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The development of the great solar flare

Pleiadian Light Forces; broadcast – 4222022

Message from our Pleiadian Brother Michael Love

Received by Final Wakeup Call, translated and edited by Peter B. Meyer,


A very special message to all Starseeds of the New Earth
For immediate planetary distribution…





The Pléiadiens are the masters of light, consciousness and ascension and are indeed the benevolent guardians of the evolution of humanity on Earth!

They clearly speak higher truths to earthly people, in a down-to-earth way and in an easy to understand language!


The information they bring is pure light and is coded in such a way that dormant DNA strands are activated and levels of consciousness are raised!


There is nothing more true than ‘what is’ and this higher light we speak of is eternally universal akashic data and is the ultimate truth!

When this light enters the body, things begin to activate and change! This new light data activates the cellular DNA and causes much larger or more complex streams of cosmic-level information to start flowing through the DNA strands and through the body in other ways!


This new higher data then becomes available to consciousness, greatly increasing awareness and levels of knowing!


Furthermore, when this high-vibrational cosmic light data begins to flow through the body, it unlocks memories stored in the cells of the body, even old memories!


When all this happens, one will experience an amazing, blissful aha-moment where everything starts to make complete sense for the first time!


At this point, all states of amnesia and ignorance of ‘what is’ are removed and the light of truth forces all things to show themselves as they really are!


This is the great awakening and the great process of ascension that is currently taking place on planet Earth!


The great masters have said, “Now is the time to ascend fully, so that you may know all things!”


Tonight we will tell you the rest of the story about humanity, the earth and the cosmos! We will tell you what really happened in the earth’s ancient past and we will shine light on the current state of humanity’s evolution and the great ascension to the fifth-temporal new earth.


The data in this stream is long and needs to be read through twice to be integrated. Read it slower the second time and make notes on the data points below. Some of the facts are real eye-openers, and it is recommended that you look at the whole picture with an open mind! Make sure you do your own research and seek the truth about these subjects.


This relayed message is presented from the intense love for all mankind! Here is the amazing content of this very important new light force message….



Beginning of the transmission…


Esteemed followers;

As guardians of planet Earth and its inhabitants, we, the Pléiadiens, have long been watching over the evolution of humanity and helping them to care for this planet!


The Earth is a beautiful and special place in the cosmos and there is no other place like it! We created a divine plan for planet Earth and set it in motion already thousands of years ago! We did not create the plan alone, in fact, you were personally involved in creating this divine plan!


The plan was to create a beautiful world on Earth that would function as a centre of experience, an ascension training ground to see how the beings who came here could consciously evolve their way back up to where they came from!


All the information about the game itself, and the data gathered from the experiences on earth were stored in the earth itself and hidden in each player’s body; thus, the earth quickly evolved into a literal living library for the entire cosmos!


Earth became known early on as the most important place in the universe for the development of the soul, and although you knew it would be quite a challenge to get here, there was still that excitement of going from heaven to earth.



You came down in full glory!

You and billions of other higher beings who knew only higher-dimensional perfection began to incarnate on the earth plane so that you could experience the contrast of being physical!


You came to earth with the intention of free will and you came with a plan! You planned everything you would experience here and you projected how you would one day return to your higher state of perfection!


Since you were already perfect before you came to earth, you had to think of a way so that you would not be so aware of your perfection and you had to make it so that at least in the beginning you did not know so much!


You and the others devised a way to limit access to your higher self and even to most of your memories! You have essentially reduced your consciousness to a very low level. You forgot who and what you really are, and you forgot how to access the divine abilities you have!


At that point, you entered a long unconscious state of amnesia and were plunged into darkness with no information about what had happened or anything else! This was the basic starting point and the very first day of your great spiritual journey to planet Earth, which, measured in linear time, took place millions of years ago!


When civilisation began on earth in ancient times, it was very basic, but eventually it evolved into a more complex and advanced civilisation!


These first beings of the earth learned at that time, that the process of natural physical evolution takes a very long time on earth. The process of soul evolution is another matter and takes much longer!


The evolutionary project of planet Earth progressed successfully and it seemed that whatever challenge humanity encountered, it somehow always managed to overcome it and evolve beyond it!


Almost any challenge, that is!


That the rules of this earthly game determined that anything was permissible as an obstacle to this higher ascension project, even a natural disaster on earth, and worse, a disaster on a cosmic level!


Five great civilisations that existed before the great flood rose to incredible levels of technology and wisdom in their time, but all five of these evolved Earth races had one tragic thing in common:


Just when all these civilisations had reached the peak of their evolution, a catastrophic event came and wiped them out completely.


All progress, 99% of the civilisation, all its treasures and knowledge, were immediately and completely wiped from the planet!


What is more, each time this planetary extinction happened, the amnesia factor got worse!  Of course, because these civilisations died out due to cataclysms, their evolutionary work that they were doing to go to the next highest dimension was interrupted and, according to the rules of their mission to Earth, they had to return and start again, several times!


It is important to note that each of these great civilisations that existed at different times were the same beings, and in fact, in the end, it was only one great civilisation with different names throughout prehistory and history!


You were certainly there every time and every detailed memory of all this is still inside waiting to be remembered!


In those ancient days, even though mankind was very advanced in each of these civilisations, it seemed that they did not possess the ability to prevent their own destruction and extinction!


The rules of the earthly game say that if you are removed from the game, then you

get up and carry on! Of course, the resilience of the great beings who came to earth has always prevailed, even after they were defeated countless times!


We remind you that you are still here today to finish what you started long ago! This time you have finally crossed the finish line, so be encouraged!


When today’s archaeologists try to establish what happened to these ancient cultures, they will look at the evidence and say: “It seems that these ancient races disappeared here overnight!


It is as if they disappeared without a trace in one day!”


It is known on Earth that most of the stone structures, writings and creations of these ancient cultures were buried under 10 km of Earth’s sediment by the intense global floods of each cataclysm!


Before we pass on the important data markers in this broadcast, let us give some basic background information on the event and the great solar flare:


What is the great solar flare?

The great solar flare is a solar flare of very great power, directed towards the earth, which is known as a super-flare and can be recorded as a class X-50 to X-100 or higher on the X-ray ladder! An intense superflame from the sun on Earth would be perceived by someone on Earth as a blinding flash of magnetic, white light!


The ancients called this cosmic flash of light many names, including Shames and Savernake fire!


It is written about in the ancient writings of all cultures, including the Vedas, the Sumerian tablets, Biblical texts, Egyptian texts and the Mayan codex.


The light emitted by this great cosmic flash is exotic gamma light that resonates super high and is called light from the stars!


Gamma light has been proven by earth science to instantly re-encode DNA, transforming it into a more complex and advanced state of functionality.


The great solar flare (the divine light) is the cosmic trigger and cause for what we simply call “the event” on planet Earth!


The moment this light hits the surface of planet earth is called the compression breakthrough and this is the beginning of the earth event!


What is this earth event or simply, “the event”?


It is an ascension event

A DNA upgrade where the fifth strand of DNA is activated!

It is a planetary liberation event.


Since freedom is a fifth-dimensional energy, the Earth will obviously experience an immediate planetary liberation at the time of this event!


The event is an ascension event.

It is an ascension/conscious evolutionary event in which Earth’s beings will be able to perceive and exist in fifth-dimensional reality on Earth!


The Vedas say, “when the Savern fire comes, rainbow-coloured clouds will appear around the earth and people will attain their rainbow body (known as the spirit-light body). This is an instantaneous transmutation and ascension to the 5th dimension that takes place in the blink of an eye!


This fifth dimensional new earth, also called heaven, is a realm of only love, peace, perfect health, freedom, abundance and all goodness!


It is important to note that this heaven is not a place, but a vibrational state or resonance where a being will perceive a lighter more beautiful reality!


This heaven is not far away in the sky but all around you at this moment on earth, you just need to have your fifth strand of DNA active to be able to perceive this as the outer reality!


This is up to now, in the year 2022….


Amazing all,

Just a few earth days ago, a major new data stream of information was received by the Earth Alliance and markers in this data revealed some important information regarding this major event on planet earth!


This data stream shows that;

That every 13,000 years (exactly half of the procession of the equinoxes, which lasts 26,000 years), like clockwork, a major cosmic event occurs in Earth’s solar system that deeply affects Earth and all life on Earth.


  • In relation to the earth and more specifically, this cosmic event is called a solar event, or “the great solar flash”!


  • This solar event has occurred 5 times before in earth’s prehistory, and each time it has caused an extinction on planet earth!


  • the other major factor in this data shows that planet earth is at the end of one of these 13,000 year cataclysmic cycles!


This cycle was exactly predicted by the Mayan culture and started in 2012. According to the data, we are ten Earth years into this cycle and the Earth should already be enduring a major cataclysmic solar event at this time!


  • The length of the cataclysmic period after the beginning of the cycle also appears to be about 1000-1200 years!


The most important questions at the moment are:


  • who knows the mystery of what causes this solar flare to happen every 13,000 years like clockwork?


  • if the cataclysm is supposed to happen on Earth now, like the 5 times in the past, why isn’t it happening yet?


  • and finally, I have done my own research into all of this and it turns out that the data appears to be correct, so shouldn’t I be concerned, worried or even afraid?


Here are the real answers to these questions: First, we want to address the last and most important question.


  • Should I not be worried, anxious or even fearful?


It is imperative that we say here that this is not a fear or doom prophecy and there is nothing to fear as you will discover as you read on….


The data shows that this has happened 5 times in the past, and it is going to happen again in this day and age. The data in no way says that something cataclysmic is happening on earth at this time!


The data also indicates, exactly as the Mayans said,


  • “the sixth time this cosmic event happens, it will be different for the first time in history.”


They said, “The culture that lives during the time of the sixth sun will successfully emerge as the rainbow children of the earth and not one of them will be harmed.”


  • “Indeed, these rainbow children will continue after this begins to enter the new earth we speak of!


More Pleiadean answers…


  • what is the cause of this solar flare that occurs every 13,000 years, like clockwork?


We assure you that it is all the natural workings of the cosmos and that another celestial body is at work behind the scenes.


Years ago, Earth pioneers found sin 10 a planet beyond Pluto orbiting a dead star-sun. The star or sun in this system emits no light but is 1000 times more powerful than Earth’s sun.


This planet/STER system is located at about 80 billion KM distance, in the Oort Cloud and is indeed the mysterious Planet X.


The orbit of this ‘planet and sun’ system approaches Earth’s sun every 13,000 years, half of the equinox procession, right on schedule and when the orbit of this cosmic system arrives at parhelion with Earth’s sun, it causes the sun’s corona to build up a huge electromagnetic charge that will explode or flash to release the pressure of the particles.


When this intense solar flash explodes and hits the earth, it causes an instant pole reversal, instant freezing or super-heating, and triggers massive tectonic activity that creates kilometre-high ocean floods.


  • If it is supposed to happen now, like 5 times in the past, why isn’t it happening?


And, if this kind of solar event happens again, will humanity be wiped out like it was in the past?


What is different now?


Do not be alarmed, this requires in-depth knowledge: The Pléiadiens say that,

It is known that, in the earthly year 2022, the earth is now in the time of the sixth sun that began in 2012 and when the great solar flare will take place, something very different will happen on earth this time!


  • Humanity will not be destroyed, but will be transmuted immediately into the 5th dimension.


How is this possible?

For the first time in human history, mankind, with the help of luminaries, has accumulated enough knowledge and technology to prevent a planetary cataclysm due to a pole shift caused by a major solar event.


For several Earth years, light forces have assisted the leaders of the light of planet Earth in developing an artificial magnetic field that can counteract a pole shift.


The technology to do this is a special secret project that exists in Antarctica, out of the public eye, and it involves the Tesla Scalar Wave technology.


The technology has been in use for more than a decade and this super artificial magnetic field is now counteracting the Earth’s unbalanced magnetic north pole.


The magnetic north has recently moved hundreds of miles per year off course and is now close to Siberia!


We tell you, that the future timeline of the earth is fully known and that benevolent Light-forces have full control over all these systems!


It is now a positive 5D-gamma timeline where humanity ascends to the new 5D-earth and that never again can a planetary cataclysm of any kind occur!


More questions to explain the big solar flash and the big event


Now I have become uncertain!

Is the big solar flare going to happen soon or not?

The answer is absolute, right on time, just like clockwork!


The earth is already well into the exact 13,000 year cosmic cycle when the great solar flare happens on planet earth, just as it has done in the past five 13,000 year cycles!


When is all this going to happen? – It could happen today! – It could happen tomorrow! What we do know is that everything in the cosmos points to the moment when ‘the event’ of our lives will happen!


Is now the time for this to happen again? – The great solar flare is indeed just around the corner and at exactly the right time, when celestial bodies are in the right position, it will happen in the blink of an eye!


When this great solar flare occurs, its negative cataclysmic effects will be immediately attenuated by Pleiadian magnetic field technology!


Furthermore, what is going to happen is exactly what the data says and what all ancient cultures say about you, the 4.5 billion Starseeds of Earth, and the indigenous people of Earth: first!


We give you the highest truths of light and we ask you to keep an open mind as you investigate all of this for yourselves!


The true and correct information is available and it will show itself to you if you search for it!


A big one,

For the first time in human history, when the great light comes, the beings of Earth have the technology and the understanding of how to make it to the desired next level!


You will be the first on earth to achieve this great ascension feat after thousands of years of ascension of trial and error!


This is how the great story of humanity and your long journey to Earth ends, but it is in no way an end it is only the beginning!


This is humanity’s destiny and it is your destiny!

The Aquarian Age is a time in the great cosmic cycle when truth triumphs and as the great light of consciousness shines brighter in this world, more and more things are revealed!


For centuries mankind has been in darkness, but when the light comes, the darkness will disappear!


The light is here!


You are the great light that shines in the darkness. Continue your good work to create a better world!


Feel free to share this information with others and tell us how you are doing on your evolutionary journey.


Good luck to you,

Michael and the Pleiadian


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