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New Earth

Planetary Shift to 5D

The Pléiadiens – Always vibrate high! Message to the Starseeds of the New Earth   Consciousness and Oneness Consciousness and Oneness are the biggest enemy of the Deep State Cabal’s social engineering programmes. Their fake Covid pandemic is affecting humanity’s… Continue Reading →

No Deep State Criminal will Escape

The last lesson of the ancient third dimension Extraterrestrials are thousands of years ahead of us in knowledge and technologies   Mass awakening will bring the reversal The foundation of the new 5D world is based on gratitude, joy and… Continue Reading →

Fifth Dimension Transition Explained

Transmission from the Pleiadian Light Forces; Conveyed by Michael Love Translated and edited by Peter B. Meyer   A special message for immediate planetary distribution to all Starseeds of the new Earth   Introduction The Pleiadians are masters of reality… Continue Reading →

The destiny of mankind

Our transformation has now begun   Message from Vital Frosi Received and edited by Peter B. Meyer – 3 November 2021   For this final stage of Change, we have entered an unchanging timeline; The ancient Armageddon prophecies will not… Continue Reading →

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