Abundance and prosperity

Quantum Financial System

Ascension of trained souls 

Abundance and prosperity

Humanity has massively given away its common sense and responsibility to corrupt governments. Consider the wider implications of this behaviour for human existence. When we give away our sanity and responsibility, we also give away our freedom and essentially our lives.


Planet Earth has arrived at the most important crossroads in civilisation. With the aim of enriching themselves, the globalists, with the help of the political establishment, have caused great damage to the planet, our society, industry, culture, etc. Now, however, they are beginning to panic as their corruption is recognised and confirmed all over the world.


The oppressors, the cheaters, the exploiters, the slavers, in short all power exercised by a few over all others will cease to exist. Mother Earth, as the source of feminine energy, will give her children everything they need.


When all ruling powers are removed, and competition gives way to co-operation; then, finally, time will turn into Abundance and Prosperity!


We are waiting for the mass awakening to trigger the great breakthrough, otherwise we would have already been freed from our age-old money slavery and oppression. Remember; This is our only and unique opportunity for successful and absolute removal from the criminal Deep State cabal.


If all the awakened, wake up one sleeper, sufficient majority for our complete success is guaranteed. At least 70% awake participation guarantees a smooth transition to better. Without major chaotic complications,


We have already won the battle against the Deep State mafia, but the breakthrough can only come, without a fight, if the cabal collapses of its own accord or, if the mob awakens in large numbers. The moment, when either of these will happen, only GOD knows who makes the final decision. At that moment, the breakthrough is final fact and reality.


This moment in history, offers the best and only chance to save our civilisation. It is now or never; Hopefully the whole world realises that the acting powers, with their introduction of the New World Order, are out to destroy humanity among other things effectuated by Covid toxic injections. Promoted with many lies by the corporate media, which are not in the least interested in journalism, but only in sponsoring the political agenda; namely, the destruction of civilisation and humanity.


Repairing the damage to all peoples on our planet may take a long time. But everything will eventually be corrected, at least if humanity wakes up en masse, and takes back control, backed by the introduction of the new QFS money system, and replacement of the now prevailing maritime law with land law.


Quantum Financial System

QFS has no comparison to anything that has ever been presented to the world to date. It has no adversary; it has no equivalent in advanced technology that any other system previously possessed. It is designed off-world, so brand new on planet Earth. It is superior in applied technology so that it offers 100 per cent financial security and transparency to all currency account holders. With the QFS, the world can easily be turned into gold-backed currencies that completely side lines the functioning of the Cabal’s old central banking system.


There is no comparable technology to explain and understand the sophisticated structure of QFS.


  • QFS is the new global gold or asset-backed money transfer network that has already been set up and is functioning in Russia, China and other allied countries to replace the centrally controlled Swift system.


  • QFS operates on a quantum computer, placed on a satellite in orbit, and is protected from hackers by a secret space programme. This quantum technology was provided by benevolent alien Galactics.


  • The aim of the new financial system is to end corruption, usury and manipulation by criminals within the banking world. Its strength is the applied restrictions that prevent corrupt bankers from making substantial profits.


  • QFS is completely independent of the existing centralised banking system and makes all other transfer systems such as SWIFT and crypto blockchains redundant.


Moreover, after the coming money revaluation (RV), all sovereign currencies will be gold or asset-backed, with fixed exchange rates, which guarantees sustainable value, and obviates the need for unsecured cryptos. Remember; cryptos are nothing more than numbers in computer memories.


With the activation of QFS, the Galactic Alliance has completely eliminated the Central Banking System designed by the Deep State to destroy the global economy and keep the world’s population in debt bondage.


A little-known reality is that QFS has been running parallel to the Central Banking System for quite some time, and has endured many hacking attempts by the Cabal ne prevented. As a result, numerous bankers have been caught red-handed during illegal money transfers and arrested on the spot.


It is less known, that this QFS money transfer system was intended as preparation for the takeover of the central bank debt money system to put a definitive end to financial frauds, debt slavery and population control.


Ascension of trained souls

At the end of this Planetary Cycle is an increase in Ascension of the souls who have incarnated here on Earth and passed the transition exam to 5D. There will be great opportunities for those who have successfully completed their exams and achieved optimal consciousness. It is estimated that about a third of humanity will be ready to complete their transition to the 5D-world. These are the ones who will inherit the new 5 D earth.


A time of Abundance is coming for all who recognise the concept of value. With the removal of the world rulers, prosperity will finally reach all who are ready at the level of cooperative consciousness. They will be the beneficiaries of this abundance.


This includes complete contentment in the new age, both professionally and in relationships. Perfect health and finances are included in the abundance package. It would be useless to have a good bank balance and feel unhappy in other things.


Not everyone is able to see the new reality. If their consciousness is stuck in the Third Dimension, they cannot understand the new 5D reality. It will only be visible to those who are already in the higher frequency that leads to the New Earth.


There is no point in arguing between 5D minds and 3D minds. Just understand that everything is in motion and the wheel will not stop until it reaches its destination.

Unbelievable! It will be tremendous. The day is coming