The Light is within You

Breaking Very Exciting Good News!

The 5th Dimensional Earth has arrived


The Breakthrough

Even though it seems that no solution exists from this situation, where the dark powers still seemingly have the upper hand, the reality is clearly different; their battle is lost and we have won!


The energy for this breakthrough is now building-up among humanity. One day that no one can predict, completely unexpectedly, the full extent of the lies will come to light and be seen by the masses, and realise that they have been grandiosely conned by their authorities.


At that point, by supremacy of the people, everything will turn for the better and everyone will turn towards the Light. Consider the period now as preparation, but know that the breakthrough will definitely happen.


The Deep State Cabal matrix has been broken, it is now only about the mass awakening of the people. They must be able to see the criminal thugs who have caused them untold harm with their own eyes to know who and where they are.


The deeper you are rooted in yourself the more connected you are to your soul, the greater is your understanding about cosmic connections, and the easier and more harmonious will be your life.


Everything is about independent free thinking; unfortunately, few have been taught that. Maria Montessori, with her emphasis on autonomous thinking and individual intuition, took advantage of children’s natural eagerness to learn, to teach this experiential knowledge and demote the classical follower attitude.


The power of the Deep State will give way the day the population rises up en masse, and shows, that planet earth belongs to them. Remember that many are yet to tune in to this positive transformation, and that takes time.


Our returning extraterrestrial correspondent Vital Frosi below is helping humanity on Earth prepare for the new 5 D World.





Beloved ones!

The incarnated souls on this Third Dimensional Planet have forgotten who they are, where they came from and what they came here to do. That is the rule in this School, for it is exactly what learning is: creating something while the soul is subject to the veil of forgetfulness.


All souls come from the Light. Even those who have been in other worlds of Testing and Expansion before, long before they were in Dimensions 5D and above. Remember, only a fractal of an exalted soul can descend to worlds of the Third Dimension, for the risk of remaining in that low-frequency realm is too great.


From the Light we came and to the Light we will one day return. Each in his own time, for there are no time limits. What happens is that the 3D schools also make their transition and when this happens, souls have to migrate to other schools that are still at the same level. Then there is the exile of souls, like those of Cappella who came here in the past.


Now Earth is also making the transition to 5D, and will cease to be a World of Atonement and Tribulation. As she transitions into a World of Regeneration, the souls who have reached the highest frequency will rise with the New Earth. On the other hand, those who are not yet ready will have to leave and face exile.


The souls preparing for ascension feel the changes more and more intensely. They feel that something big is coming and they also feel an incredible need to transform themselves. Something very strong is pushing these souls to seek more knowledge and reason for inner transformation. It is a thirst for knowledge that seems insatiable.


With that also come insecurities and fears. Although the soul has much unconscious knowledge, the consciousness still possesses all the experiences gained in this current incarnation. It also has the memories and records of experiences of previous lives in the physical world. These are beliefs that still live in every incarnated soul.


Instinct is natural in every being. Like a compass guiding the walk, it is often confusing because it can indicate several directions at once. It is the influence of the mind addicted to what has already been experienced and lived over the course of successive incarnations of the soul.


These timelines can overlap and create a jumble of situations and options. Everything has to be resolved in this current incarnation. We come now to find the line that leads to the 5D gate. These are also exciting and decisive times. Something big is coming and the soul knows it. Since we do not remember the divine project nor our own soul plan, it is natural that most incarnates now feel great anticipation, often transformed into deep anxiety.


At certain times, this anxiety can even turn into unpleasant fear. This is also one of the reasons for the increase in suicides. Others may feel great anger, disappointment and sadness, which can lead to deep depression or even madness.


Therefore, we need to understand the present moment of humanity and planetary transition. If this is the long-awaited moment, since we accepted to come here to experience duality, why are we so anxious?


If the best is yet to come, where is our faith in the Divine Plan?

If we have come this far and the worst is over, why so much fear?


There are many answers, but the truth is only one. We are in the last hour of night, and darkness still prevents us from seeing the Light, but it will soon appear radiant as a new dawn.


We still have the veils of oblivion wrapped around our consciousness, but soon they will be quickly lifted one by one. It will then be the moment when we can remember who we really are.


But until then, and it won’t be long, as many think, we still have to grope here and there in search of this long-awaited Light. Many still search for it disorderly. They keep going round and round because they don’t know which way to go. But the secret will be revealed. And little by little, everyone will realise that the Light is within everyone.


Don’t look for anything outside yourself! Just look for some parameters to help you find your place, for you have all the necessary baggage to ascend. You have gathered all the experience needed to reach the frequency of the New Earth. Search in that soul baggage and all the tools will be there. The light is there and wait for you to find it.


The light is within you because it has always been there. You never lost it! You just forgot that you always had it with you. You came with it and with it you come home. You only experienced the shadow while forgetting that you have always been Light. You came to experience what it is like to create in a 3D world. You discovered that the Light creates much more in the Shadow than in the Light itself. You are the Light! You have always been Light and you will never stop being Light.


Do not be encircled by those who take pleasure in the non-Light. Find reasons to feel the Light that you are. Don’t let the dark news encircle you. Don’t spread or share messages that hide the Light.


Those who do not belong to the Light have only those tools left to survive on this Planet. Do not prolong their stay here. Do not feed them with low energy like from entities.


You are Light, you only have to convince yourself of that! You do not depend on anything from outside to achieve your ascension. Trust the plan. And trust the Light that is within you!


I am Vital Frosi and my mission is enlightenment!


Breaking Very Exciting Good News!

The 5th Dimensional Earth has arrived