Our awakened conscience initiates our revolution

Since the declaration of the Covid pandemic two years ago, we live in a dangerous world. The satanic Luciferians and their highly paid minions will not let you go easily, they have conned the whole world with a fake pandemic, for the fulfilment of their Eugenic agenda; i.e. to wipe out 90% of the population.


The bloodline families want people to die of cancer and other engineered diseases, which they are not allowed to cure. They are to an unfathomable extent mentally and emotionally disturbed beings. They see people as sheep and useless cattle. From their insane, psychopathic perspective, they do not care how much suffering is caused, and people die because of their manipulations and oppression. The more the better. And that is what these creatures are; insane psychopaths.


The Deep State agenda has designed three major attacks on the human immune system. Vaccination, PCR testing and wearing masks. With all three, they introduce nano-particles into your healthy system, which in time destroy the immune system.


We are waiting for the great breakthrough in the awakening of the masses, otherwise we would already have been liberated from our age-old money slavery and oppression. It is now or never. This is our one and only chance for successful and final removal of the criminal Deep State cabal from planet Earth. If all the awakened awaken one sleeper, we will have sufficient majority for our complete success. At least 70% participation of the awakened population guarantees that without major chaotic problems these criminals can be removed from Mother Earth for good.


Remember; that the language of an awakened consciousness is not understood by the sleeping mind that lives under the collective MSM-hypnosis. In that case, there are no more topics or arguments that can work together to awaken someone. This language can only be understood by the awakened among themselves.


Humanity has given away its mind and responsibility to corrupt governments on a massive scale. Consider the wider implications of this behaviour for human existence. When we give away our minds and our responsibility, we also give away our freedom and essentially our lives.


If we do not wake up en masse now, we will soon be totally degraded to the level where humanity is completely lost. Soon, before 2030, our culling, as explained here, will look like Divine Retribution. And that is the way Satan works. Luciferians hate the Creator of Life, they embrace Destruction and Death. It is a death cult. The great awakening must happen at this time, it is our only chance now to seize it with full force, otherwise our ability to defeat the Deep State, and eradicate it forever, is over. It is our duty to save humanity for the preservation of future generations. Remember there is not one saviour for our world there are millions of saviours, roll up your sleeves and get to work!


This moment in time, it is our only chance to eradicate the hidden satanic criminals, known as the Globalists with their political and bureaucratic puppets, who do not hesitate to overpower humanity and planet Earth. It must be made clear; that the awakening human race will not let this plan go unchallenged. More importantly, we must be prepared to fight for the future of ourselves and future generations.


The Deep State cabal is revealed; the “dark” criminal people who are doing everything possible to keep humanity from waking up, have become desperate and are doing everything possible to prevent the change to a better world.


The cabal hates humanity because they fear them, they know the true potential of man, and that is why they are doing everything in their power to destroy us. Through poisonous Covid injections, poisonous pills, mafia health care that prevents healing, poisoning by fluoridated water, pre-cooked food with harmful preservatives, soft drinks with harmful sugars, chemtrails that destroy the environment, education based on lies, to mention just a few facts. They want followers, not independent-thinking leaders. They do not want people to question anything, whereas we should question everything!


They do not want humanity to wake up and be informed that their bogus financial system at the top of the food chain has ceased to exist. This event is going to change your life, because it offers choices that will change every awake human being.


If enough people know this, the world will have changed, their criminal system has become unusable. This is the greatest hidden secret. Never before in human history have so many people been looted en masse; achieved by the biggest financial scam in human history.


Our returning guest author Vital Frosi tells us more about this;



Beloved ones!

What wonderful times we are living in! And every day that passes, we are more and more approaching the end of a long cycle. This also shows us, that a New Age is outlined in the next steps. What a privilege to be here at this time, participating in the great event of planetary transition!


But we must remember that each incarnated soul has reached an individual degree of consciousness, through successive reincarnations. And this makes much difference in the way of understanding, acting and completing the great life journey of each human consciousness.


The moment of awakening has already arrived and will soon be completed. As has been said here many times, the Earth is a School of Souls, and like any School, not all students graduate at the same time.


Many souls have ascended during Earth’s journey through the worlds of Atonement and Proof. But it must be remembered that the number is not expressive. Awakening during the long dark night of the soul was almost a nightmare. That is why few have succeeded.


But now the great moment of intense Light is beginning to take shape. This will make the difference. The light is awakening! It is like the dawn of a new day, when all of nature rejoices and sings to welcome the sun. This long-awaited moment has arrived! Look how nature sings! See the joy and the colourfulness that now manifests itself! See it with your own eyes! You do not even need someone to see it.


But you need eyes to see it! You need ears to hear it! Those who have closed themselves off from the Light that cannot enter their room will surely prefer the penumbra to sleep on. It gives no reason to wake up and participate in the great event of the Light!


Editorial Note; penumbra is a space of partial illumination (as in an eclipse) between the perfect shadow on all sides and the full light, or a shadow area around the dark central part of a sunspot


To wake up means to be enlightened! Let the light enter not only your room, but into every cell of your body. The process is much broader than you can imagine. It is so profound that it will actually change the consciousness of every awakened person. In fact, a great deal has already changed! And it is this change that troubles those who do not want to awaken.


Those who open the curtains to the Light are attacked by those who prefer to remain asleep. So when you ask me “Am I awake?” I cannot know, but you can. Look how many people call you something that is not a compliment. They are uncomfortable with your light, because for them darkness is more comfortable.


An awakened consciousness will never fall asleep again. That is why the process is called ascension. It is the climb up the ladder of further life. Nobody can stop an awakened consciousness, let alone control it, all the more reason for the Rulers of humanity to rebel against the Ascension process of the souls incarnated here.


An awakened consciousness no longer speaks the same language as before. A new language is adopted. And those who are asleep say that this is a conspiracy theory. Yes, for them it is a conspiracy, because it hurts their interests.


They also say that these are witches. Yes, the magic of an awakened consciousness makes possible infinite perspectives that the sleepers and the dominators do not understand.


The language of an awakened consciousness is very disturbing to them. It promotes a different way of thinking and looking at life. And this is not the desire of those who command everything, nor of the oppressed who prefer the comfort of inertia. Leaving the comfort zone is an attitude that hurts the conscience that is still attached to the command of the rulers of humanity.


The language of an awake consciousness is the opposite of the language of those who remain in deep sleep. He who sleeps is only dreaming; he who is awakened lives in reality. He can appreciate the Light that shines at every moment of the day. He can enjoy the beauty that is all around him. He can touch anything that pleases his eyes, his heart and his soul.


The language of an awakened consciousness seems to be a language not understood by the masses who are asleep in their collective hypnosis. There are no more topics or arguments that can work together to awaken someone. This language is of interest only to those who are awakened, even to those who are still within the four walls and have not gone outside to admire the beauty of Light.


This language, though misunderstood by the hypnotised masses, is pleasant and interesting to those who have not yet encouraged themselves to walk the paths of ascension. But they feel the gentle call that touches their hearts. And little by little they leave their positions and venture on the path of ascension.


For those who have an expanded consciousness, nothing will ever be the same again. Each step backwards becomes an extra effort, because the path will lead forward in every known situation.


An awakened consciousness desires to know more and more; to know everything. It can no longer remain in the inertia of the past. It becomes restless and uneasy if it does not move forward.


The language of an awakened consciousness is a practice that is used more and more, by an increasing number of people. Indeed, a new time, a new era, has begun! Nothing will ever be the same again!


Regardless of the will of 2/3 of humanity, nothing and no one can now stop what is coming. Nothing and nobody can stop the light that is coming. It is the power of the universe following the commands of natural laws.


The world will never be the same again! You will never be the same again!

The awakened consciousness will never go back to before!

I am Vital Frosi and my mission is enlightenment!



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