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December 2022

The New Beginning

From 2023 on only Love, Light and Liberty   Who we are and where we came from The consciousness trap The New Age Movement Our origins to ancient times The true prophets of this world   Who we are and… Continue Reading →

Why the Gold Standard became abolished

Modern Slavery Your Wealth is Drained Global non-compliance breaks the system We need to Unite   Modern Slavery The move away from the gold standard in 1971 by Nixon severed the fundamental tie between the economy and the money. Without… Continue Reading →

The Change from Unconscious to Conscious

Merry Christmas The Purpose of our Life is Consciousness The Journey to Consciousness     Christmas Light The process of transforming planet Earth and ourselves is making progress, which only the awakened perceive. The intention is to awaken more people…. Continue Reading →

Who has the Last Word?

Will the Third Dimension Continue to Exist?   The Power of Government is Broken Unfortunately, the majority of the population is unaware that their government charged with the task of running the country or state, is not serving the people… Continue Reading →

History of Mankind from A to Z

Pleiadeans tell humanity’s true past The Pléiadiens body formation, solar-empowered alchemy   The creation of mankind The goal was to develop a barely intelligent worker who could use tools, be easily controlled and follow orders. Initially, in the first created… Continue Reading →

Doctor Honoris Causa Degree for Master Lightworkers

Lightworkers liberate planet Earth               On Earth, we Lightworkers have received the help of our extraterrestrial Palladian brothers and sisters with their crucial ability to activate spiritual and mental powers in the world. They are intimately connected to our community of… Continue Reading →

Planetary Consensus

Climate Change is Deception Man-made global warming is a Hoax It is the Sun Imbecile Weather modification   Climate Change and Carbon Dioxide Poisoning are Deception Have no fear; Global Warming; nowadays ‘Climate Change’ is not true. It is dressed… Continue Reading →

Transforming Planet Earth

The Light is within You Breaking Very Exciting Good News! The 5th Dimensional Earth has arrived   The Breakthrough Even though it seems that no solution exists from this situation, where the dark powers still seemingly have the upper hand,… Continue Reading →

Planetary Shift to 5D

The Pléiadiens – Always vibrate high! Message to the Starseeds of the New Earth   Consciousness and Oneness Consciousness and Oneness are the biggest enemy of the Deep State Cabal’s social engineering programmes. Their fake Covid pandemic is affecting humanity’s… Continue Reading →

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