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April 2022

Tavistock the shadow behind the shadow government

Tavistock Manipulates the Mind of Mankind Docile, easily manipulated demoralised subjects Psychological shock troops Frequent Television Viewers enter a trance-like state of semi-awareness Narco-hypnosis more efficient as tool of government   The Greatest Mass Mind-Control Operation in World History Tavistock… Continue Reading →

The world undergoes an unprecedented change

The True Hidden Masters 10 of our 12 DNA chains have been disconnected Manipulated in belief systems Ancient Sumerian cuneiform tablets tell what we need to know Prepare To Remember Your Past Lives   Complex Relationship with the Invisible Reality… Continue Reading →

Important Message to the Starseeds of the New Earth

Extra FWC-Edition, due to urgency of this message, 24 April, 2022   The development of the great solar flare Pleiadian Light Forces; broadcast – 4222022 Message from our Pleiadian Brother Michael Love Received by Final Wakeup Call, translated and edited… Continue Reading →

Planetary Transition as Majority Awakens

THE POWER OF PRAYER   Be Prepared and on your Guard The defining moment for humanity on planet Earth has arrived. There will be two well-defined Timelines: one will lead a part of humanity to the New 5D-Earth; the other… Continue Reading →

The great revolution has begun!

LEARN TO CREATE, LEARN TO HEAL   Rebirth of the New Earth The dark Anunnaki Forces, who have had unrestricted freedom on planet Earth for five hundred thousand years, are now facing our helpful extraterrestrial brothers and sisters, our Light… Continue Reading →

How Your Freedom Was Taken Away

United Nations is the DS world government Propaganda of the Galactic Federation Papal Hierarchy Jesuitism is absolute form of despotism True prophets transform negativism into positive energies Higher frequencies break through the veils of secrecy   Atomic destruction for nothing… Continue Reading →

Who we are and where we came from

THE POWER IS WITHIN YOU   The Origin of Life Goes Back Much Further in Time The various episodes of human history on Earth have arisen through the succession of extraterrestrial and beyond-extraterrestrial colonies exerting their territorial and cultural influence… Continue Reading →

The world will never ever be the same again

THE LANGUAGE OF AN AWAKENED CONSCIENCE   Our awakened conscience initiates our revolution Since the declaration of the Covid pandemic two years ago, we live in a dangerous world. The satanic Luciferians and their highly paid minions will not let… Continue Reading →

How the world is controlled

More positive than negative energy The Jesuits are the true potentates The Achilles’ Heel of the Cabal Spiritual Potentates The Illuminati unmasked — Sun worship   The Vatican is sole owner of all nation states on earth Just as an… Continue Reading →

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