The Jesuits’ involvement in Crimes and Assassinations


The assassination of president Kennedy 1963

Almost from the beginning, the murder of the popular young president was thought by many to have been the result of a conspiracy, rather than the act of one individual, despite findings to the contrary by the Warren Commission (1964), which was established and overseen by Kennedy’s successor, Pres. Lyndon B. Johnson, to investigate the assassination. The incident remained the subject of widespread speculation.


The Assassination Records Collection Act required that the National Archives release all of the related documents within 25 years. As the October 26, 2017, deadline for the release of the remaining undisclosed documents approached, U.S. President Donald Trump effusively anticipated the disclosure. At the 11th hour, however, the White House was inundated with requests from the CIA and the FBI to redact several hundred documents in the interest of national security.


All possible steps to make previously classified information public were taken in the belief that removing the government’s veil of secrecy from the assassination would help bring closure. However, decades after the event and the investigations, speculation continues and conspiracy theories still persist.


As conspiracy theorists and investigators well know, the Vatican from behind the curtain did have great influence in Kennedy’s assassination, as is learned from reputable Jesuit investigators. Author Loftus maintained in his 1994 book: The Secret War Against the Jews; Kennedy wanted to arm Israel.


“In September 1962 Kennedy decided to supply Israel with defensive ground-to-air missiles capable of stopping aircraft, but not the Egyptian offensive missiles. It was the first arms sale by the U.S. Government to Israel…. Kennedy promised the Israelis that as soon as the 1964 election was over, he would break the CIA ‘into a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds’…. With Kennedy’s assassination in November 1963, the Israelis lost the best friend they had in the White House since Truman departed.”


And why did the Vatican’s Jesuits not want any arms sales to Israel at this time? Why did the Jesuit-controlled President Johnson turn his back on Israel as the Egyptian army moved up through the Sinai desert to prepare its assault on Israel in 1967?


Because the attack upon Israel had to be provoked. That attack was provoked by the Jesuits’ International Intelligence Community through Egypt falsely perceiving the weakness of the Israeli army and the supposed abandonment of Israel by the American Empire. The six-day war, engineered by Knight of Malta James Angleton, had one primary purpose: the conquering of Jerusalem, along with the Temple Mount. The apparent lack of military hardware on the part of Israel provoked the planned attack by Egypt. Therefore, Israel launched a pre-emptive strike and, in six days, the holy city was in the hands of Rome’s Zionist government.


Had Kennedy armed Israel, the Egyptians would have never been emboldened to manoeuvre for war. With no provoked war, there would have been no Israeli attack. With no Israeli attack, Jerusalem would never have been taken by the Zionists, controlled by the Jesuits’ Mossad.  With Jerusalem in Arab hands, the Zionists could never rebuild Solomon’s Temple—unbeknownst to them—for the Jesuits’ “infallible” Pope.


Most of the Jesuit’s philosophy is based on the doctrine, ‘The End Justifies the Means’, expressed as:


“It is of faith that the Pope has the right of deposing heretical and rebel kings. Monarchs so deposed by the Pope are converted into notorious tyrants, and may be killed by the first who can reach them.

“If the public cause cannot meet with its defence in the death of a tyrant, it is lawful for the first who arrives, to assassinate him.”


Expressed in Defensio Didei, by Spanish Jesuit Priest Jesuit Francisco Suarez, 1548 – 1617.

In other words; “It is acceptable to assassinate an oppressor.”


Ninth Circle Satanic cult sacrifices

A document from the Vatican secret archives being held by the International Common Law Court of Justice (ICLCJ) in Brussels stated that it was mandatory that the Pope and Cardinals participated in Satanic rites.


A Ninth Circle Satanic cult child sacrifice led by Pope Francis Jorge Mario Bergoglio is planned for June 21, 2018. The date of the Summer Solstice. Children for this Satanic rite will be supplied by an international child exploitation ring funded by the global elite, enforced by the mafia and organised by the Vatican.


This is not the first time Pope Francis has been accused of raping, or planned rape and murder of children. In July 2014 two adolescent women testified in the ICLCJ-Court, claiming that Pope Francis had raped them during child sacrifice ceremonies in the spring of 2009 and 2010. According to a former employee of the Curie in Rome, the rapes and murders took place at the Carnarvon Castle in Wales and an undisclosed French Chateau. A Prosecutor introduced notarised affidavits from eight others claiming to have witnessed similar crimes.


The Court had received documentation obtained from Vatican secret archives, including the Magisterial Privilege dated Dec. 25 1967. This Cannon Law Statute stated that before each new pope assumed office, it was mandatory that they participated in Ninth Circle Satanic Cult child sacrifice rites. The document specifically referred to ceremonial murders of new born babies followed by consumption of their blood.


Eyewitnesses at the trial also claimed that Queen Elizabeth, her husband Prince Philip, British royal family members and Catholic Jesuit Superior General Adolfo Pachon were present with Pope Francis and former Pope Ratzinger at Ninth Circle child sacrifices.


And with all these eyewitness’ testimonies, these terrible facts are not anymore a conspiracy:


“A conspiracy is rarely, if ever, proved by positive testimony. When a crime of high magnitude is about to be perpetrated by a combination of individuals, they do not act openly, but covertly and secretly. The designed purpose is known only to those who are involved. Unless one of the original conspirators betrays his companions and testifies against them, their guilt can be proven only by circumstantial evidence…and circumstances cannot lie.” As quoted in The Trial of the Conspirators.


The hundreds of publications covering Kennedy’s assassination can be reduced to a few simple facts. These lead to the “Lion” in his “Den of Iniquity” who had the power to execute Kennedy’s murder and successfully cover it up. The Lion was Cardinal Spellman of New York and his Den of Iniquity was St. Patricks’ Cathedral, “the Little Vatican”, and home base of the American Branch of the Knights of Malta.

From the death of Cardinal Spellman in 1967 until now, the succeeding “Lions” who have kept the assassination covered-up were: Cardinal Cooke, a Knight of Malta and Cardinal O’Connor, the Archbishop of New York from 1984 until his death in 2000. He was a former Navy Chaplain during Spellman’s Vietnam War and succeeded by Cardinal Timothy Dolan.



With the knowledge that President Kennedy was not going to escalate the Vietnam War, the Intelligence Community began to prepare for his assassination. Roman Catholic Lee Harvey Oswald was chosen to be the patsy. – As a CIA agent, he had been sent to Soviet Russia by Allen Dulles in 1959, supposedly as a defector. Knowing that the CIA (OSS) and the KGB (NKVD) had worked together during WW-II. Oswald was said to be taking a vacation for nearly two years. During that time, he married a Russian whose uncle was a Colonel in the KGB.


On Oswald’s return to the American Empire in 1962, he associated with CIA agents Howard Hunt, Frank Sturgis, David Ferrie, Guy Banister, Count George De Mohrenschildt, and Clay Shaw. Oswald was a CIA asset, and related with the Jesuits. His cousin is reported to have been a Jesuit priest. The Jesuit involvement closely parallels that in the Lincoln Assassination.” – Explained in The Federal Reserve Conspiracy and Rockefellers, by Emanuel M. Josephson, 1968.


Author Jim Garrison in his book On the Trail of the Assassins, 1991, clearly proved the CIA was involved in the assassination through Clay Shaw. He writes:


“…we discovered Shaw’s extensive international role as an employee of the CIA. Shaw’s secret life as an Agency man in Rome, trying to bring Fascism back to Italy, was exposed in articles in the Italian press…. To me among the most significant revelations were…the confirmation by both Victor Marchetti and Richard Helms that Clay Shaw had been an agent of the Central Intelligence Agency.”


And who was the Director of the CIA in 1963? It was Knight of Malta John McCone. Prior to that, McCone had been a defence contractor who had formally headed the Atomic Energy Commission. Later in 1970, he was a board member of ITT while remaining a CIA consultant. Marchetti tells us:


“[The] ITT board member who later admitted to a Senate investigative committee that he had played the key role in bringing together CIA and ITT officials, was John McCone, director of the CIA during the Kennedy administration and, in 1970, a CIA consultant.” [The CIA and The Cult of Intelligence, by Victor Marchetti, 1975] 


Knowing that Kennedy’s wounds were wounds of entry, he reported everything to his superior. Shubert’s superior was the Bishop of Dallas, then The Most Reverend Thomas Kiely Gorman, DD.


It is known, there were several Knights of Columbus involved in the Kennedy assassination. They were working for the FBI in particular. But the only notable Knight who was involved was Senator Edward Kennedy in that, through his silence, he was consenting to his brother’s murder. Maybe this is what has driven the perpetual Senator from Massachusetts to his destructive alcoholic life?


Lastly, it was known that the Mafia was involved in the Kennedy assassination. The Mafia, CIA, FBI, and Office of Naval Intelligence has been working together since World War II. Jack Ruby was a Mafioso and David E. Scheim makes it perfectly clear in his Contract on America that the Mob had at least two motives: The Kennedy brothers assault on Organised Crime and the loss of the Mob’s gambling paradise in Cuba.


But those were not the reasons for participation. The Mafia Dons were promised that they would make more money than the Casinos in Havana could ever produce, through the explosion of the international drug trade made possible by the Vietnam War. If they helped eliminate Kennedy, Johnson would escalate the war, thereby facilitating the drug trade. The CIA would bring the drugs in from the Golden Triangle, distribute them to the Mafia families, and all would profit.


More importantly, the Mafia’s Commission had a favour to repay. Cardinal Spellman, through FDR, had arranged the release of “Lucky” Luciano because of “Operation Underworld”. Now the Cardinal needed a favour. If refused, Spellman could use the entire intelligence community which he had helped to organise, to eliminate any mob boss. If agreed to, new gambling centres would open up, Atlantic City in particular.


Clearly, if President Kennedy was removed, everybody would acquire more power and wealth. The intelligence community would become more absolute, and the Cardinal would be even more respected by his peers in Rome. The rest is history.


Later, in 1964, for the first time in history, the Pope of Rome set foot in Fourteenth Amendment America. Cardinal Spellman had performed well and was rewarded by a visit from his Master, fellow Cold Warrior and Vatican Ratline handler, Cardinal Montini, who became Pope Paul VI.


 It is safe to say that the Jesuit General, using the Pope with his most powerful Cardinal Spellman in the American Empire, ordered the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963. It was Cardinal Spellman, “the American Pope” in command of his soldiers, the Knights of Malta, who oversaw the assassination.


President Kennedy was murdered. Therefore, the conclusion was obvious. The CIA, with its agent, E. Howard Hunt, had killed the President. In the words of the jury’s forewoman, Leslie Armstrong, in Plausible Denial, it is noted:



“Mr. Lane was asking us to do something very difficult. He was asking us to believe that John Kennedy had been killed by our own government. When we examined the evidence (for 65 minutes) we were compelled to conclude that the CIA had indeed killed President Kennedy.” Hunt had been part of it, and that evidence, so painstakingly presented, should now be examined by the relevant institutions of the United States Government, so that those responsible for the assassination might be brought to justice.


The Banco Ambrosiano Scandal

The Vatican bank is officially known as the Institute for Religious Works, and from 1971 to 1989, the President of the bank was Archbishop Paul Marcinkus from Cicero, Illinois. Before that, he worked as a bodyguard for Pope Paul VI. However, he will be remembered for a scandal that broke in 1982.


The scandal started with the collapse of Banco Ambrosiano, which was one of the biggest private banks in Italy, with $1.4 billion in debt. Shortly afterwards, Roberto Calvi, who was the general manager of the bank and friend of Marcinkus, was found dead, hanging from a bridge over the Thames in London, England. Originally it was considered a suicide, but it was later ruled a homicide. Five people were tried in connection to his murder, but they were all acquitted.


It turns out that the Vatican, through The Vatican bank, is the main shareholder in Banco Ambrosiano, and they had funnelled a billion dollars from the bank into 10 shell companies. Other rumours that surrounded the scandal were that more shareholders of the bank were involved in organised crime and some were even members of the secret P2-Masonic lodge.


When Italian investigators tried to interview Marcinkus about the scandal, he was very uncooperative. He refused to leave the Vatican, and even refused to answer questions, citing diplomatic immunity. Marcinkus ended up being indicted, but he never went to trial because the charges against him were dismissed. He continued to head the Vatican bank for seven more years.


The scandal has even led to some conspiracy theories. The most famous one was used in the plot of Godfather Part III, and it involves Pope John Paul I having been assassinated by the Mafia in August 1978. John Paul I was pope for only 33 days in 1978 before he was found dead sitting up in bed. The official cause of death was reported to have been a heart attack, but no autopsy was performed. According to the conspiracy theory, he was assassinated because he wanted to put an end to the relationship between the church and the private bank.


The Vatican Bank and Nazi Gold

According to a 1946 document from the Treasury Department, the Vatican may have both held and smuggled Nazi gold during World War II, while portraying itself as a neutral entity.

The document, which was brought to the attention of the public in 1997, said the Vatican bank held 200 million Swiss francs, which is about $254 million in 2018, for the Nazis. According to a rumour cited in the document, that money was later funnelled through something called the “Vatican pipeline” to Argentina and Spain, where it was given to Nazis who had fled through the ‘Paperclip project’, escaping prosecution for war crimes.


The Vatican bank also apparently funnelled money that was stolen from Serbs and Jews through the Ustashe, which was a Nazi puppet regime in Croatia. At the end of the war, the Ustashe started plundering the homes of the victims of their ethnic cleansing campaigns, thus smuggling 350 million Swiss francs, which is worth about $440 million, out of Yugoslavia through the Vatican. The money was then used to support the murderous Ustashe organisation while they were in exile.


In 2000, a lawsuit was brought against the Vatican over this issue, but the suit ultimately failed.


The Pope’s infallible authority is so essential to the true Christian Church that without it there would be no visible divine Church at all. But unfortunately, Our Lord has left His Church in the hands of sordid men.


In the above cited cases, and in all other controversial cases involving papal trustworthiness that have arisen in the course of the Church’s history, in not one instance has a case been accepted which has proven the Pope to be fallible. Due to this fact, the Supreme Pontiff has continuously engaged the power of the keys by way of binding the consciences of the faithful. In other words, there is no human tribunal to judge the Holy Sea.


President John F. Kennedy was one of many victims of the appalling Jesuit wickedness.

Once someone seemingly distances himself from the Papal agenda and stands for ideals of true liberation and human rights, one is considered, by Vatican standards, a traitor to the Holy Sea and qualified as a “tyrant,” worthy of assassination.


It is safe to say that the Jesuit General, using the Pope with his most powerful Cardinal, is morally to blame for President Kennedy’s assassination.

Source:  Vatican Assassins


The Antichrist infrastructure is in the rise of AI, to eliminate mankind

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There’s a 25% chance that AI could be here in just 13 years. Regardless of the timeframe, it is scheduled to come, and possibly, it will be very soon. Anthony Patch calls the framework that’s being laid out to bring it about, the “Antichrist Infrastructure”.


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The Biggest Lie of Netanyahu;

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