The last lesson of the ancient third dimension

Extraterrestrials are thousands of years ahead

of us in knowledge and technologies


Mass awakening will bring the reversal

The foundation of the new 5D world is based on gratitude, joy and support for others.

For many of you it feels like nothing is changing, the corrupted souls are still in charge and controlling events worldwide, because not everything is seen, what is going on. Fortunately, every day new groups of people rise up against the World Order and the fake Covid pandemic that dictates how we should live our lives.


Much has been achieved, but deliberately little publicised. Here is a brief summary of the great progress that has been made on various fronts.


Many readers will not want to believe it, that humanity has been deliberately kept dumb. Whereas, other extraterrestrial civilisations are at least many thousand years ahead of our knowledge and technology available on planet Earth. So if something sounds implausible, consider it a fact.


Planet Earth is completely sealed off by our alien brothers and sisters, with their vast armada of, mostly, invisible spaceships. No creature can escape the Earth’s atmosphere without permission. Those who wanted to flee to Mars, like Jeff Bezos of Amazon, were sent back. All bases on the Moon and Mars are in the hands of the Galactic Federation and made inaccessible to Deep State Cabal Elites.


Our planet is in the process of its transformation into 5D. The cabal leaders are trying to escape in a hurry, because they know their time is up and there is nothing more they can save. Only the puppets at lower levels are still trying to take the lead, which is no longer possible. The plan was to wipe out 90% of the population and intern the rest in special labour camps.


Their 2030 agenda has failed, the alliance continues to clean up secret cells.


The Quantum Financial System, free energy, new internet etc have been ready for implementation for months.


Continue to trust the PLAN and do your part by sending Light and Love to each other to ease the transition to the New 5-D World.


No criminal against humanity will escape. Every involved accomplice from top to bottom in the bogus COVID pandemic will be arrested and sentenced to death. Including those who administered the poisonous syringes.


Mass awakening will bring the reversal. All those who are insufficiently awake will be systematically removed from planet Earth, they will have to repeat the 3rd dimension all over again on another planet, until they have learned their lessons. Earth has been an educational planet to higher realms. Those who plan to ascend to 5D are advised to reread this article a few times, before planet Earth moves permanently to 5D and higher.


The earth’s frequency is slowly raised to about 40 Hz, to prepare the awake among us for the 5D world. Extra-terrestrials present on our planet such as the criminal Dracos and Grays cannot live at a frequency higher than 8 Hz and are thus automatically eliminated.


The cabal is defeated, what is still taking place are rear-guard actions by puppets who do not yet know that their leadership has been definitively eliminated, so they too have lost. Nothing stands in the way of the purification and transformation of our planet anymore.


The speed of completion of this final phase depends on the timing and extent of our mass awakening, the turning point is actually in our hands.


If one does not fight for one’s own liberation, freedom has no value for humanity. Great upheavals will take place on planet Earth. Many new technologies will be introduced and new professions created.


Our Consciousness and Oneness are direct obstacles for the Deep State plans. Millions of puppets and criminals have already been executed without any fuss. The most famous figures that are still walking around are clones, to keep the sheep population calm.


When they realise that they have voluntarily allowed themselves to be poisoned by Covid injections, the state of Marshall Law comes into force to keep chaos to a minimum. An exciting and unique time is about to begin.



Our Exterrestrial correspondent Vital Frosi tells us more.


The last lesson of the ancient third dimension


Beloved ones!

Those who have passed through the School of Souls in the Third Dimension are about to ascend to Higher Dimensions. The clock is ticking, as the New Earth appears on the horizon. A long cycle of trials and penances is being completed. The Great Master Sananda, who incarnated two thousand years ago as Jesus of Nazareth, has left us a legacy and assurance:

“There will be a New Earth

This New Earth will be part of the Higher Worlds, there will be no more pain or suffering. At the end of the Old Cycle there will be two destinations for humanity: – The humble and the pure in heart will inherit the New Earth.


Those who have not yet reached the required frequency will have to leave, because their consciousness has not yet grasped all the teachings made available. This is the concept of metaphor concerning the separation of the wheat from the chaff.


In the past few weeks we have seen much activity concerning this end of times. Of that, I will try today to convey to you who are with me that which has struck me most. I have given it a title to develop the text, but I could have used any other definition. I will interpret it as


THE LAST LESS LESSON of the old 3D world.

I don’t know what the situation is today in the schools where you or your children study. But in the days when I was a student, even those who had already learned their lessons had to take a series of tests at the end of the school year to prove that they were qualified to climb a higher rung on the ladder of learning. In short, to test the pupil’s abilities and see if he or she can move on to the next level.


Nothing could be more different in a School of Souls, as the Earth has been until now. The cycle of limited consciousness in the Third Dimension is closing, and nothing will be limited as before, for in 5D and above, consciousness will be vastly expanded. So much so that a 3D mind cannot even imagine the capacity of 5D consciousness.


There will be a certain moment or even several events that will finally lift the veils, and then a new landscape of consciousness will emerge. This will be the moment when our anemic (blood) version will integrate with its higher version. This integration will unite the learning of the 3D fractal with a higher dimensional fractal. The union of these sciences will merge so that they become one, but at a frequency compatible with the dimensions of 5D to 9D.


The part of humanity that enters this frequency of 5D must pass the ultimate test. It has to leave behind the 3D vibrations that are still present in every consciousness. It is not just a detail, but a sum of “packages” that are part of the baggage of the soul.


I have written in previous texts that these packets are emotions, beliefs and habits from the Old 3D Earth. Fear, anger and guilt are undoubtedly the heaviest. This access must be healed. These energies are impediments to passage through the 5D gateway.  But there are others that can still resonate in every incarnation. And it is there that we will be tested, as the title of this text says.


Let us deepen the teaching and then put it into practice. All of us who are in this Earthly School have the unconditional support of the Ascended Masters and also of the Brothers of the Higher Spheres in the higher dimensions.


Do these Helpers care about the different stages of each incarnated soul? Do they distinguish between a higher and a lower being? Do they set people against each other, because of the differences and disagreements that may exist, as we can see between people today? Is the “us against them” that is so prevalent today, the altruistic helpers practising that against the incarnated?


Therefore, if our helpers do not care about our differences and do not stop hanging around, even those who are known to have already failed in this ascension, should we consider that, all those who will now ascend, will also become Ascended Masters? As they climb this step, they will also be able to help the souls who are learning in other worlds of decay and trial, including that part of humanity that will be taken to those worlds.


This makes it easier to understand and deduce that if you do not accept the limitations of others now, how can you be an Ascended Master tomorrow? Of course, the consciousness is still preparing itself for this, but you should put it into practice as soon as possible, for this vibration that remains in the consciousness may even prevent your own ascension.


There is no need to infringe on what others do that we consider wrong. This would be, for example, co-authorship in a crime. But we can look at it with pity, because the rung of the ladder is still at the bottom, and we have long since passed it. When we see others making mistakes, we must realise that they have not yet taken those lessons. But the day will come when they too will stand at the door of understanding, even if it takes thousands or millions of years.


Understanding, acceptance, compassion for the other’s delay, and above all not judging, not insulting, and not exposing your own limitations, are always a way. It has already been said that everyone co-creates their own reality, because they need it.


We cannot expect everyone to be in the same consciousness, i.e. to have the same understanding as us. Can you remember when the Ascended Masters asked this of us?


Respect, compassion and unconditional love are the levers that catapult souls who are ready for 5D.


Compassion is what I have described here. Respect, on the other hand, means not interfering with the lessons the other person still has to learn. Lead him only when he himself asks for help. This is where solidarity and charity come in. To understand that they still have to learn the lessons that have been missed is to show genuine respect.


Also to understand that no one is going through what they should not be going through. Therefore, when a family member or even a person close to us goes through a difficult ordeal, we should not get angry. On the contrary, understand that this is an opportunity to put into practice what we have learned so far. Remember that we are at the final test. Seeing the drama without being part of it is also a good alternative.


Respect is not only limited to humans, but to everything that exists on earth. Animals, plants and all other resources on Earth are energies from the same Source from which we come. Harmony between all kingdoms and between all that exists is also the understanding that we are all one. If I violate something, I violate myself. If I pollute nature, I pollute my own soul. Therefore, we are co-creators of our reality.


Understanding differences, situations, difficulties, challenges, our pains and those of others; knowing that to have privilege, it is necessary to take something from another; when one has much, others have less or nothing; the desire for privilege, power over necessity, satisfying the ego at any cost, destroying or damaging the property of others, public property or any other useful asset of anyone, is a rebuke to 5D.


Unnecessary attachment is a sign that there is still much fear within us and time demands that it be released, for we are approaching the great planetary change. We are in the final phase of the old 3D world.


One last effort is required, but this effort is not beyond one’s capabilities and limits. If you have come this far, you can do it!

Trust me.

I am Vital Frosi and my mission is enlightenment!



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