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May 2022

Fifth Dimension Transition Explained

Transmission from the Pleiadian Light Forces; Conveyed by Michael Love Translated and edited by Peter B. Meyer   A special message for immediate planetary distribution to all Starseeds of the new Earth   Introduction The Pleiadians are masters of reality… Continue Reading →

Any virus Destroyed with Ease

Deep State Agenda Destruction of mankind Top Expert Dr Sucharit Bhakdi explains Why the Injections Are No Good More sinister and hopeful annotations Dr Royal Raymond Rife developed method to destroy any virus   How, Satanists reduce deliberately world’s Population… Continue Reading →

Deep State Ship on the verge of sinking

The biggest deception about debt Defaults on Debt Clean-up and Eradication of Globalism The Reset The Greatest Collapse in History!   Fearful Propaganda There is no need to fall for the fear-based propaganda spread by the major media and even… Continue Reading →

Unprecedented amount of new money in circulation

Bankruptcy averted Financial crisis bailout Hyper-liquidity becomes hyperinflation Our mass awakening is Deep State’s greatest fear     Stability paralysis Lies, counterfeit money, corruption, greed and human folly. The scale of these faults is enormous. Big enough to paralyse the… Continue Reading →

GESARA Global Welfare Programme

The Collapse of the 3D-World   Prosperity Programme After the now existing debt-based financial system, soon to be finally defunct, the quantum hosted exchange system QFS, will come online. The general public will be informed when this happens, with the… Continue Reading →

You will become a new individual!

Symptom of the frequency shift Insinuated Anunnaki Delusions Manipulated in ‘Belief Systems’ Past knowledge   The transition from 3D to the 5D world The Dark Anunnaki Forces, which have enjoyed unrestricted freedom on the surface of planet Earth for hundreds… Continue Reading →

Consciousness is Key to Change

Consciousness Expansion   The few exploit the many The true purpose of any government, always and everywhere, is to enable the few to exploit the many. The money system is a clever way to achieve this. The modern world of… Continue Reading →

The Great Turnaround

Mass Awakening Brings Turnaround Golden QFS Era All in alignment Galactic Federation of Light Prepare for what is to come   Help from extraterrestrial civilisations Our new 5D world is based on gratitude, joy and support for others. For many… Continue Reading →

The Language of an Awakened Conscience

Abundance and Prosperity     Wisdom and Responsibility Given Away to Corrupt Governments The language of an awakened conscience is not understood by sleeping minds living under the collective MSM hypnosis. There are no topics or arguments that can work… Continue Reading →

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