands enough to remember previous lives in physicality, and also foresees a future sufficient to offer in detail the events to come, to draw up a new incarnation plan.


The wheel of reincarnations has existed since souls arrived here. After Earth’s Planetary Transition, which is already in its final phase, there will be no need for dis-incarnation, as the soul will all the time consciously remember everything, both its past in previous lives and worlds, and as well as know the future within a certain future time.


Even subjected to the veil of oblivion, Divine Providence has never failed the souls who decided to experience earth school. All have imperceptibly, during sleep, always been in touch with other souls, other worlds, and with their selfless Spiritual Guides.


Yes, your work, studies and teachings will be guided and planted during your sleep in the coming days, far more than you can imagine.


But there is one piece of information few still know the details of. Namely, where and what they will do during sleep.


It has been said in previous texts that everything is affinity, either by vibration or frequencies. Isn’t that how people gather in groups during the day or even at night? But when they are awake, it is no different from when they sleep, because it is not the body that learns the lessons, but the soul that is in that body.


Those who take pleasure in evil deeds cannot even imagine where their soul goes while they sleep. If they knew one comma of it, they would surely be horrified. Evil is also a science. As well as good, for it is just the other polarity of good. It is there that each incarnate person specialises even more in the practices that are practised in daily life.


On the other hand, those who devote themselves to practices of good deeds also go to those same places of instruction in what they enjoy during the day. They are instructed and supported by Phalanxes of Good Spirits, Angels and Archangels.


Every honest soul has protection from the angels!

At no time is the good soul helpless. So that it will have the courage, faith, determination and resolve to follow the path of ascension. In these unconscious encounters, it is nurtured, guided, comforted and instructed so that it does not give up.




While those who take pleasure in evil deeds have the corresponding instructions to perfect the evil they practise, the Righteous seek guidance to remain steadfast in their ascension.


Only ascension will free the soul trapped in the world of atonements and trials. The way back home is mandatory after learning all the lessons learned here. That is the rule of this school for souls. And each of them knew and accepted the curriculum given to them before accepting the experience in the Third Dimension.


Forgetting the past, both of lives here on Earth and in other previous worlds, gives each soul the opportunity to gain and live the experience demanded for each incarnation. This is the secret we have yet to decipher.


It is necessary to trust in the Divine PLAN. And above all, understand that everything is offered to us, including learning while we sleep. Understand that while sleeping, each will hear his teachers in the Astral of the Earth. Each provides himself with what he wants. But above all, to be aware that the FIRST enjoy the protection of the angels.


I am Vital Frosi and my mission is enlightenment.


You are not going to believe what came through the 4th Dimension