The Origin of Life Goes Back Much Further in Time

The various episodes of human history on Earth have arisen through the succession of extraterrestrial and beyond-extraterrestrial colonies exerting their territorial and cultural influence on planet Earth. Historical archives contain many answers to questions often asked ‘who we are’, ‘where we came from’ and ‘how we evolved’ to become the beings we are today.


About a million years ago, the Galactic Federation worked closely with the High Sirius Council to serve as a Guardian race to help keep the reproduction and evolution process on planet Earth at the lowest density, which today is called the first Harmonic Universe on the three-dimensional timeline.


The origins of life go much further back in time than is commonly known – and still less known – as the episodes of human history. Its exploits begin beyond the borders of this planet and originate in star realms, galactic federations, and extraterrestrial civilisations of Atlantis, Lemuria, Mu and others that are only now being discovered.


Much more is known about the beginnings of our more ‘recent’ civilisation that began about 6000 years ago with the Sumerians in the land of Summer, now known as Syria and Iraq. It is amazing that so much information has recently become available about this episode in history. The late great historian Zecharia Sitchin expressed his admiration for the countless people who have never been believed about the ancient knowledge they have recorded;


“When we consider that these ancient texts come to us over a period spanning millennia, we have to admire the ancient writers who recorded, copied and translated the earliest texts, probably often without knowing what certain terms and expressions originally meant, while always stubbornly clinging to analogous traditions to ensure accuracy.


It also proves the substantive compactness of their reporting, which explains: “That the first settlements on earth were established by astronauts from another planet, as dramatically depicted by the Sumerians.” Consistently, numerous texts refer to the premise, which always reads as follows:


“432,000 years ago, before the Great Flood,” i.e., the known Flood, “venerable beings came to Earth in rocket ships from their own planet.”


These beings were the Anunnaki, who later turned out to terrorise planet Earth and mankind, making mankind their slaves. Today, they are called the Deep State Cabal.


Many people still live in today’s third dimensional reality, which is not real. In fact, today’s reality is a drop in consciousness. Who and what we really are has been hidden from us. Our spiritual nature is our only true form. And that is the power of secret societies to make us forget, and to keep us imprisoned. If man cannot see the past, they are trapped and see only the illusion of today, which is not real, and has no bearing on reality or truth, it is a manipulated lie, an untrue illusion. Only. when. you. become. aware. of. this. fact,. your. great. awakening. has. begun.


Strategic Alliance under the popular name Galactic Federation, made contact with selected members of the cabal, government and Illuminati bloodlines, and began infiltration into secret societies, known as; the Jesuits, Freemasons, Templars and other spiritual communities. The propaganda of the Galactic Federation reads as a pro-human ET group and its mission is to derail the spiritual awakening of humans and channel them into the New Age movement of Mind Control based belief systems that make them fit for oppression.


Our extraterrestrial correspondent Vital Frosi tells us more about this.



 Beloved ones!

The experience of the soul incarnated on a Third Dimensional Planet, where the veil of forgetfulness reduces its consciousness to a minute 1-2%, means that in fact little or nothing can be remembered or knowledge gained beyond the confines of the planetary atmosphere.


In a material body, physical eyes and understanding are limited to that which is considered matter. Added to this is the fact that for many millennia few used knowledge for their own benefit, let alone gathered knowledge and offered it to the collectively, because – for the cabal – it is easier to control ignorant communities.


The human mind, through forgetfulness, is locked into a limited consciousness. It has always struggled to understand that which lies beyond perception. Because the Earth is a Planet on the periphery of the Milky Way Galaxy, its magnetic axis is oblique to the incidence of Light emanating from its Galactic Central Sun. This has facilitated the slumber of the collective consciousness.


In this manner, Earthly mankind became an easy prey for the Anunnaki – Archon domination that started here 450 thousand years ago. These extraterrestrial races, originating from the Orion system, were initially only interested in the natural resources of the Earth. But with time, they decided to use the efforts of earthly man to serve them.


In similar appearance of their hybrids, they placed their representatives in all hierarchies of command among the incarnated human. It is important to remember that these extraterrestrial beings never incarnated in human forms and always remained at the top of the ruling pyramid, even when they were outside the earth’s crust.


Some Science Fiction books and films show this reality in a certain way, even though they are considered to be fiction. The limiting beliefs within the 3D consciousness will never allow a human being to understand what reality is, that is, to know at least part of the hidden truth.


They made us humans believe that the only truth was the one they showed us over thousands of years. They made humanity believe in powers from outside, in the powers of Gods, in the power of others, but they never told us that the power lies within each one of us.


It lasted until a New Age dawned. The spiralling motion of the Milky Way Galaxy brings the celestial bodies on its periphery inwards. And the further in, the closer to the central sun. And this repositioning promotes the increase of light.


The light awakens! It awakens the one who is asleep. If this is so in the real life of man-made flesh, it is also so in the life of the immortal soul of every human being. And as Christ Jesus said two thousand years ago:


“The end of time will come and a new earth will appear. A better world, where there will be no pain or suffering. The modest and pure in heart will inherit the new earth.


Two thousand years have passed, and the time is now! The crystalline Light has become more intense and this is visible. All that is needed is for the good observer to pay attention to the signs that are becoming clearer and more visible every day, to be noticed.


Like colourful dusk and dawn. The changes in the behaviour of animals. Some natural events that were not so common in the past. Finally, the change in human behaviour, which cannot be denied. As it is jokingly said:


“you only need two neurons to recognise this”.


But today I bring some encouragement for you. Those who already feel the expansion of consciousness; know and recognise that they are not the same as they were a few years ago. You have noticed both the outer and inner changes, because you do not feel the same as before.


You are absorbing more of the Photonic Light that emanates from the Central Sun. And that means the removal of the veils that limited your perception and understanding of what was never taught. Now consciousness begins to expand and nothing and no one will be able to limit it to levels it had before.


Precisely this, is what frightens the rulers of humanity. All the tricks that have been used so far are now proving ineffective. The loss of control leads to despair, and makes them dangerous.


Because they are hybrids, they are cold-blooded, devoid of emotion. This trait can lead them to make decisions that have a negative impact on humanity. The good observer, i.e. those with the broadest consciousness, already perceives this without any limitations.


An awakened consciousness, on the other hand, will gradually come to understand the great innate power it carries within itself. Since all souls are fragments of the Divine Seed Atom, created by the Source like everything else in the infinite Universe, it has the power to co-operate. And now this power is beginning to manifest little by little.


Every human being who is on this higher level of consciousness is awakening, and will possess a power that was never thought possible before. Each one will be able to create what he understands, and this power is unlimited.


The famous miracles attributed to Christ Jesus are only an example of the power that any higher consciousness will be able to produce. He Himself said in His time:


“You can do all this and much more”.


In addition to individual power, higher forms of consciousness can increase collective power immensely. All it takes is for a small group to unite around the same goal, to manifest it.


We will soon be able to observe this, we are only on the eve of this awakening. But you can already see the first results.


When you change something in yourself, you change the same thing in the universe. This is a fact, because we are made of the same energy that created the worlds. How wonderful! Now we really start to know ourselves. Who we are, where we have come from and where we are going. So much was taken away from us! But it was all part of the teaching in this school of souls.


Your vibration is going to create the world that you will inhabit. It can either create a better world or a very difficult world to survive in. It is your choice and that is all that is required. A world of peace or a world of war.


Remember that everything you see outside is your own internal creation. When you see the outside, remember that this is all that has been created within you. And it will be your reality from now on.


Awakening is enlighten your consciousness! You will be able to see beyond your physical eyes. You will discover wonders that you did not know existed. You will recognise powers that you did not even think you possessed before.


And finally, you will know that all power in you is real. Enlighten yourself! By enlightening yourself, you enlighten the whole Planet. Do not doubt this, for doubt is still the main stumbling block that is holding back your ascension.


I am Vital Frosi and my mission is enlightenment.



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This End will be the New Beginning – God is the living power in you!

The Great Awakening has begun.