The Pléiadiens – Always vibrate high!

Message to the Starseeds of the New Earth


Consciousness and Oneness

Consciousness and Oneness are the biggest enemy of the Deep State Cabal’s social engineering programmes. Their fake Covid pandemic is affecting humanity’s social consciousness. Some knowledge and understanding is required to identify the true meaning of programmes by the world elite so as not to fall victim to them.


The Anunnaki lowered the Earth frequency and changed polarisation from positive to negative; primed for war and destruction. The more people are killed, the better; the easier the rest can be controlled and manipulated.


Money based on debt puts people in debt and makes them debt slaves. Conspiracy theorists are classified as negative doomsayers, when the opposite is true, they are the real truth-seekers.


Humanity has been intensely deeply brainwashed, so deeply that positive has become negative. The sheep live in a world of illusion, where democracy is promoted as freedom, when in reality it is dictatorship, where 51% rule over the other 49%. The reason why Anarchy was changed to rebellion, when in fact it means self-governance!


The majority of humanity is still unaware, what really is happening around them. They live their lives unaware that they are being controlled and used as slaves. This Matrix is now rotten to the core, but Evil will not surrender peacefully. The full transition will take place, when you reach a required vibrational level. It is extremely important for everyone to stay in high positive thoughts.

The sooner humanity becomes aware of the lies and deceit, the better it will be for all of us. Don’t be afraid; let it be a challenge for each of you to contribute to reach our maximum potential. Our world is filled with a huge amount of filth, lies, deception, disinformation, distortion, fake news, half-truths, fraud, false images, deceptive mirages, propaganda and brainwashing.

Your consciousness is taught in the school of the third dimension; those who pass the final exams go on to the new world of the fifth dimension where life is sovereign.


Love, affection, respect, sincerity and helpfulness are the pillars. Many 3D relationships break up when one partner passes and the other has to repeat the 3D school on another 3D planet. New, more enduring relationships become the norm in 5D. Only a third of us are expected to succeed.


You incarnates are here on Earth to explore and experience a world of duality, where trials and reconciliations are the rule and the driving lever of this learning. A world of polarities where consciousness evolves through opposing experiences.


Sometimes you are incarnated in one state, sometimes in another.


You are brave! And knew beforehand that the Terran School is one of the most difficult in the Universe. But you also knew that you would never lack support, even if you forgot who you really are. You were never alone!


There was a true protective mechanism that always guided you and will continue to guide you until the end of this journey, i.e. until your homecoming.


Our Exterrestrial guest author Michel Love transmits the transition from the old world to the new in more detail in the exposé below.



The Pléiadiens – Always vibrate high!

Pleiadian Light Forces transmissions 11242022

Passed on by Michael Love


A special message to the Starseeds of the New Earth, for immediate planetary transmission.


Over the centuries, the Pléiadiens have brought inspiring and hopeful messages to humanity but now we give you this special Pleiadian teaching on personal vibration and ascension.


Beginning of transmission…


Great One,

Earth humanity was created 450,000 years ago by advanced fifth-dimensional geneticists who came to Earth. These first earth humans were created with only two of their 12 possible DNA strands activated, creating lower levels of consciousness.


These earth humans with two DNA strands were the natives on planet Earth; their descendants still inhabit Earth today.  However, another species of human came later and started living on Earth with the indigenous humanity. This other species is just as human as the native earth humans, but is not from planet Earth. These otherworldly humans came from fifth-dimensional galaxies to assist Earth humans in their conscious evolution. These benevolent star beings are called Starseeds, and they are no less than angelic beings in human form.


“This humanity was created slightly lower than the angels, but was crowned with glory and honour.”


The Pleiadians

Fifth-dimensional Starseeds knew before they came to Earth that the best way to help raise the vibrational level of the original Earth humans was to blend in as one of them to provide this help from within.


Star children agreed to lower their density and descend to the lower physical realm, incarnated as the children of native earth people. This coming down to earth was accompanied by a state of amnesia about the journey itself and about who and what they really are. Moreover, the Starseeds agreed to begin their journey on Earth without their higher supernatural abilities intact.


About 4.5 billion of these Starseeds are walking on Earth today; but because they have lived so close to third-dimensional humans for so long, many assume that this is what they are. A Starseed human is certainly no better than a native human; only they usually have an extra primary strand of DNA active, and operate at a higher level of consciousness.

This difference in species is perceptible through one’s consciousness, which is why young Starseeds are often the black sheep of human families. They usually feel that they don’t belong or that there must be something wrong with them. Over time, and as one’s consciousness evolves, the truth behind this otherness is revealed, and then one accepts and even begins to embrace who and what one really is.


You are a divine being who came to earth with a great mission. You are here on earth to help humanity develop its consciousness to experience this process with them. As part of the earth collective, you are working to evolve your own being back to the higher realms you came from.


Make no mistake, this was the most difficult mission ever undertaken in the Universe, and you knew what all was involved before you came here. Before you left on your mission to Earth, you made a beautiful plan that included every detail of every life you would experience here. You planned the wonderful things that would happen to you, and you also planned the not so wonderful things. One might ask:


“Why would I set myself up for adversity in this way?”


We know the answer, and we were with you to help you plan. You did this because in the state of perfection, where you come from, there is no duality or contrast, and you wanted to experience the duality and contrast of the third dimension and see how you could overcome it.


You contemplated what it would be like to come down from a perfected state and lower your vibrational density. You were aware that lowering your vibration equals pain and suffering. You contemplated the benefit of relieving the suffering of others first, so after your contemplation, you yourself made the courageous sacrifice on behalf of all humanity and the cosmos.


Then you closed your eyes, took a deep breath, and along with all the others, you jumped, from heaven to earth and came down here!


Here you are now, standing strong and conquering the whole world! Since you got here, you have changed things dramatically and positively. You have not only raised your vibrational level and evolved your being to higher levels of consciousness, but you have also raised the vibration of this entire realm.


The Pleiadians have a primary and simple teaching that says:


“always vibrate high!”

A high vibration is a basic requirement for conscious evolution and ascension, and beyond this basic requirement, if their vibration level is high enough, they have access to abilities no less than supernatural. They could shift at will into alternate realities, and the body could become immortal. All this is just the beginning!


What is a personal high vibration? It is simply the acceleration of one’s subatomic frequency, which enables higher levels of consciousness.


What does this high vibration feel like? This high vibration is the most amazing feeling of all! It is the feeling you experience when you fall in love. It is the feeling you have when you listen to a great song. It is a feeling of awe and bliss and it is when you are in the flow, in the zone! It’s when your spine tingles with pleasant chills, when a tear wells up in your eyes and when a lump is in your throat! It is the highest feeling in the Universe.


To progress to faster vibrating dimensions and perceive and experience their wondrous realities, one must practise certain practices that will raise one’s own vibration. Nothing is more important than raising one’s vibration because one can attain amazing levels of perfection; ultimate, this perfection has no end.


Here are the primary ascension techniques to raise one’s internal vibration.


One is what one eats, so eating high vibrational food is necessary for light body development and ascension. The golden rule is always to eat natural energy foods, known as super foods. Super foods contain the highest vibrational energy and nutritional levels and promote optimal cellular functioning in the human body. Always drink plenty of pure, natural water rich in magnesium, potassium, calcium, sodium and other trace elements.


Another solid way to increase cellular vibration and raise the level of consciousness is by being in nature. If you look closely, you will see that everything powerful, good and healthy comes from nature. Nature radiates the field and essence of life itself. This knowing is the knowledge of the master. Nature attunes you to the power of the Universe and heals everything that ails you, so just be close to it.


Yoga on solar energy is a quick and powerful way to raise your vibration. Solar yoga is Vedic yoga, Vedic Dharma, called the yoga of the sun, and was called by the ancient Lemurians, the yoga of Light. Ancient solar yoga receives intelligent cosmic information through the human eye.


“The universe is mind, and meditation is the tool to operate it.”


Pleiadian Deep Transcendental Meditation is a primary and powerful way to raise one’s vibration, greatly increasing the level of consciousness.


Meditation also produces profound, tangible healing results. Many master meditators can heal sick or damaged body parts in minutes, not only in their own bodies but also in those of others.


Moreover, transcendental meditation can completely re-programme the subconscious mind and enable rapid physical manifestation of anything imaginable.

Meditation creates special states of consciousness that allow direct access to the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind controls almost all physical life and is the source of all physical manifestations. Practice visualising and focusing on your desires while meditating to greatly improve your manifestation skills.


Crystals are powerful natural ascension tools that modulate etheric energy in various ways to benefit the body’s auric field. Know the different structures and functions of crystals and keep your favourites near the body’s electromagnetic field.


Authentic breathwork is the prelude to deep meditations and is a powerful way to raise your vibration quickly. Breathing in and out, slowly and deeply, changes one’s brain waves or vibratory rate, which is the induction to different meditative states of consciousness. This slow and deep breath work is also known to be one of the fastest healing techniques for body and mind.


Sound is another powerful ascension tool that can directly raise vibrational levels. Sound is a primary creative force of consciousness that can be used in various ascension modalities, including music, singing, mantras, chants, amplification, positive affirmations, toning and binaural beats. Like a resonating tuning fork, the body’s DNA tunes into different sound frequencies.


Forms of art, energetic movement, and being creative or creating things are also powerful ways to raise one’s vibration. As a divine creative being, one is most attuned and fulfilled when creating. This is because, as a universal creator, this is your primary nature.


The Pleiadians teach that Light is information and darkness is simply the lack of information. To have light, and to be light, one must spend time every day gathering authentic knowledge on many subjects. Gathering original knowledge raises one’s vibration and expands one’s level of consciousness.


Most importantly, have fun with it!


“Have fun all the time!”

The Pléiadiens

Let’s face it; if something or someone is not fun, its vibration is low! In everything we have presented here, it is crucial to approach it all like a little kid and just have ultimate fun with it.


If it’s not fun, see why not, and start making it fun. Laugh and play every day with whatever you do, and just have fun. We can’t think of anything better than these words.


Do only what you love and enjoy every moment of life. Live life to the fullest, because that is the whole purpose of life. Doing things you enjoy and things that make you feel good will make every particle in your cell work faster than the speed of light!


“Ascension requires love and love is the highest vibration.”


The Pléiadiens

Love with all your strength and all your being! Love yourself and others with all your heart, mind and soul, for this fulfils all the laws of the Universe! You only get what you give, and this is the secret of love. Give yourself nice things and do nice things for yourself.


An important form of love is blocking and protecting yourself from lower toxic energies. Learn to say no and set some new safe energy boundaries in your life. Don’t allow lower, draining energies, including toxic people, environmental toxins and third-dimensional matrix toxins within your space.


You are the highest being in the entire Universe, so start behaving accordingly! Be sovereign in your actions.


Dear one,

Thank you for coming to Earth at this time to assist all humanity. We applaud you for your effort and courage and for all that you have achieved. You have changed this world just by being present. Without you, high vibrations would not be possible here and for that we thank you.


Take a vibrational inventory of the teachings above and see if there is a way to raise the vibration a little more! You will be happy when you have done so.


Keep up your good work, because it works! Imagine what happens if this ‘high-vibe’ idea catches on? We tell you it catches on, catches on and it pleases, so don’t stop!


* Feel free to share these thoughts on what we have said. Share your experiences and let us know how you fare on your great spiritual journey.



Michael and the Pleiadians


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Michael Love; Only the pure souls will make it.

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