Transmission from the Pleiadian Light Forces;

Conveyed by Michael Love

Translated and edited by Peter B. Meyer


A special message for immediate

planetary distribution to all Starseeds

of the new Earth



The Pleiadians are masters of reality manifestation and now present this special light-encoded teaching designed to activate DNA and expand consciousness.

This message is in a Pleiadian educational format and conveys advanced concepts regarding the divine process of creation in a simple and direct manner!


It is recommend; reading slowly this information several times, taking notes and saving it for later reference!


Sacred and advanced knowledge is always strictly guarded for a good reason and is only revealed to those who are ready to receive it. Higher knowledge is very dynamic and is only given to those who are masters in love, responsibility and humility!


If you receive and understand this transmission now, you are indeed ready to go to the next level!


What, if you could really manifest real magic in your life and in this world? If there really are no limits to what you could achieve, do and have, what kind of life would you begin to create?


As an awakened star seed, a clear voice tells you more and more about your true identity every day! On your great evolutionary journey, you have most probably already experienced the realisation that living in a human body, you are nothing less than God! Of course, if you meditate on this ultimate identity, you will realise that the primary nature of your being is pure love, that you are a creator, that you have infinite intelligence and that you have unlimited abilities!


As you continue to meditate on who and what you are, you will reach a state of awe where all perceived limitations, fears and doubts disappear! From this divine vantage point, much higher levels of knowledge and power begin to flow through your being, and you will soon find that the entire universe begins to bow before you!


Anyone who has reached this final level of consciousness knows that it is a feeling of awe, but also of great humility! From this state of heightened awareness of who and what you really are, you move forward, take control of everything in front of you and begin to create everything you desire with full consciousness!


This is the point in the evolutionary journey where you become an ascended master and literally walk the earth as a creator God, among humans!


How does one actually become this creator God?

First of all, the word ‘creator‘ is not exactly the right word in our teachings, and here is why; everything in the universe is already created, so a better word to describe your divine power to bring things into being, is the word ‘manifest‘! To manifest something simply means ‘to make it appear’, which sounds a bit like magic, doesn’t it?


In fact, everything was created by God/you at one time, at a starting point, but since then you have simply chosen one or more of your universal creations!


The earthly science of quantum physics comes from advanced Pleiadian science and this science explains how every possible configuration of everything in the universe already exists in energetic form in the quantum field, as waves of possibility, in energetic waves that are transformed into physical reality!


This energy form that underlies all things and is the basic information field of the universe, called akasha, quantum field source energy, or simply, everything before!


This universal information field is simply called ‘light‘ by the Pléiadiens!

Pléiadiens are skilled in manifesting and materialising matter and they do this by transforming light into matter! They know that all matter is made up of light and, as beings of light, you also have the unlimited ability to transform this light into any object or material reality you wish!


Now let us look at super quantum;

How is light transformed into matter?

There are those who say it can’t be done and there are those who say they have done it recently by making particles collide with each other!


We say that it has always been done and that it is being done endlessly, every moment!

We also say that it is a very natural process, built into you, and that it is very easy to do it! Matter is created instantaneously from light when a probability-wave function is compressed.


A probability wave function is simply the potential existence of matter, and these potential things are actually the real things in their energetic form!


How does a probability wave function collapse?

A probability wave function collapses into physical matter when consciousness perceives it. Consciousness and matter are inseparable and matter cannot exist without consciousness!


Reality is based on information or light, not on matter. Consciousness is fundamental in this universe and matter depends only on consciousness!


If there were no consciousness, there would be no “physical world” – only probabilities of existence!


Another way of saying that matter – physical reality – is created by light (is information) is to say: “what you observe that manifests, or look at that what exists!”.


This is the way the universe works and is the fundamental concept for all manifested reality! ‘Seeing or perceiving’ is a broad word that also means: focusing, energising, thinking, feeling, tuning in, or resonating with!


In this universe, time attracts 100% equally, and frequencies that resonate at the same level are attracted to each other and this is the force that collapses the wave function and what materialises in the physical world!


It is important to know that you are manifesting the perceived reality at all times, whether you are aware of this process or not!


This means that everything in your life up to this moment has been created by this universal process and whether manifestation is worthy of you or not is something you can consider. If not, you can always start creating something totally new now!


Many learned about the reality of the manifestation process years ago from excellent teachers who talked about quantum physics, and the great secret and the law of attraction. This opened the eyes of many on planet earth and put the Starseeds of the earth on the right path to conscious manifestation!


Despite the incredible level of conscious awakening created by this information, many have tried the practices of the great secret, but have not always achieved optimal results. Sometimes it worked, but often it didn’t!


It seemed that something had been left out of these teachings about earthly manifestation!


Here is a deeper Pleiadian understanding of how manifestation really works and nothing has been left out in this description!


To begin with, we call the manifestation that does not work well, the 3rd Dimension, and the manifestation that always works, without exception, the 5th Dimension!


The first step to the 5th Dimension is the full realisation that you are always revealing everything in your world, that is normal to do as a standard practice!


Once this insight is gained, you take full responsibility for your own creation from that moment on!


That is Sovereign in every sense of the word, which means that you must create consciously and not unconsciously!


How manifestation really works

You have two brains or two minds, the left one and the right one. These two brains both have very important purposes, they function very differently and usually do not work together! The left hemisphere is the conscious mind and the right hemisphere is the subconscious mind, in right-handed people, and is reversed in left-handed people.


The left hemisphere is the logical brain and the thinking mind, while the subconscious brain is the creative mind. This creative quality is the first clue as to what the subconscious mind really is! The conscious mind is a 3D mind and the subconscious mind is a five-dimensional mind! The conscious mind acts as a gatekeeper for the subconscious mind.


Under normal circumstances, programmes do not easily pass through the conscious mind to enter the subconscious mind.


In terms of intelligence and computing power, the conscious mind is like a 486 computer and the subconscious mind is a billion times more powerful and functions exactly like a quantum computer! This is where the idea of a quantum computer comes from!


Although incredibly powerful and multidimensional, the subconscious mind learns and executes programs in a different way than the conscious mind!


The subconscious mind functions as a cassette player that automatically plays the recorded programmes that control every aspect of daily life!


When we speak of programmes, we mean programmed knowledge sets, programmes for the functioning of the body, belief systems, ways of thinking, ways of feeling and ways of being!


In addition to its daily functions, the subconscious has access to highly sophisticated universal data and calculates this complex data faster than light! The subconscious is also directly connected to your higher self! You can only access your higher self if you have access to your subconscious mind.


Ninety-seven per cent of a person’s daily life is guided by the subconscious mind, which has been in control and in charge since the day you were born on earth!


There is little or no awareness of programmes or actions of the subconscious mind, because it is beyond the reach of consciousness perception!


This quantum mind controls your breathing and heartbeat at all times!


Which mind is responsible for manifestation?

The left hemisphere, the conscious mind, is the mind where you conceive and visualise the dreams and desires of what you want to manifest!

This mind creates ideas, dreams, plans, makes wish lists, creates vision boards, makes affirmations, thinks positively, gives thanks and focuses all its power on desire!


The problem is that the conscious mind has nothing to do with the actual manifestation process and that is why it almost never succeeds in manifesting a desire!


On the other hand, the subconscious mind is a quantum mind that operates outside of time and space and is the only mechanism to instantaneously collapse a probability waveform! The subconscious instantly creates matter from energy or matter from light!


Do you understand? There is no time space in manifestation because this quantum mind operates outside of time and space!


There are no ifs or buts here and if your subconscious has a programme that says: I need a $100,000 red Tesla, or I am a billionaire, or I can fly, or I live on the beach in a mansion, then that is an instant physical reality!


This is not about things, we are just making a point about what is possible, using the subconscious mind!


So far so good, but at this point a serious problem arises: Almost all the programmes that have been embedded in our subconsciousness from our birth on earth are of the de-potential type, and because the mind attracts similar energy to itself, it manifests all sorts of impossible things in our lives!


This has been the case from day one! For almost every 3D being on earth, the subconscious mind is filled with negative programmes, fed by the matrix and previous habits and experiences that usually consist of trauma and drama!


These disempowering programmes immediately manifest as one disempowering event after another! We repeat: this powerful quantum mind, the subconscious mind, controls 97% of everything in your life, at all times!


There is no point in trying to visualise and create a better reality using normal manifestation methods of the conscious mind to try and overturn a wrong agenda, because the supercomputer mind of the subconscious mind will resist, overturning every manifestation plan of the conscious mind, every time! The subconscious mind will dominate and win every time!


That is what it is supposed to do and that is just the way it was created!


Then one may ask; Do I create my dreams and desires in my conscious mind, so if the conscious mind has little or no effect on the actual process of manifestation, and since the subconscious mind steals the show and is full of de-potent matrix programs, it controls 97% of my life; what on earth can I do?


First you have to realise that you have to work directly with the subconscious to manifest anything in the physical world.


That is virtually impossible, because the subconscious mind is off limits to you, with one exception: programmes can only be entered directly into the subconscious mind during an alpha brainwave state!


What is an alpha brainwave state?

An alpha brainwave state is a state of mind that resonates between 8 and 12 Hz and occurs in a state of relaxation, after the left hemisphere has stopped thinking! In this state, the conscious brain begins to synchronise with the subconscious brain on the right!


Alpha is a superlative state where access to the higher self is granted through the right hemisphere of the brain, opening up a whole new realm of unlimited possibilities!


Although, only with an alpha brainwave is a direct door open to the subconscious mind, there are various ways to create an alpha brainwave state; for example through hypnosis, deep meditation, Hemine synchronising tones/programmes. Repetition, training, exercise, new energy psychological modalities, such as psych-k.


The best time to achieve an alpha brainwave state is around bedtime, just before falling asleep, and the quickest way to insert a new subconscious enhancement program for manifestation is to use Hemine synchronizing tones/programs.


If you put a hemine-sync programme into your headphones just before you go to sleep, the programme bypasses the conscious mind and goes straight to the subconscious! The subconscious mind will quickly manifest the information in the programme into your material reality, over and over again!


But this is only the beginning of a super galactic journey! The alpha brainwave state gives you full access to an extra-bodily state where you can literally and physically teleport, change physical timelines/realities or realise any other divine and magical object you can think of!


The following concept implies a great leap into the dark with some technical insight, but we assure you that it is very possible and realisable:


If there is something in your three-dimensional life that you cannot change, solve or do much about and that you significantly disempower, you can use this process to literally and physically jump to a similar timeline where that disempowering issue or problem does not physically exist!


It is also irrelevant what the problem is, because there are unlimited parallel versions of you and your life, including every possible configuration that exists!


As absurd as it may sound, this is not air show stuff!

The effects of an alpha brainwave are well known and scientifically proven by several leading groups who have studied and tested its power! Dr Bruce Goldberg, a well-known hypnotherapist, is an expert in the alpha brainwave experience! See also what our brothers, Dr Bruce Lipton and Dr Joe Dispenza have to say about it!


We invite you to do your own research on these methods to see what you can manifest and achieve in the alpha state!


Begin to use these methods and download new programmes directly into your subconscious to radically change the character of your life in minutes!


Moreover, you can make the whole reprogramming process much more powerful and effective by doing just this one thing: Synchronise your heart with your brain!


Although the brain sends the electrical signal of thought to the end of the universe, thought alone is not sufficient for meaningful manifestation, because there is no mechanism to bring a thought back into physical form!


The heart field is the emotionally magnetic force that brings manifestation back into the physical realm! The heart is the reaction engine of the universal manifestation process and gives the process a thousandfold power!


The energy of the heart is the engine of the law of attraction!

Specialist Gregg Braden is the expert on heart-brain coherence, so see what he has to say!


Here’s some useful Pleiadian advice for the road; challenges will arise in your life as your manifestations perfect themselves, so if a problem arises in your life and no immediate answer is available, use one of the above mechanisms, enter the alpha brainwave state and once there, know that you have direct access to your higher self, as well as true guides/angels, so call on them and ask them for help!


Trust them, they are there, and their only job is to help you if you need it!


They will come to help you and always give you the best answer, and solve your problem, every time!


The last piece of advice is simple; Believe!

If you don’t believe, well, it’s impossible to do anything spiritual, let alone manifest anything! Let’s just say: have some faith!


There is a point in your journey when you will not only know that anything is possible, but you will do these miraculous things!


And great things too, we live this way ourselves and we say it is truly magical!


We are living the life we truly desire and have experienced the fulfilment of many of our greatest dreams! Life is fun and creative every day, there is nothing to worry about! We want the best for you, so we ask you to be open to all this to improve the quality of your life!


This is the real 5D manifestation and this is the 5D way!

It is amazing how this works and the more understanding and consciousness you inject into what you manifest, the more miraculous and amazing life will be!


Let’s start now with the creation …


Michael and the Pleiadian

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